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Ayanamifan's Robin

Regular pushups just won't do for her. I hope you guys like it, tell me what you think
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pretty damn awesome

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Thanks, Robin really is all that

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Amazing workout

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That insane pecs 0.0 <3 Want to lick the sweat from her cleavage <3

At first glance, I thought she was in a wrestling ring and a weight had been thrown at her. Lol. But now I'm glad too see that she's doing one arm press ups with weights on her back. Great stuff

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I really love how you drew the muscle groups at work in this, plus the veins and striations. I also like the details such as the sweat drops on the ground. Great work yet again!
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Thanks, the drops were a last minute idea

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That should be enough weight for her.

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Hearing that would probably make her push for more

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wow awesome! just look at those pecs!

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I think most people would be looking :)

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Is she wearing a shoe on her right hand ?

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Her right hand is behind her back

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