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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the extreme lack of activity here on Deviant Art over the past year or so.  :(
I've been really swamped with life and work and haven't had time to take care of this place.
Like an old garden, I've just let it grow over with unanswered notes and comments and no new art.

I want to eventually add some more of my recent work, but for now, if you want to see what I'm up to you can follow me on INSTAGRAM:…

My deepest apologies to those who still follow me here.
Hopefully we can still be digital friends.

- Rawls
Hey everyone!
Heads up... I started a publishing company with my good pal AJ Lieberman!  Whaaaa?!

For those of you who don't know who AJ Lieberman is...
AJ has written for Film, TV and all manner of books. Some of those books have been turned into feature films. Others will be soon. He has been a writer for DC Comics with titles such as Batman: Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn & Martian Manhunter. He is the creator of popular comics such as Cowboy Ninja Viking & Term Life, both published by Image Comics.

AJ and I did the graphic novel, The Silver Six together for Scholastic.

DOPPELGANGER Publishing is a new home for high-concept, creator owned books!
Our first publication, DEEP SOUL can be found HERE.

Check us out and let me know what you think!
And please check us out on Facebook.

We want to hear from you!

LOTS & LOTS more to come!!!

- Rawls
SEPT 3-5!  Who's going?!?

Yours truly can be found at TABLE # P106 in Artist Alley!
Come by!  Say hi!

I'll have prints, posters, comic books, graphic novels, and even buttons!  ...who doesn't love buttons?!
I will of course also be doing sketch commissions!


Hey gang,

I just wanted to remind everyone about
and to encourage you to go check it out and sign up if you haven't yet!

ArtStation is really geared to the arts & entertainment industry and will focus largely on helping people
make network connections as well as finding and getting jobs!  Because hey... we gotta work!

I am the Community Manager over at ArtStation, so if you ever have any questions, just let me know!

So head on over, and sign up -
And even if you don't want to sign up, at least follow us on our social media outlets!!
ArtStation TWITTER

Stay awesome!

- Rawls
Are you joining in on INKTOBER?!
If so, let me know!

Post your links and lets follow along as we all improve our sketching skills together!!

If you don't know what INKTOBER is, it was started by my good buddy Jake Parker -
If you want to know more about it, you can go here -


If you enjoyed my "If they could Transform" series, now you can wear them!
T-SHIRTS - TANK TOPS - SWEATERS (Pull overs & Zip Ups)


Also available as PRINTS and PHONE CASES!
Just wanted to give everyone a big digital hug who came out to Fan Expo and stopped by my table!
It was great meeting a lot of you in person!  It was a great year for cons, but next year will be even better!!!
Lots of exciting things in store!  And speaking of STORE... if you like SHIRTS, POSTERS, and even PHONE CASES,
check out my online Store HERE:…

More Prints!
More Little Series!
More Comics!
...and perhaps even a Web comic!!  Ohh!

What d'you think about that?!!

Stay tuned!  And thanks for all your love and support!

Will you be there?!  If so, make sure to stop by and say hi!
I'll be at table #A271 in Artists Alley!
All day Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

See you there!
Hey gang,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about The ART STATION.

As some of you might know, I was an Editor and Moderator for CG Hub since it began so many years ago, and with it going under, I had a LOT of people coming and asking advice on what to do, where to go, expressions of anger and loss, etc etc.

Although I, like many of you, was sad to see the Hub go, there are other places that one can find a home in a good art community, such as DeviantArt.  For example, Shakuro, the builders of CG Hub, are trying to do a Kickstarter to create another community similar to the Hub.

What I want to share with all of you though, is - The ART STATION - 
I've been lucky enough to become a part of the Station team as an Editor and moderator for both the site and their social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.  The team creating The Station is awesome and you can read more about them and what they've previously worked on here -

What makes Art Station so cool, is the fact that you will be able to create your own online portfolio, personalize & customize it, create forums, etc etc.  It is really quite robust.  Its only in Alpha form right now, but its looking fantastic and the community is really loving it.

So head on over and check it out!  You'll be glad you did!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And you can check out my ArtStation profile here -…

- Rawls 
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to ask you all a quick question regarding Amazon Associates program.

Do any of you use it?  And if so, how has your experience been thus far?
No need to share any financial details of course, mostly if you think its worth it or not.

Stay awesome!


Hey TCAF goers... TCAF is THIS WEEKEND!  Any of you going?!

I'll be there all day Saturday.  I'll be spending the morning at the Library, doing some presentations for "TCAF Kids day" about making comics & the afternoon I'll be offsite over at Little Island as the "Artist in Residence"!  Gonna be a blast!

Make sure to stop by and say hi and pick up a copy of The Silver Six graphic novel!

See you there!!!   -…

Hey everyone!

I realized that I've never really shared all the places that I can be found on the world wide internets... so here you go!


Hey everyone!

I'm sure most of you have noticed the last couple of images that I've posted for The SILVER SIX graphic novel.
It's 188 pages of action packed goodness, Written by the amazing AJ Lieberman (Cowboy Ninja Viking, Term Life, Batman, Martian Manhunter)  and illustrated by yours truly & published by Scholastic / Graphix.

And now, I'm pleased to present, the ANIMATED TRAILER that I made for the book!

You can check it out here in all its glory -

Also, for those of you who love to wear T-Shirts, we have available some LIMITED EDITION SILVER SIX T-SHIRTS!!!

