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Gabe Newell, left 4 dead by Darren Geers

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"Thanks and have fun"
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Gaben - Emoticon Left 4 Dead Gabe confirmed 
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A rumor says that behind his magnificent beard (and glasses) lies the crowbar.
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Bet on the beard. It gives him strength. 
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awesome work *-*
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GaBAN: proffesional hunter :D
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Only two knives? Why not three?
For obvious reasons. Can't count to 3.
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No he hates the number 3
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HL3 denied Waaaah! noooooooooo
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Im sorry but its Microsofts falt
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This is so awesome!! You should make one where he's fighting some of the most iconic enemies from Half-Life, Portal, L4D and maybe even Dota :)
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this is soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!
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GaBeN could beat this easily
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Gabe Vs. The Half-Life fan base.
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and thus thou shall face the wrath of there creator as he comes to earth to cleanse this world of sin -the book of valve ch.3 verse 3
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So much fucking win!!! :D
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Lol! This is awesome! Hail Gaben! Kicking ass in one of my favorite Valve games!
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Fighting off the console peasants
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