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Hello guys!

It's been a while since I posted my last journal here, many things changed, so much happened! Iam on my way to be back to Poland after staying in UK working at Sony Guerrilla Games for almost 7 months. There are another exciting things awaiting and a lot of new goals. My time in UK definitely was one of the best (if not) periods in my artistic life. I am happy and proud I had a chance to work with really cool people around me. I learned a lot of new things, I think I somehow grown up. Definitely, a great life lesson for everyone who hasn't worked in studio before. But what's next? A lot... But let me start with something that is coming really soon and what required a lot of effort from people who are making this thing happen. On 25-31th May in Zagreb, Croatia will take place massive artistic Event gathering 60 top artists from all over the world called IFCC.
Artists such as: Michal Kus, Mathias Zamecki, Wojtek Fus, Jana Schimer, Alex Brady, Ben Mauro, Mike Hill, James Zapata, Justin Fields are just a couple to name. But the line up is impressive, check it here:

I have a pleasure to run my own workshop focused on Environment Design. After my last contributions to projects from companies such as Sony Guerrilla Games, Ubisoft or Blur I had to learn different approaches and techniques and I will discuss them during my workshop. My talk will end up with live demo + portfolio reviews and overpaints!

Join here!:

There will be also Level Up! live session with overpaintings and critiques. A lot of amazing stuff and fun times coming so if you have a chance Come by!!!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions


Darek Zabrocki

Hey all!!

As some of you already know I am moving to UK this weekend and I decided to make something special for you before my departure from Poland!

Here is high quality Canvas print, stretched and folded on wooden frame, so ready to hang it on your wall!

I thought it could be cool to run some contest!

What do you need to do to participate is just like or/and acomment on facebook contest post (you need to have facebook account). Since facebook doesn't allow for share & likes, please feel free to like & or comment there! Within all people who enter I will randomly pick a one on 9th November!!!

For those who are interested in purchasing prints feel free to send me an email on:

e-mail print orders My gf will take care of the shipping and stuff while I am away!


Hey guys!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who support me- for all your comments, favourites, shares and everything! Deviantart is the place I always supported in the first turn and I got a lot of awesome memories, I met many people and got a lot of nice jobs from here. I am not able to response to every of you in person so please forgive me for it I just want to spend this time on creating the new pictures that I want to make you enjoyed about! so once again THANK YOU GUYS! This support means a lot to me and I hate empty words so you have to believe me that really gives me energy to keep on doing what I do and what I love!
I have to say last couple of months made my life completely different. Definitely the most intensive period ever. I started contributing to projects from Sega, Creative Assembly, BigPoint, Axis and now I turn myself into full inhouse concept artist for Sony Guerrilla Games in Cambridge (UK). I prefered to stay being freelancer only but I felt like I need to go out to people, have some fun meeting new ones and I felt I need a new challenges. Something that gives me more energy to evolve as an Artist, new tools, new techniques and especially team work that I never was part of as Concept designer and illustrator! I am moving next week so now I am closing other projects, other stuff, preparing myself for 7 months of COMPLETE CHANGE. Keep your fingers crossed!

efore I will leave my high online activity I decided to give you once again something in back. I started Concept Art class with my buddy Michal Kus lately, its called "Breakthrough" and I will be doing FREE exclusive Live Demo session on upcoming Monday (27th October at 6pm (GMT+2) to help spread the word about this project!! This Live session will be dedicated to Environment Design for my "Night Life" series so you will have a chance to see me painting live from scretch my Night Life picture and see what and how this class will work when it's launched after campaign is over! Here is the link to the event: Darek Zabrocki Live Demo Painting "Night Life" Environment Concept Art

What is the class Breakthrough about? Together with my good friend Michal Kus and in collaboration with It'sart we decided to run a campaign to gather indispensable means for creating high quality content.
What we want to teach you is the whole range of subjects from both Concept Art and Illustration that are:
-Environment Design
-Character Design
-Mechanical Design
-Creating the Mood, Atmosphere
-Pitch works, color scripts for movies and animation

-Photobashing techniques
-Advanced tips (photoshop shortcuts, 3d base mesh etc)

We will be releasing weekly content which is:
Weekly live classes, Weekly prerecorded tutorials, Homework assignments and more!
You will have a chance also to meet up with us on private Skype sessions, with getting personal critique and tips to help you improve.

