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'Little' Cap

Hey friends!!
So here are some more "little hero" sketches. I'm really enjoying doing these... whenever I have a spare moment. I have a bunch more to show you, I just haven't scanned them in yet.
The family and I are actually in the process of moving, so postings might be a little sparse over the next couple of weeks, but I'll do my best!!

What "little heroes" would you like to see?
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They're all awesomely illustrated, however that last Captain America is a little racist. 
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Thanks!  ha ha... I suppose it can be perceived as such!  :O
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I love this whole series of "little heroes"! They're all fantastic. So cute and so much fun. I hope you continue with the series! :)
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Thanks very much!!  :)
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Cute and cool all at once.
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Nice. Really nice.  Hope there's a Captain Canuck.
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Thanks!  ...And you found it!!
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Ajajajajja, Cute. I love Captain America :heart:
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he he... thanks!!!
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Hahhaha! That asian one cracks me up :D
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Adorable, but the shield's kinda wrong. the area around the star is supposed to be blue.
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Dang it... into the garbage it goes!
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Love this little series you're doing atm. This one if my favourite so far.
It's way less intimidating to find the basic anatomy from simplified designs.

Put my vote in for the Hulk!
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Thanks man! Glad you're diggin em!!
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Lovin' it Rawlzee, great stuff... except maybe the little Asian Cap... grrrrrrr

hope all's well bro, haven't spoken in a while!
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ha ha! I had to throw that in there, just for you!
Yea man, all is good in Rawlings land. We definitely should chat more often!!
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Oh this is toooo adorable! = D
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This is just adorable!
I love the serious ones with the badass ones :)
Cute little Caption America playing in the snow, then diving, shield first.

Very nice!

And what about Nightwing next? A 'little' Nightwing would be adorable! :heart:
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