Head on over and pick up yours as soon as you can here -

Thanks to all of you wonderful art community friends, for all the great love and support you always give me!
That love is pure motivation to make cool stuff like this!


Hey everyone!!

I'm writing this journal, mostly because I hate seeing an old journal entry that has been there for months now!!

But, besides that, it's a good chance for me to give a big digital hug and high five to everyone of you for the love you've
been showing me and my Little Friends series!  It's really motivational to see so many of you loving these little guys, and
I thank you for it!!  You all rock!!

I've had a couple of people inquire now about prints of this series, and the answer is YES!  If you are interested in getting
this series as prints, or even just a selection of the ones you like, just send me a note and we can figure out what you want!

Each print is $15 (Canadian) but for every 3 you buy, you get a 4th one FREE!  Woot!
Also, depending where you live, we'll have to work out the shipping costs.

The size of the prints are roughly 5x5, so they will fit nicely in those square 8x8 frames that you can get anywhere, like
Ikea or even Amazon.

Thanks again my friends!  You play a big part in motivating me to make fun stuff!  Keep it up!

Hey gang,

Just wanted to forward this on to all you art lovers out there!  -…
My good friends (Imaganism) Bobby Chui and Kei Acedera have teamed up with a couple of other good friends, (Studio NX) Jim Bryson and Adam Jeffcoat
to create an amazingly awesome animated comic book!!!

After months of development, they are all really excited to unveil the trailer to their newest project, Niko and the Sword of Light on  -…

I had the honor of contributing a (tiny) bit to this fantastic project!
Click on the link to view the trailer and see all of the amazing rewards they have available in exchange for your support.

So, I don't know about you, but every time Cartoon Network does something, I'm more and more convinced that
whoever is running the show over there and making decisions is a total nitwit.

Let's take one example:   Adventure Time.
Super popular show.  Huge fan base.  What, 5 seasons now?  All is good right?
So naturally what would the fans want?  Complete DVD sets of each season.  That makes logical sense.
But what does Cartoon Network do?  NOT THAT.  There are 4 available DVDs out with a 5th on the way.
Know how many of those are season DVDs?  ONE.  The other 4 are lame mish mashes of episodes.
I'm starting to think that Cartoon Network perceives the viewers as idiots.
Sure, I know they just want to make money, but come on.  Wouldn't they potentially make MORE money
if they just released the season DVDs??  I tend to think so.

Perhaps they know more than me though.  Perhaps they know and prey on unknowing folks, like moms and
dads, that buy their kids DVDs of their favourite shows, not knowing (or caring) that the DVD isn't a full season,
but just a few random episodes.  I'm sure that must bring the network some money.

And this doesn't just apply to Adventure Time.  They do it to tons of their "popular" shows.

So... if there are any Cartoon Network execs out there who for some reason follow me on Deviant Art and
perhaps read this journal post... or even if any of you out there work for, or are friends with someone who
works for said network, perhaps we could get this one simple message into their business minded brains...

"The FANS make shows popular and lucrative.  Give them what they want and they will continue to give you their
attention and money!  Treat them like dirt and try to force things on them they don't want, just because you want
to make a quick buck, and you won't get ANY of their money."

...but you know what... maybe you will still get my money when you release the season DVDs, even though this
makes me angry.  Maybe in that sense, you still win and make as much money as you can.  Because that's what
art is all about right... making money??   I could be wrong.

Hey gang,

I have some limited free time, so I'm opening up for Commissions!

Only 10 Spots available, so act quick!!

You can find all the Commission Details and Prices on my blog, as well as visual examples.

One Character - Black & White sketch - $25
One Character - Full digital Colour - $35
6 "Little" Characters - Full digital Colour - $40

All commissions are 8.5 x 11 in size and will be delivered as a high res jpg.
G / PG rated requests only.

All commissions to be paid for upfront.  PAYPAL email  -

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me or send me a message here or on my blog.
Existing characters or your own creator owned is fine with me, as long as you provide reference.
I will not be designing/re-designing any new characters.
Hey gang,

So, I just wanted to know if any of you out there still read Web Comics?  And if you DO, I have some questions to ask you:

1 - If you read web comics, which ones and why?
2 - What do you like about web comics?  (speaking of web comics in general, not the specific ones you read from question #1)
3 - Are you really dedicated readers of the ones you follow, or do you just check them out once and a while?
4 - If the web comics you follow were printed, say, as a graphic novel, would you buy it?
5 - Lastly, if I was to make a web comic about my character Agent Orange (…), with the end goal of printing a book, would you read/support it?

Looking forward to your thoughts and insights!

Anyone watching it?!
So.... is Young Justice cancelled or what?!

The information about this topic is next to nothing on the net.  And don't come at me with "Wikipedia says..."
Don't believe everything Wikipedia tells you please.

Mattel, who cancelled the YJ toy line due to "lack of demand", might be trying to tell us something.
Why would they want to produce toys for a show that was cancelled only after the first season?!
Maybe they just didn't want to lose money on a toy line based on a show that never produces episodes on time... or at all.

Either way, I know someone out there has an inside scoop and has to know something about this show.
CartoonPoopwork... uh, network, hasn't even made a public statement or anything, as far as I know.

So sad.  It had SO much potential.  Even if it's not cancelled, it's definitely lost its momentum.

What say you?!