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Bye-Grenade Pin Up

Just played with this sketch one when I thought about war in the Pacific during WWII. I posted it up in Digital Webbing and got some raves about having the GI's in the pin-up the victims and not the other way around. I'd never intended it that way, it's just that it was how the idea came up. Anyway, just for your viewing and you might have a different view of it.
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Hahaha Great work with this one LOL
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For all intensive purpose, the idea behind the sketch was unfathomable. Simply, I don't know why I have the Lt. there and the grenade was thrown from the enemy. Until now I don't have the answer.
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its so well drawn that i feel sorry for him... Damn u mate.
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Did the Japanese use German-style stick grenades though? XD

I've always thought ones like that would be easier to throw than the conventional type, perhaps not easier to throw accurately but i wouldnt much care so long as there was distance in between me and it
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Realy nice graphick!
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I love the look on the Lt.'s face!!
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great shot!!! haha. your style is way SLICK!! why havent i seen your stuff earlier??
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amazing idea!!!

great pose and xpression...

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So the GI's get a granade launch to them, I still cant see what the fuzz is about...

Anyway excellent drawing dude :)
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Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoy this one!
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Oh man that's funny. :XD:
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Well that's a fun drawing.
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It's beautifully done. I don't see why anyone would get upset about who the victim was. If I remember both sides lost a lot of boys. The subject matter's the same as about a hundred Sgt. Rock covers. Every one had some G.I. about to get killed, blown up, etc. It's called drama for a reason.

Anyway, gorgeous piece.
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outsranding work!

i love this one

u shud go pro
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Funny drawing, extrordinary job :)
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