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Panday Studio Presents

This is the cover of my upcoming anthology project called Panday Studio Presents: Remembrance which will feature the story entitled The Amulet. This is another co-own project with Jim Keplinger. I'm hoping I could run it as webcomics first then will be compiled into collected edition after. Well, that's the plan anyway. Here's the blurb:

"In the Spring of 1944, USMC 1LT Horner and a small team of demolition experts are sent to destroy a nest of anti-aircraft positions in the mountains of a southern island of the Philippines. He is driven by duty, despite knowing he and his men aren’t likely to survive. During an unscheduled stay in a small village, the Lieutenant discovers how important his mission is not only to his men and country, but to the Filipino people. And how important the Filipino people are to him."

Pencil, ink & flat by yours truly. Hope you enjoy it.
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Bill, good to see here. Thanks for the praise, it's an honor.
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Oh. Man. This is sweet.
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Thank you Mark. I'm glad you like it.
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Did you ever upload the story?
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Not yet Budjette. I haven't got the chance to finish it. :) I'll let you know when it's done. Thanks.
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Great artwork!
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Darry you simply have an awensome style :)
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you are so talented!!
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De nada mi amigo!
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great story and art!
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Thanks Agimax. It's going to be blast for sure with drama and actions!
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Sign me up for getting a copy!
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Sure thing 3113! I'll let you know! :)
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I love your lines!
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Glad you like it Mary! Thanks.
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Darry you rock man!
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