The trouble with parking your ship...

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If you go down to the woods today
You're in for a big surprise

Keep these pearls of wisdom in mind and you shall soon reach eternal bliss! :meditation:

...Close to a cliff when a swell kicks up. And snapping one of your moorings.

Results in your ship being battered against the cliff face, and forcing your crew to jump overboard to be rescued by Navy personnel.

boat accident yesterday
Photo by my colleague, Mr Fisher

Further consequences include sinking and rupturing your oil tank (all that brown in the water is an oil spill.)

ship oil close up
Photo by my colleague, Mr Fisher

oil spill today
Photo by my other colleague, from CI Parks Australia

Compare with how the view from that angle is supposed to look...

normal view

Due to the weather (it's been raining for two days straight and the seas are rough), and the fact we don't have any resources to deal with this kind of thing, we really can't do much until a) the water calms and b) the AMS get here...which they are having trouble doing because the plane can't really land when it's raining.



Now the ship has broken completely in half and diesel is just going everywhere like there's no tomorrow. It's all over the beach now! And the smell of diesel is really strong in the air (if you stand in front of the ocean, you actually get covered in a fine mist of oil due to the waves).

There goes our reef. And anything that was living in it. Also the baby crabs are meant to be coming back sometime this week :noes: Photos below by me.

that's some split there...

view from the top

a shit ton more oil

Update 2

We've had some of the baby red crabs come back in today, they had to swim through all that oil and shit to get to the equally oily beach, and as such...are pretty oily. But at least some are coming back in alive! We're not too sure about any negative impacts swimming through less than pristine waters will have on them though...

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Oh! Wow! I hope everyone and everything ends up okay!