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[From the perspective of a stranger]

I saw them on the old road
where the fireflies always graze
Cigarette smoke, a piercing gaze
As we crossed paths, unbidden
Malignant teeth shone in the gloom
Though it was unclear who’d corrupted whom
The demon, tamed, the priest, unfazed,
that terrible terrible gaze
My soul exposed, i fled,
chased by the apparition of that grin
And escaped to confess my sins


Ah the first arts of 2021! \o/ Decided to try something new so this pic started life as a values painting before adding colour on top of it. I struggled a lot cos that's a completely backwards way for me to do art comparative to my usual process, which is using overlay layers mainly to sync up the colour mood/lighting across the piece |D It was however pretty cool to see everything come together in grayscale first.

In keeping with feel, this piece was a bit of an experiment in how outside ppl might view .D and Izm (since you know, priests and demons are not supposed to mix/hang out/etc), hence why they look more ominous than they actually are lol. Also i kinda wanted an excuse to have some kind of lighting element by fireflies, but unfortunately my initial idea where they would be providing most of the lighting - therefore more of an eerie green glow across everything - didnt pan out since it would leave other areas way too dark.

Art + Battle Priest © me [Darqx]
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Looks amazing Darqx! Definitely interesting that you created this in the perspective of someone who wouldn't know Izm and .D and their relationship or their goals. In someone else's eyes, this isn't a normal situation and therefore can't be trusted. I just find it fascinating because we normally don't see this unnerving perspective of them.

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It looks so nice! Great job! I love the grittiness the cool tones lend it. :)

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Thanks Ko! Haaaaa those cool tones like damn XD Getting .D's skin tone in there was an exercise cos of the backwards values painting mode :V

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You just needed post-apocalyptic mutant fireflies that glowed light they were movie level radioactive XD

Love how the forest background turned out.

Now wake up earlier so I can catch up XD

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Well i mean technically i coloured these green for AMBIENCE when realistically they should be more yellow or orange, so they are not that far off from that tbh XD

Came out well from the random scribble i had before eh :lol:

Leave my room earlier so i can sleep maybe since i always end up going to bed like 1.5 hours after you for some reason :d

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I could leave your room at 10pm and you would still go to bed at 2am XP

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Wow very nice! Different than your usual stuff, and I like it!

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Thanks Crys! Gotta try and flex some new art stuff every now and then amirite? :D (esp since i keep drawing the same ppl |D )

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Look at those colours! The environment/background really pull it all together! ;A;

The stop sign gives me post apocalyptic vibes like-!! <3 Seriously gorgeous work! Great way to kick off 2021!

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Ubuu thanks Veron! :D It was a lot of fun trying out some "new" brushes (well new to me downloading LOL) and doing a new colouring style but ho man, idk how people do it haha. I'm glad the stop sign came out well! I was thinking of ditching it, but it was in my initial idea phase and i kinda just wanted it there for ambience (and to throw shadow in .D's face huehue)

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It also adds depth to the shot + world building <3

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