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Two weeks ago

The Grimm invading Beacon Academy has been taken care of with no deaths and few injuries. Roman is finally captured and put into custody. All students of Beacon returned to Beacon to celebrate. Everything seemed good and started going back to normal.

However, this is just the beginning.

Despite killing off the Grimm in Vale, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang are beginning to feel that it's not over just yet. Roman is in prison, but they all agree they feel there are other villains hiding behind the curtain that are waiting to reveal themselves. And they never truly solved everything they tried to figure out. A typical Pyrrhic victor. But not a bad one.


After class was dismissed, RWBY, JNPR, SSSN (who was visiting) and CFVY went their separate ways. All teams have their free time for the night. Even on weekends they still have to train. Ruby was walking alongside her teammates and planning what the weekend will be about, Weiss is polishing her nails, Blake had her nose in a book like usual and Yang was walking beside them and being her usual self.

As they headed to their dorm, Yang decided to break the silence

"So, any plans this weekend?" she asked

Before anyone one could answer, they were halted by something at the door to their dorm.

A brown package box sitting near the door with tape shutting the top and on top of the box, strapped to it, appears to be an envelope.

That's odd. The mailman usually delivers the mail and packages on Sunday. Which is in two days.

RWBY approached the box and examined it closely. The box was medium sized, and had an odd logo that doesn't exist on Remnant: a badge like shape with three letters that says "UPS".

"Should we open it?" asked Ruby who shows slight concern but is curious what's inside "Could it be another awesome weapon!" she asked which changed her tone to excitement.

"I don't know." answered Blake with concern as well, "The envelope has no address so we don't know if it's a weapon or some kind of trap that could be a danger to us."

"I agree with Blake here." said Weiss, "We are examining a box with a logo that even I can't recognize. It could be something we haven't dealt with before".

"Well." Yang said straightforwardly "At least we can go out with a bang or, in my case, a yang, as sisters in arms together."

RWB stared at Yang with a "Really?" expression. Yang needs to quit making those lame puns and rhymes that would make even Ozpin, who is essentially one the nicest guys around, shake his head at. Yang isn’t stupid or anything, she just likes to bring up puns at certain moments, and didn't Yang make that rhyme right before the food fight not too long ago?

For now, they need to bring it in their dorm and avoid suspicion. They entered their dorm with Yang carrying the box to settle down and discover where the box came from. As they entered their dorm room, it looks the same since they decorated it from the start many months ago; the bunk beds are still the same as before (except sturdier). Many books and shelves are in the same positions. And that fancy painting along with the poster were all in recognized where they belong. The only slight change they got is now they have a 60 inch HD TV screen hanging on their wall with the latest DVD player they got just last week and the final decoration was a couch that's small enough to have space but big enough for the four students to sit in comfortably with enough space. Zwei is laying in his doggy bed in the corner of the room which they bought him last week so he can sleep without sleeping with RWBY, especially Blake.

Zwei notices them coming in and barks happily towards them. Ruby can't resist catching Zwei jumping into her arms and petting him with love and affection. Yang and Weiss joined in and were also giving the little canine some attention as well. Blake may dislike dogs due to her cat Faunus heritage, but she has gotten used to Zwei and even got the courage to scratch his belly which she admitted it wasn't that bad.

After everything has settled down, Yang put the box on one of the desks and they again examined its strange logo. They decided to take a picture of the logo by using their scrolls and then try to match any known logo on Remnant… not a single one matches the mysterious symbol. This really brought concern, uncertainty and curiosity.

"I can't wait any longer. I wanna know what's in it now!" Ruby shouted with impatience. The other three are also full of curiosity what's inside this present.

"Ruby's right." Yang agrees, "I'm also starting to wonder what's inside a box that's possibly not even from this world." RWB looked at Yang as if they are believing she's losing it.

"Yang." Said Weiss with a hint of annoyance, "There is no way a box with no address can link to it being from another dimension."

Yang puts up her fingerless gloved hands in protest, "Don't look at me, I was just guessing because we've never even seen a symbol like this that doesn't match any of the logos on Remnant. It doesn't even resemble the White Fang's by a long shot."

"She may be right". The other three turn and look at Blake with raised eyebrows. At least Yang had some support from her partner and close friend.

"I don't know if it's true or not" Blake said with uncertainty, "But what chances are there if this box is just some sort of prank or what Yang says is also true? We can't just jump to conclusions because of what we see and I have the feeling the envelope can answer our questions."

The four came to the conclusion that the envelope would bring the answer. Ruby yanks the envelope off the box, opens it, pulls the note out, unfolds it and begins to read out loud. Though, the note strangely doesn't have the introduction who the note is introducing too specifically.

"If anybody finds my package reading the note on this very moment, I don't have much time to explain. Whoever finds this package, contains all the episodes I have recorded and edited. They will be sent to whoever and wherever I cannot predict. The world that I live on (or will once be) called Earth will eventually perish due to our ignorance in ignoring using alternate fuel sources for better environmental safeties. Now we pay the price. The end is coming soon and I dreadfully predict at this very moment. I wish for a few moments of my favourite games and videos will forever live on being watched. Please take good care of them. If you don't believe me and think this is some kind of prank, I don't blame you. Who else would believe me? May we all shall rest in peace when our time have come.

