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Medieval raharr by darth-biomech Medieval raharr by darth-biomech
Due being part of my PERSONAL project, this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:

Raharr cloth desperately needed redesigning, but since I am as capable of clothing design as 9 year old (probably, even less), I had to seek help of :iconket-dawnatsunset:, who I commissioned a few sets of clothing. Those are to appear in Leaving the Cradle soon(ish) (I'm not sure if I should upload them here or not, since they were done for me, but not by me), but one particular rejected variant of security uniform reminded me of something medieval so strongly that I've decided to develop the looks by myself to reinforce that idea. This is the result.

It's a clothing set used by raharrs in their early days of civilization, which roughly correlates to Earth's 15th century in terms of technological development. Full plate armor (and heavy armor in general) never gained much traction in raharrian classic history, due to environment of their home planet was not very suited for such thing to be feasible (lack of horse analogs (All beasts of burden that do exist weren't able to run fast or for long), humid and warm environments with most forests resembling  hellish mangrove jungles with LOTS of rivers), so armies were rather lightly armored and mostly relied on shields and high mobility (including vertical one, up and down the trees). Raharrian military traditionally are the only ones who are allowed to cut their "hairs" - initially that was done to fit helmets better and safer on the head, but with time cut hairs became a distinguished status symbol.
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Anastasiy Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I love your art! Great work with the colors
darth-biomech Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks) Colors are more or less based on the original cloth design from the rejected sketch, though.
DraWay Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019
Некоторые места в земной теории сочли бы кошмарными уязвимостями. Такие, как глаза, "нижние" плечи, шея...
Интересно, как у них с фехтованием?
darth-biomech Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Куча вполне реальных шлемов так же полна дырок , и далеко не все напоминают тамплиеровские вёдра с узкими прорезями. Тут скорее изображён самый легкий вариант который может быть - по сути только шлем да стеганка.
DraWay Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019
Ну, оно выглядит несколько "тяжелее", чем описано, или так показалось. тем не менее красивая работа)
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