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Leaving the Cradle page 20 spread clear version

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Due being part of my PERSONAL project (A webcomic called Leaving The Cradle), this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:

A little late, but I'm releasing that spread page from the comic. It was so far the hardest page of the entire comic, that took me two whole weeks to finish in pure working hours (I started it 25th of September, and finished it a couple of days before deadline on 10th of December). Maybe someone would want to put it as a wallpaper or something...

Just will remind you that you can read the comic here:
Leaving The Cradle


Просто напомню что почитать комикс можно тут:
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The "Leaving The Cradle" website does not work.
It has a bad/improper security certificate that makes browsers believe it is an attack site... and all formatting and images on it are completely broken.
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It shouldn't have any security certificates, since it doesn't have an https version.
Also it works fine on my end through both Firefox and Oprera, including through VPN. Are you sure that problem isn't on your end?
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(2nd reply)

No https?  I swapped the "https" with "http" for the first link, and it appears to work properly.  You just mistyped the URL in the image description above; that has https.

Interesting how a switch in security causes the whole thing to dramatically break.  That might be something you could look into... like fixing the typo above, and maybe add a script on the website to force visitors who try https to redirect to http.
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Hm, no, I didn't. Deviantart adds "s" automatically to any link, it seems.
Also managed to fix the error with "no hotlinking" stuff, I think.
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I don't know if it is, but it shouldn't be.  I'm in the USA, so unless Russia is selectively blocking part of your website from foreign viewing, there's no reason why it wouldn't work on my end.

The site (https) renders as a blank white page with a little malformed text for the links & comments, there's a bunch of plain gray squares that say "No Hotlinking" for the images, and then there's five GIGANTIC blue images for social media links at the bottom.  Firefox initially blocks access to this site due to a certificate error, but it can be bypassed with an exception.  Chrome outright forbids all access with no means to make an exception, but details that the problem is a NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID from *

Using (http) works fine.

The website also works fine, but is completely untranslated from... I assume that's Russian.  Being all images, Google translate can't help.
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Well I guess I'll need to google how to enable https for my site... Thanks for the heads up!
Ошибка в ссылке на акомикс
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