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Canti: 3d model

About 8500 polygons, 6 textures, 2 skins, 3 head submodels (Normal, broken, & with wings).
4 days of continuous work, and about 5 months total... -_-"
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12 years later and it still looks decent, even.

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Awesome takes on him!
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That's really cool, the proportions are great. What did you use for reference? I'd like to have a go at modelling Canti myself and so far the images I've found aren't helpful! Thanks.
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I found FLCL artbook somwhere in the internets. It have tons of helpful pictures. And also, of cource, I took a ton of screencaps of Canti in various angles from show itself.
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I love this guy.
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I was thinking about making a 3D model of Canti and I was googling pictures for references and I found this. You beat me to it :(

Anyway, very good work! :)
Нехуёво, плюстыщща, мне б такого захуячить в зД.
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Really a good one, Your effort shows :)
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This is very, very cool
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Ah Canti. You rendered these really well. Well enough to be used in a game in fact.
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It is created for a game.)
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Oh! My bad. Which one? Doom or something?
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Half-life 2: Garry's mod 10.
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5 months?? Dang D: Looks fantabulous though!! ^^ Great detail!
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Круто. Сразу вспомнил старые добрые игры на консолях типа Ratchet & Clank и иже с ними.
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xD у меня никак не выберется время хотя бы начать ковырять здмакс;)
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По-моему, слишком он, эээ, гладкий. Выглядит как рендер :))

А вообще, ты крут, как всегда.
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Ээээ, ваабщета это и есть рендер...
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Да, разумеется. Но есть ещё такое непряитное пластиковое ощущение. Иногда рендер не выглядит совсем уж как рендер. :)
Надеюсь, ты меня понял;))
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Ты крут! =D
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