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I am SWORN to carry your burdens...


VOD available here - Part1
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so much love for this image.... Thank you for this!
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Never be dismisive of an armord flerken...
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No time machine, no see VOD.  It's gone from public viewing T_T.
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It's finally time I comment on this.

I saw this when you first posted and I have been playing Skyrim on a regular basis to this day. Since then I have not been able to listen to Lydia without thinking "You think this is a game, Lydia?!"

Love your work, keep it up!
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What I wouldn't give for a mod of this little fella'. I've loved this image for so long, and it still impresses me ^^
VladimirSchmidt's avatar
lol! I love this 1!
JerisEnigma's avatar
Someone is making/made? a mod of this lil fuzzbutt :3c
Unfortunately, anytime I come across it, the person who posted it either got it off Google or from another clueless poster ; 3;
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
A warrior... Cat... -_-
wolfdog25667's avatar
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This is so so adorable that I had to make this my wallpaper
kaaslave's avatar
Personally, I feel sorry for her...
MegatronicMak's avatar
"No one respects this one"
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ahahaha! this is so great! 
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This made me giggle so much xD
Doukz's avatar
How I am every time >w<
God-Of-BBQ's avatar
Lydia is Bae.

*Lydia dies*


Aela is Bae
CB6692's avatar
I don't like that tone, Lydia.
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I just want to say that I love this!
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