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LHC: Aftermath

Large Hadron Collider... Maybe, Collider is last humanity mistake... We'll all die...

Aww, just kidding. ^_^

edit: increase the dimension.

Edit of edit: Please, STOP saying "collider is safe, no one is die!". I know it!!!

Edit of edit of edit: this picture was stolen by some newspaper for one of its articles. 0.o

Editception:If you have found this through the Google Search, then yes, this is in fact the original source image.
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I'd be kinda pissed but also proud that a newspaper stole my work. Great job on this though.
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I was kinda annoyed, but I knew that in this country it is pointless to prove anything if your opponent is famous and wide-known. Also suing is expensive.
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Plus maybe it'll still help get your name out, even if it's only to a few people who reverse image search.
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LOL, at first I thought my favorite city had been spared, then I realized, no, no...Madrid has apparently fallen into a gigantic chasm of molten rock.

Wonderful, striking picture! I love it!
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NOTHING is spared. That thing is supposed to grow until entire Earth is consumed. The only relatively safe place is Moon. Where you either starve, dehydrate, or plain suffocate...

Thanks ^^
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Pl0x, i want it in 1920x1200 HD size :<
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I remember when people still thought this wold happen. XD
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You must write a letter to that paper. You must be recognized for your work.
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Even if I write, this article was so long ago that nobody probably even remember it. So it is pointless. But fact of "my pictures are cool enough to be an illustration in paper" warms my soul a little)
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FYI: If the LHC had created a micro-black hole that didn't immediately evaporate, it wouldn't consume France and Switzerland first. It would fall to the center of the Earth and then slowly grow. I would imagine it would cause earthquakes across the world months later, growing from tremors to continent shatterers, before the entire Earth falls in on itself leaving nothing but an accretion disk and a 1.77 cm wide black hole.

And great picture! :judge:
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I know that, but in this case there is no fun to draw it :p
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Oh man, that would suck lol.
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I see what you did there (≖‿≖)
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I work there! Great pic :D
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This was my favourite picture from around the time of LHC speculation. Glad I could find it here so I could favourite it. :D

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I glad you like it. =3
The LHC would make microscopic black holes, at most. Because it is a true vacuum inside the area where they collide particles, the black holes would emit Hawking Radiation and disappear. Also, the LHC can make antimatter, and can be stored with a Penning Trap. Awsome, right?
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It is not possible.
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ннууу... если это чёрная дыра, то за ней ты тоже света не увидишь.
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Вообще-то увидишь, люркай "гравитационное линзирование"
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а, чёрт. да. но я имел ввиду свет не далеко за ней, а прямо за ней. а он точно будет искажён.
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