P.S, You’re free to choose or watch the episodes to your liking. They’re all from different sources. No one blames you at all.

From, a friendly stranger.

After Ruby finished reading the note, there was complete silence. No one said a word as they tried to process what they just heard. Ruby already looked like she was about to cry that someone and everyone this person lived with and loved will eventually or even at this moment, perished. Weiss snatched the paper out of Ruby's hand and read it herself. She made a face of disbelief and dread. Blake and Yang read it as well and showed similar expressions. They are actually starting to believe this is not a prank and reality is slowly getting a hold of them.

An entire world of innocent and other life forms on a planet... have perished... in the blink of an eye.

And now, they are slowly started to plan to do a favour to this poor unfortunate soul who sacrificed his/her final moments.

Watch the series he/she worked hard on he/she recorded and edited.

After another long moment of silence. The four girls all calmed down and eventually accepted that there was nothing they could have done. They had to accept reality and move on with their lives. Death is naturally part of life. Ruby decided to speak.

"Well, for the honour and respect of the person who gave up his collection of his shows then we should at least watch some of them tonight."

The Four agreed and focused on the box. Blake unsheathed Gambol Shroud and easily cut the top with speed and precision. Yang opened the lid and the four peeked inside. Inside the box appeared to be dozens and dozens, perhaps even at least over 50, black DVD movie casings that were all coloured black with different titles on them that were coloured red. They were neatly lined in order. RWBY decides to watch five tonight since it is past 5 PM right now. They first need to do their homework for an upcoming test and need to grab something to eat as well. They left the box open and decided to study for a little while. Yang was not really good at math and hates Algebra, Not to mention they also have a history assignment from Oobleck that they need to work on… again.

After a few good hours of studying and a decent meal for supper, it was 7:50 PM and they decide to get ready for the show. Team SSSN (minus Sage and Scarlet), JNPR, CFVY and Penny came in after being invited by Ruby. Telling the letter’s story to them, they all feel sad that a whole planet was gone. After getting into their pyjamas, Weiss went to get the popcorn, Yang went to get the sodas, Ren made a few pancakes (for Nora, less sugar), Blake pulled five of DVDs out of the box and Ruby waited on the couch and turning the TV on with the remote and changed the setting to the DVD player.

Ruby hits the play button and the fourteen hunters/huntresses with an android will see a whole new adventure of fighting skills and learning.

RWBY reacts to Different Skills and Weapons
Putting this here as a spare in case FF deletes mine...

(Inspired by epicvictory2025)
Well, while scouting for ideas on my fanfic, I got a suggestion from a guest about RWBY reacting to Fate series, but mostly Ruby seeing Archer. What's the juice between the red hood reaper and the red coat swordhouse here?

Name (& pronunciation): Mukō Nuru (Pronunciation: muk-kou-u nu-ruh); Kanji: がらんどう ヌル 無効 空白; Meaning: Null and void
Date of Birth (& age): ???, over 1000 years old
Place of Birth: ???
Gender: Male (mostly)/Female
Species/Racial Origin: Shapeshifter
Social Class/Community Status: ???
Language: All kinds (mostly English)
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Yūkōna Kibō (little sister), X (shapeshifting pet, mostly takes a form of a Grey Wolf)

Physical Description

Height: 5'8″ (about 1.8 metres)(can manipulate height)
Weight: 132 lbs (about 59 kilos)(can manipulate weight)
Hair: Black hair (Hex= #000000)
Eyes: Random (Purple when neutral, Red when fighting,Orange before fighting, Green during adventuring, Blue when being helpful, Pink when healing, Black when serious)
Limb Dexterity: Ambidextrous
Detailed Physical Description:He has short black hair. His eyes are like a rainbow of colors with a pirate's eye-patch on his right eye. He has a very pale skin color with a well-built body.
Typical Clothing/Equipment:Sometimes a completely black hoodie with a silver zipper or a bespoke long-sleeved vertical-striped business suit made from merino wool with silk and silver rose buttons.