If you are passionate about Concept Art and you would like to work as Concept Artist or Illustrator professionaly in the industry and you don't want to spend like $10-15K per year for CA school we are here to help! Feel free to spread the word and participate in the project! For any questions please feel free to send me an email:

More info about the class: "Breakthrough" Online Concept Art Class

*I would like to mention about my Gumroad gig. Your feedback on it was amazing and I feel honoured I could give you some kind of insight of my worklow with some tips and knowledge I always like to spread. I never finished my second part of Creating the Mood Environment Concept Art but I will release it as soon as I am able for free probably. The word "Soon" is the key in here but I have hopes to finally do it after all things get clear and I have some chillout time :)

All the best,
Darek Zabrocki
Hey guys, I finally managed to upload my first Gumroad tutorial! In this one you will learn how to create Environment Concept Art for Games and Movies!

It's a 2h 45 min video of Part 1 from my detailed piece, I take up and cover subjects like:

-Creating the mood
-Designing on air
-Practical Color & Light
-Organic anatomy (horses)
-Applying the textures
-Photomanipulation techniques
-Atmospheric effects
and many more!
Hope you find some stuff useful!…

Hello people!
The new NEXT-GEN website for CGartists is coming!!! Everyone felt huge dissapointment after unexpected termination of Cghub. Developers had nothing to say in that case and were informed by the Cghub owners afterall. 
Now Team Shakuro-technician team, developer of Cghub joined their forces with artists from all over the world to create something really special. I feel honoured to be part of supporting team and I would like to ask for support it as well! They need our help to make the best possible community - for by us. Check for more info:…


Together with my friend Wojtek Fus we decided to team up and start weekly Livestream sessions focusing mostly on teaching, imroving and learning each other!
We are going to do sessions with overpaints, critiques, Q&A and more!
Access is free and open for everybody so don't hesitate to send us your pictures and thoughts. Join us on our Facebook group and Livestream. It's gonna be a lot of fun.
-UPCOMING STREAM Sunday 27.10.2013-Don't miss it!

LIVESTREAM Channel (27.10.2013):…

Facebook Group:…

Hello Everybody! I decided to put some new Videos on my Youtube channel, I thought it would be nice to share with you some process/walkthroughs, tutorials or even livestream(which is to setup soon) in the nearest months :D
I was very busy and still have a lot of job but I found it pretty cool and make me calm down to do some speedpaints and just record it! Previously I tried record something not once but I always felt hmm restricted? Shy and stiff(in essence of nerves)... I am still trying and learning, striving to fight with myself to work harder on weaks and eliminate them so I wanted to share it with people around. If you have any questions-answer without doubts, any special wishes? Tell me of course too! I am trying to prepare as many as I can processes and put them on Youtube to show you my workflow, the way the pictures are created without any cuts - check it out and if you like it follow because there are lot of NEW VIDS to be shown!!!

My Youtube channel:

You can find more informations, new step-by-steps on my FB so you're welcome to join and follow me:

Best and see you soon on YT!!!

Hello there!
I decided to record some session from my speedpainting practice. I took great photo of Daniel Craig as the reference and started doodling, it guided me till final and all was recorded live. I wanted it to be scoped showing my workflow from the very beginning to final version, original work time was around 2h. Let me know what do you think! Best, Darek



It's not really often when I write journals or some kind of longer notes but I would like to share with you some informations that need to be said, I guess! :D

Firstly, I decided to make "Deviantart" as my private site and portfolio in one place since now- I am really into this page and people who're watching me! I had some troubles with my private website-server was defective and broke down few times in a month-really made me mad :D! so I thought it would be better if I put it aside and make Deviantart as my online portfolio. I hadn't time to fix previous gallery and keep it fresh with updating pictures/solving server problems and so on. This place has some kind of value to me. So please expect frequent updates with new stuff :D

Secondly, I have bunch of new pictures, as you can see since couple of months almost every picture in my gallery is made for Card Games. This time I will have something special, some big projects I've been working for last weeks, Updates are coming this month so please expect it, hope it is worth awaiting! :D

Lastly, I finally decided to start my Facebook page wich is the place I would like to focus more in the future regarding some step by step processes, video tutorials, brush packs and any other info from the first hand- I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU AT THIS POINT FOR YOUR SUPPORT. IF YOU LIKE MY WORKS JUST LIKE/SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK! IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED! PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD.

Best wishes!
Hi all, omg when I was here last time.... forgotten place? no, just lot of work and no time to show stuff everywhere, sorry :]
I'll try still keep the affluence of new things and Update it if it possible

so give me some time and enjoy! ;]

best regards