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Iorthon  by DarlingWrites Iorthon :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 8 3
Mr. Mortality and the Heart Collector (Epilogue)
    Unexpectedly, Michael MacBranain did not die.
    Oh, he had a fight of it. A fever, unconscious darkness, aches and frosty pangs, nightmares and night terrors filled with eyes and feathers, and eyes with feathers, and ghosts without eyes. And he certainly felt dead once or twice (or more than twice).
    Still, the Grim Reaper could attest, the young man did not die.
    No, he held as firmly to this mortal coil as he did to all things that mattered. And so it was that at exactly three-thirty in the afternoon, three days after the Adventure of the Heart Collector, the fever broke and Michael awoke in his own bed.
    The first thing he became aware of upon opening his bleary eyes (which had been partially glued shut by an ominous black substance) was the familiar form of one of his sisters, his mother, and a (somewhat) masculine presence in the room.
    "Dad?" he attempted to mumble through a heavy tongue; then fu
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 3
Mr. Mortality and the Heart Collector (Part 5)
    Sink back into those depths of despair.
    Only, differently, this time.
    As Michael descended the stairs of the haunted house, his fear and sorrow abated and were replaced with soreness in his spine and limbs. He had fallen hard on his back earlier, yet in the fog of guilt and panic, the pain had been overpowered by sheer necessity.
    Now the boy chose to ignore it.
    Stiff upper lip and all.
    In his hand, he still grasped his father's rosary beads. The crucifix had turned black after its brush with the ghost, like wood having passed through a flame.
    Had circumstances been different, Michael would have mourned the heirloom's disfigurement; as it stood, however, it seemed his father had left him something much more important to be concerned with.
    Reaching the foot of the second flight of stairs, Michael set his feet apart and did his best to prepare his mind for what he was about to d
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 2
Arsenic Waltz but Mortality Characters  by DarlingWrites Arsenic Waltz but Mortality Characters :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 16 9
Mr. Mortality and the Heart Collector (Part 4)
    A cry split the air and the Jack of Hearts grinned.
    The spirit swooped down from the roof like a vulture, leaving Michael alone.
    There was a sound of a short scuffle and then silence.
    Suddenly it felt as though a great weight had been lifted from the young man's soul, and he could breathe again. And with that, his mind went from trapped in a bog of despair to dashing off at a mile a minute.
    What had become of Mr. Mortality? Was he dead?
    Why had they come here? What had the Reaper thought they could accomplish?
    How was killer able to see his victims without eyes?
    And most importantly: how was Michael going to get out of this mess alive, with no angel to protect him?
    For a few moments, Michael couldn't bring himself to move. If Mortality were dead, surely Dr. Grimm would return, and he dared not make himself more noticeable.
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 6 7
A Spiritual Connection by DarlingWrites A Spiritual Connection :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 13 12
Mature content
Mr. Mortality and the Heart Collector (Part 3) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 7
I'll Take You Someplace Warm by DarlingWrites I'll Take You Someplace Warm :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 9 7 Oh Poor Fool by DarlingWrites Oh Poor Fool :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 10 2 Mortality in the Snow by DarlingWrites Mortality in the Snow :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 17 9
Seven Billion and One
Seven billion hearts are broken.
  No, I do not need to count.
There is no library of loss;
  No registry of doubts.
Seven billion hearts are broken.
  I know, I’ve said so before.
But alas, whenever a child is born
  The new heart goes to the score.
But why are so many hearts a-cracking?
  Why can’t they stay in one piece?
Is it because of the money we’re lacking?
  Is it for pain and disease?
Seven billion hearts are broken.
  Need I say so again?
It is not by the lack of funds that their broken!
  It’s by deeds done by hand, lip, and pen!
You and I! We, and they!
  We all so love our fun!
So seven billion hearts we break,
  Plus that Almighty One!
Seven billion bottles He holds,
  Filled to the brim with tears.
The saints, the sinners, the weak and the bold;
  All have wept through the years!
But how heavy the tears flow from His great eyes.
  What sadness it must be,
To see the hands of those H
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 7 6
As sky turns and shadows lengthen
Watch the Sky Queen lose her strength
See the hilltops tinged in blood
‘Tis time again for ghosts and love
The Night Queen rose in high ascension
The centerpiece of a grand procession
As Kings and Rulers, all her friends
March ceaselessly toward Night Sky’s end
A thousand spirits walk abroad
The mortal hearts once more to trod
An owl gives a mourning call
One heart breaks, a star does fall
And so it is on the verge of night
When all is bathed in purple light
For a brief moment in human eye
The world observes a Pause in Time
:icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 8 11
Death Angel (Inktober 2018 #3) by DarlingWrites Death Angel (Inktober 2018 #3) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 15 5 I'm Sorry (Inktober 2018 #2) by DarlingWrites I'm Sorry (Inktober 2018 #2) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 14 10 Contract With Me? (Inktober 2018 #1) by DarlingWrites Contract With Me? (Inktober 2018 #1) :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 9 12 The Vampire Nurse by DarlingWrites
Mature content
The Vampire Nurse :icondarlingwrites:DarlingWrites 15 14



