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Early Gordon Freeman aka IVAN THE SPACE BIKER

This pic is an Early version of Gordon Freeman from the Half Life series who was called Ivan the space biker by Valve.  Look him up on the Half life Wiki, it's pretty hilarious.

done quick and dirty
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how it was meant to be

This is the Freeman from Inside Freeman's Mind.

Ivan has a Minecraft beard and head o.o

Alyx has the perfect face for this. Mildly uncomfortable, slightly confused, and inexplicably aroused. That's okay, I can understand having those kinds of feelings for that glorious man.

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alyx kinda thicc tho
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lmao, i still remember the old model of Gordon
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I have trouble expressing how magnificently hilarious this piece of art is.
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That is so totally LOL.
I stumbled on that picture after stumbling once again on HL Bets textures, when I thought... Meh, how does thing getting to live in out world? The billin dollor corporation with a steam, the franchise with billions of fans... Started with Ivan the Cosmobiker?
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reading this comment is giving me ab aneurysm
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I like lamarr it is so cute

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Lamarr can couple with my head too if it wants
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I bet he talks like doomguy or Duke nukem or hulk hogan. Thatt would fit his design rather nicely.
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Fun fact: This early design was nicknamed Ivan the Space Biker. And when training with boys in TF2 one of the AI will have that as a username.
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Aaaand I just read the description and the uploaded already mentioned the name. Damn.
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Calm down, god damn.
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I can't imagine this version of him as a 25 year old scientist.
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Hehe ! :D

Her look is the best :D
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Alyx is like "DAMN, Gordon!!!"
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