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Fallout stream art

By DarrenGeers
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live stream VOD here  www.twitch.tv/geers_art/v/1167…
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Nice old school sci-fi anime right there

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I love your style. The attention to detail and comic-book outlines are amazing !

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I really like how the suit looks in the picture, it actually looks like high tech gear from that universe. In the newer games its seems to be either just metal clothes like in fallout 3 or a slow clunky suit held together with string in fallout 4.
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Dude...I'm tryna get to this level. Shit is doooope!
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WOW!!!!!! AMAZING!!!
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Very cool!  Awesome work.
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HI! May I use this picture for my Fallout 4 Let's Plays? (As the thumbnails)
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were haveing deathclaw for dinner tonight!
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Breathtaking as always. Keep up the great work, Geers.
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Damn, that's pretty awesome! :D
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Gorgeous! Love the intricate way it's all folded back. Great stuff!
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That's how it works in Fallout 4. Only, this seems to open up from the front, not the back.
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Can't wait to play the game. It's going to be sweet.
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wow it's a great drawing. I like the sketchy look of it a lot
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Cute. Really like the robotic feel you've added to it. In FO3 were power armors simply medieval armors from hightech materials, great to see what they added in FO4. Are you going to make a "real" art of it? (If you know what I mean, like clean it and make it even better, a wallpaper material.) I'm now watching your creative process, is it harder or easier to use tablet instead of real paper and pencils?
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My beef with Fallout 3 and New Vegas power armor is that it is something you put on like clothes instead of something bulky and tank-like as you would see in Iron Man films.
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Interestingly, in the old Interplay Fallouts, power armour was exactly as seen here, when Bethesda took over they did the "suits". With the amount of people modding power armour to be large and heavy, Bethesda has changed PA to a massive mechanical suit that is slow, but can carry heavy weaponry with ease
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Yeah I know, and it felt like an actual achievement to get my hands on one of those two (?) which were available. After those two Paladin bastards finally let me in the BoS bunker, it took several hours of serious questing (I'm an OCD rummager) to repair it and get a training to be able to use it, and then... my Vault run out of water if I remember correctly. It was The Achievement, and I felt indestructible afterwards. :D I hope that feeling will be back when I get my first Power Armor in FO4. The fact that they added, or at least it looks like they added, a lot of things we modded in like for example the need for fuel or actual FPS interface with gauges gives me hope.
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Aye, plus we can customise the hell out of it, except paint for the moment (or they didn't show that) makes this look awesome.

But yeah, it seems that the PC may already know how to use power armour, and from rumouring, it appears power armour maybe usable at key points in the storyline.
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*Golf clap* it's beautiful...
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