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Lady Dimitrescu got you

... and she's gonna suck you dry. Can't miss the Big Vampire Mommy bandwagon, can I? :) XD

Tell me what you think, hope you like it
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She tells him. If both his hands fit around her waist and touch each other, then he may live...

SuperCW's avatar

She ate her spinach!

JS-Graphics's avatar

I'm just waiting for someone to make a mod. Its only a matter of time.

darothsdrawings's avatar

Now wouldn't that be damn amazing

DeathTheKid89's avatar

This is a really awesome pic! :D I love how massive you made her! :nod:

2DofFeelGoodinc's avatar

after all the hype that’s been surrounding this big bitch do you have any idea how disappointed I’m gona be when I play the game and all she does is kill me?!?! Like....WHERES ALL THE SEXY SHIT I WAS PROMISED???!!!

Samihameha's avatar

Nice lighting.

darothsdrawings's avatar

Thanks, felt it was necessary to make it dramatic-ish

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Jesus.. what kind of blood has she been drinking?.. Bodybuilders steroid laden blood?!

darothsdrawings's avatar

Looking at the results, I'd say the best kind of blood

On the plus side I'm sure she can't follow you throw doors now, on the bad side I don't think walls are gonna stop her either

darothsdrawings's avatar

I don't think they'd even slow her down a bit

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The first person game we all need, awesome work.

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If that is what Lady Dimitrescu looked like, I would just surrender and not put up a fight at all.

darothsdrawings's avatar

I don't think it'd be up to you to decide^^

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Omfg lady dimitrescu is enormous she's so massive her breasts are mind blowing her muscle is fucking huge awesome work she's beautiful

WickedBust's avatar

Bursting sleeves~

You love to see it :D

This became quite great~ Good work!

darothsdrawings's avatar

Thanks, kind words

B-Man100's avatar

...but also...onion head 'smug'

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