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April 29, 2014
Highly emotive and sad, makes you want to jump into the screen to
the other side, hug him and tell him everything is going to be alright.

Here, at the end of all the things. by DarrenGeers
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Here, at the end of all the things.

The final installment of our hero's journey ;_;

you can watch the making of here -…

follow on twitter to see when I go live -

Rest well young Khajiit.  Rest well.
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good job and i really like your artwork

ZephyrMolina's avatar

GREAT JOB, love this khajita

Dude, I also made a DeviantArt accout just to tell you how amazing this work is. It has been my desktop image for around 4 years now.

catonice's avatar

I've seen this piece thrown around and I'm glad to have finally found the original after so many years - this is a beautiful work of art, you've captured his exhaustion and final peace perfectly

MehKoiter's avatar

I made a deviant acc so i could leave a comment. DovahKitty is an inspiration to us all.

Lalwenne's avatar

It is sincredible. Thank you so much for this art work.

MARoy's avatar

this makes me wanna do a new game in skyrim

Gurdim's avatar

a gorgeous and impactful pic, congratulations you're a awesome artist ^^

uhm may I ask, is the title a Lord of the Rings reference? :)

I registered to the site specially to thank you for the pic. It captured my feelings, sometimes I feel like, a tired warrior in skyrim or maybe in life, I don't know, but somehow it touched something, thanks. ^^

Norsalam's avatar
I know it's being said a lot, but really adorable! Never thought of cute kittens being Kahjits in Skyrim, yet everything looks so great and serious too. He needs to make a comeback!!!  :warrior: 
I never knew there ware munchkins among khajiits. Fantastic job!
Astronamy's avatar
Absolutely love this Heart I used this as my Skyrim LE/SE main menu background and it looks brilliant, such a sad bittersweet picture but the detail is perfect. I wish the Khajiit in game looked this adorable. So well done. 
xXEliskaXx's avatar
Lovely little fellow, he's so gonna be my new tattoo. Heart 
skar449's avatar
this made me so sad ; _ ;
omtaii's avatar
an iconic drawing
VladimirSchmidt's avatar
Adorable work btw ;-)
majelus's avatar
This is a masterpiece! I may spend an hour admire this. Great job! 
AdmiralTerk's avatar
May the winds carry his soul to warmer sands.
ahrimagnus's avatar
hey guys stop crying, he is not dead or dying, he just resting, they're not blood or scar, i think this little guy has been exhausted by his trip and now he will have some nice sleep.

but seriously i would like a mod based on this.
Frozen-Pegasus's avatar
DarrenGeers Apr 1, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
he totally dead

er ,-,
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