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November 15, 2014
Black Dragon Coin by DartGarry Wonderful work with light and colours! Overall, this is an impressive composition that communicates the dragon's territorial and terrifying temperament.
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Black Dragon Coin

art for Black Dragon Coin  (cryptocurrency)…
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Nice :) great work!
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Impressive, thanks for sharing <3
Looks like Blackreach in Skyrim.:) (Smile) 
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Any thieves will end up as snacks.
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That is so epic nice job
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I wish this was in higher resolution . would be just the most perfect backround
DartGarry's avatar!4s023C7Z!WV_pZ-6rxQs…

here is  another big resolutions from this post (scroll down a little ):…
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Thank you so much, it looks so amazing
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How big is he compared to a human cause he's so big
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saw this on FB, love it, nice job
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I just can't stop looking at this picture and I don't know why.. Maybe it's the dragon or the backround or just everything.. Love it.. <3
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amazing dragon! it's so big and powerful! 
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Amazing work!
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This is so amazing! I love dragons, seen so much artwork online but this is undoubtedly one of the best 
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