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MUSIC wallpaper

presenting MUsic Wallpaper

well submitting wallpaper after a long time
its very simple

but stilll i hope that you all will like it love it and will fave it :)

comment plzzzzzz...........

3 resolutions--

2009 bajaj corporation.All rights reserved.


We miss YOU MJ

here is the version 2-- [link]
© 2009 - 2021 darpan-aero
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Hi! I love your wall, I made one very similar based on yours, I want to post in my myspace page but I want to ask your permission for it, can I use it?
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yaa sure
and do send me the link :-)
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hehe,I love it too
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I love it. Like the idea. :D

Where did you get the musical notes? Are those brushes?
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no brushes
i searched them on google images
like clip arts
and then edited them
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Oh, I see. Thank you for the info!
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It's excellent.

I wish the credits were at the top instead of the bottom (they show through when using a transparent, bottom taskbar), but I still like it a lot.

darpan-aero's avatar
actually u r right
and i tried to correct it
but omg i deleted the orignal by mistake :o
btw thnx for the fav
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You're very welcome. :)

Imagine it'd be tough to make everyone happy anyway, some people like their taskbar on top, etc.
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thnx dude appreciated
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Np at all! - It's gorgeous!!
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