Personality/Attitude: He is mostly mysterious and straight-faced and has a sister complex. To good guys, he gives of an aura of mystery; to bad guys, he gives of an aura of fear and death. He gives you the impression as an otherworldly being. When berserk, he loses his mysterious self and rampages without reason. Only his sister can calm him down.
Skills/Talents: Lots of skills and talents. Mostly bending time, space, fate and reality for the greater good and breaking the fourth wall.
Favourites/Likes: A happy ending
Most Hated/Dislikes: A sad story
Goals/Ambitions: Give every story a happy ending
Strengths:Can greatly adapt to learn fast and exchange ideas, resourceful, creative, etc.
Weaknesses: Aggressive and overprotective of his sister.
Fears: Thantophobia: The fear of losing his companions and his sister, Monophobia : The fear of being alone
Hobbies/Interests: Crafting, adventuring, smithing, cooking, training (hobby); going to new worlds (interest)
Regular Routine: Mostly surf the internet, write books, play games with sister and saving lives.
Philosophy of Life: Life is really simple, but we insist of making life complicated.
Attitude Toward Death: Not his favorite but knows that death can happen anytime and unexpectedly.
Religion/Beliefs: No beliefs or religions.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: No fetishes (very, very disturbing), but he sometimes acts as a chuunibyou. (People think that's what makes him cool.)
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Seeing his sister tortured and die against a genocidal psycho (painful), spending time with his sister at aquariums, zoos, theatres. (memorable)
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: He's pansexual and really really good in bed. (Would also go far to say he would be incest)
Education/Special Training: He has high level education (with a few Masters and PhDs) and special training from various masters (disguising himself as an evil executive to learn dark skills)
Place/Type of Residence: A large luxurious mansion he shares with his sister in the astral plane
Occupation: Fixing happy endings (works by himself)
Place of Work: Multiple worlds
Work-related Skills: Able to copy, use, keep and hone his opponent's skills and abilities
Past Occupations: None
Memberships: Leader of the group "A Happy Ending"

Additional Notes:


Name (& pronunciation): Yūkōna Kibō (Pronunciation: yu-kou-nah key-bow); Kanji: ゆうこうな きいぼ 有効な 希望; Meaning: Valid hope
Date of Birth (& age): ??? (Slightly younger than her brother)
Place of Birth: ???
Gender: Male/Female (mostly)
Species/Racial Origin: Shapeshifter
Social Class/Community Status: ???
Language: All kinds (mostly English)
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mukō Nuru (older brother), Y (shapeshifting pet, mostly takes a form of a Clouded Leopard)

Physical Description

Height: 4'7" (about 1.40 metres)(can manipulate height)
Weight: 81 lbs (about 37 kg)(can manipulate weight)
Hair: Aquamarine blue hair (Hex= #7fffd4)
Eyes: Purple with blue pupils
Limb Dexterity: Right-handed
Detailed Physical Description: She's a pale-skinned girl with very long, messy white hair with a pale pink tint and large, passive violet/bluish purple eyes.
Typical Clothing/Equipment:A long robe with ancient scripture embroidered on the interior lining that absorbs the elements and changes its affinity.


Personality/Attitude: Opposite to her brother, she's very cute, playful and imaginative. She's also sensitive, empathetic, tsundere, a little moody and has a brother complex. Rumored that her puppy eyes can make the baddest turn over a new leaf. She's sometimes demanding and if she doesn't get what she wants, her tantrum can be heard throughout a capital. Only her brother can stop her tantrums.
Skills/Talents: Lots of skills and talents, like brother. Mostly restoring hope and giving big dreams to the weak and like her brother, breaking the fourth wall.
Favourites/Likes: Sweet stuff and cute plushies
Most Hated/Dislikes: People taking her sweets and bitter stuff
Goals/Ambitions: To be her big brother's best sister.
Strengths: Loyal, sympathetic, empathetic, huge imagination, etc.
Weaknesses: Impatient, lazy, sensitive, insecure and unreliable
Fears: Arachnophobia (spiders), ophidiophobia (snakes), astraphobia (thunder/lightning), monophobia (being alone), thanatophobia (death), entomophobia (bugs), ranidaphobia (frogs) etc.
Hobbies/Interests: Sewing, spell practice, baking (hobby); collecting cute figurines (interest)
Regular Routine: Mostly listen to her favourite band, play games with brother, bake sweets and helps brother with his job.
Philosophy of Life: None (Her mind's like a 10 yo)
Attitude Toward Death: Scared
Religion/Beliefs: None
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Roleplaying, love-making in public (brother doesn't allow), confuses people with her gender.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: When she saw her brother at a near-death state (painful), spending time with her brother at arcades, casinos, ACG conventions. (memorable)
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values:She's bisexual (prefers women even more) and lusting for her brother's female form.
Education/Special Training: Follows her brother in education and mostly prefers spells over moves.
Place/Type of Residence: A large luxurious mansion she shares with her brother in the astral plane.
Occupation: A restoration/curse-casting maiden
Place of Work: Multiple worlds
Work-related Skills: Able to copy, use, keep and hone her opponent's magic, spells and abilities
Past Occupations: None
Memberships: Assisstant leader of her brother's group "A Happy Ending"
Tomorrow at 8.00 p.m. (Australian Time), I will close the poll for my next story's plot. The problem is that 3 votes were tied. So I must ask, if you're interested in my story, come and read it at Fanfiction: RWBY learns Different Skills and please vote on the poll to know which clip's gonna teach them.
Well, while scouting for ideas on my fanfic, I got a suggestion from a guest about RWBY reacting to Fate series, but mostly Ruby seeing Archer. What's the juice between the red hood reaper and the red coat swordhouse here?


I'm just a middle school student working my best to survive the harsh life called school days.


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