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United States
ID art by my awesome brother:… :heart:

Hi! I'm Donna Darling. I'm a homeschool graduate, aspiring author, and recreational artist!

I write mostly paranormal and fantasy fiction with occasional trips into mystery or sci-fi. I love history, folklore, and creepy/mysterious/fantastical stuff; perhaps a bit too much for my own good~

My current project (in development) is "Mortality"; the episodic adventures of a young man who finds himself employed as the Grim Reaper's assistant. It'll be a dark, yet also light-hearted gaslamp fantasy with quite a bit of friendship and sweetness!

You can read a test version of the first chapter here:

I believe stories have the power to change the world! But my hope is that one of my stories can change a life. Whether I succeed or not is in God's hands.

Find me on

Feel free to peruse my gallery of mostly-story-related art, and wonder with me when/if I am ever going to improve as a visual artist!

Rose Divider by Sophibelle Rose Divider by Sophibelle

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Maelstrom Stamp by LadyPep Stamp by PaintFeathers

Rose Divider by Sophibelle Rose Divider by Sophibelle

Dear Reader,

    Thank you so much for joining Michael, Mortality, and I on this journey! I started writing Mr. Mortality & the Heart Collector in late 2017, as an experiment to see if I could put some of the ideas in my head down on paper.

    Those ideas—the idea of a darkly whimsical (or perhaps whimsically dark) fantasy about a Victorian boy working as the Grim Reaper's Assistant; of the Living, Dead, and Not-Quite-Dead threats they could potentially face; of the growing they could do together as characters—has matured in my heart and mind into something exciting and beautiful that I hope share with the world.

    That beautiful (or, at least, I think it's beautiful) thing is Mortality; and if you haven't already guessed, it's the continued adventures of Michael and Mr. Mortality, as well as some friends they make along the way. *Persephone peeps around the corner*
    It's an episodic series; told in monster-of-the-week-type slices of about the same length as Heart Collector (or at least that's the current plan, that's not set in stone), as a sort of homage to the Victorian magazine serial.
    My hope is to post it online, episode by episode, free to read!

    I'm not quite sure if Heart Collector is fully canon to that series—I know it's imperfect; I didn't have a lot of things fleshed out when I started writing it, and since then many things have changed (and also I'm haunted by plot holes...).
    Think of it as the pilot to a TV series, giving you some idea of what it's about, but not really representative of the overall quality of the work.

    And now that you know what it's about, it's up to you whether you want to stick around and wait for the real deal. It may take awhile, as I still need to do all kinds of research and planning, and who knows what life may throw my way in the meantime. But I love this story so much, and God allowing, am committed to doing my very best to bring it to life.

    If you think you may love this story too, you can support it in a number of ways!

~Spread the word.
~Leave supportive comments.
~Read and promote my other work. (If you like it, that is!)
~Give to my ko-hi (when I make one).
~Pray for me. (If you're not a religious person, good vibes are also welcome lol.)

    To the kind people who have already been doing these things: Thank you so much. You're the reason I was able to come this far, and I'm incredibly grateful to you.

    Finally, I just want to say that I think God has put it on my heart to tell a fun, dark, but heart-felt little tale that might just help people, perhaps even myself. And I thank Him for that. Whether I succeed or not is in His hands. May He bless this endeavor, and bless you for reading!

Donna Darling


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