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Draw me like one of your bubble blowing crabs



White Ink

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My Bio

Birth-date is May 3, 1996. Age: 24, Born approximately around 1:00am

Nectober day 11: Faces

I'm generally a good person when people get to me, but I'm normally afraid of talking to others, I get anxious thinking "what if I say the wrong thing" "no that sounds too weird, they'll think I'm desperate for attention." And so on.

But I don't mind comments, in fact I love them rather or not I reply or not. (well comments on the more current stuff to around late 2015, anything new on the old sanicy stuff I just find... weird...)

I mean well.

I personally detest my past self for all the mistakes I'm done or things I stubbornly neglected.

there's no worry about dumping and moving to a different account here, too much work and fallow too many good people I wish to be friends with.

Favourite Movies
Hairspray, Gibly films
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, Gravity Falls
Favourite Books
Five Nights at Freddy's, Undertale fanfics
Favourite Games
Undertale, Sister Location, The Desolate Hope, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac
Favourite Gaming Platform
Whatever ones I have
Other Interests
horror, cute, robots, monsters, beta test elements in games, Unused stuff in games, and making smiles

my precious mess besmirched.

am I doing this custom thing right?


probably not but I want my mess. God this is too much like those crappy WIX sponsor...

Who said I can't party and be a knight at the same time? @team
I'm most nostalgic for... revisiting old games i haven't touched in years.
i just realized, whatever happened to the shop page? Did they get rid of everything?

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Black Rock Shooter Sans Loid

feel free to draw my main sans nick name Hades also he is king of the underworld and teams up with black rock shooter miku hatsune to save the world and he is bad ass i tell ya also I love to see some art of him by you. if you want to draw him . i call him Hades does he look cool or what also here he is in his evil form where he looks like under fell sans blue is his good hero form and red is his evil villain form.

Underfell Evil Sans Brs Black Rock Shooter

pretty bad ass huh

hey you know my mermaid boy sans is my main self i mainly draw and make as a mmd model also I would love to see people make fan art of him also he is human baby size by the way when in his chibi form and in his adult form he is big as a normal sans and yes he loves to be held like a baby bones in some one's arms because he feels safe when he is held by some one who can take good care of him. his tail fin is of a blue dolphin mixed of a orca whale he a hybrid skeleton seamonster you can draw him if you want to

Mermaid Sans The Skeleton Girl

I don't care about babies or stuff that act like babies.

please don't spam me with requests.

okay sorry and i wasn't asking him to be a merbaby bones

qualifies as acting as one.

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hey would you like to adopt my sans persona his name is oreo like the cookie since that's his nick name also he is such a sweet skeleton child also i see your chaser's friend i know them too

undertale Oc self sans oreo

no thanks, and chaser isn't mine, please read the description of any underchaser, underweaver, undernectos, monotale, ect as i often credit the creators.