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Just an image of Agent Orange that I added to my gallery to use on my deviant home page.
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Very cool design and artwork!
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Good!Did you know that agent orange is also a chemical used in the Vietnam War destroy crops,agricultural lands,trees,and harm the people..Its used two herbicides,2,4,5-T, and 2,4-D.The British used herbicides and defoliants during the Malayan Emergency before the US had.
Theterrablade198's avatar
I hate that the British used that >:(
GraphicBrat's avatar
Robots with clothes on is always a great idea.
darrenrawlings's avatar
Indeed!!! Thanks very much!
AdamLimbert's avatar
great character!!
darrenrawlings's avatar
Thanks very much!!
Arnie-Sketch's avatar
I really like your style its so vivd and sharp and your colors are really rugged and crisp as well. great gallery here.
darrenrawlings's avatar
Thanks very much my friend! Appreciate it!
martixy's avatar
Great design :)
And I don't know why, but it reminded me of Asimov's Steel Caves :)
darrenrawlings's avatar
Never heard of it... but I looked it up. Books about robots!! Can't go wrong there!
paldipaldi's avatar
whoooaaa!!! this is kewl! is this your original character? is he got his own comic title yet?
darrenrawlings's avatar
Thanks! Indeed he is my own. The title of the comic is called Agent Orange. You can check him out in Popgun volume 4 from Image comics!!
paldipaldi's avatar
nice! i'll try to find that comic. well.. good luck for you both..
anarchemitis's avatar
I wonder what the antennae are on the side of his head. Ears?
Satellite TV?
Mind Control?
WiFi Video Game Multiplayer?
darrenrawlings's avatar
haha... no, they're mind controlling coat hangers! Or how about Q-tips stuck in his ears!!
nelsondaniel's avatar
This is a greeeaat Character. I love Agent Orange!!
darrenrawlings's avatar
Awesome... Me too!! :)
Thanks man!
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