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Quick and Dirty Color Theory

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My Quick & Dirty Color Theory Tutorial. That turned out to not be so quick >.> I got absorbed and explained a lot more than I originally intended. LMAO I hope you guys find it useful :)

More tutorials to come!
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 
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Thanks for making this, you have quite an ability for explaining things :D
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Thank you for this!
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I finally understand 'warm' and 'cool' colors by utilizing the hue values.
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I need to brush up on my color theory, and this was helpful, thanks! You've got some awesome resources, and I thank you for that 
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If a base color is yellow, for the lighter colors would you still go to warmer colors or do you just move it closer to white?
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*aggressively tries to force all of this into my memory at once*
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Amazing :D

Thanks a lot, I'll need to lecture it a few more times and I'll try it in practice soon ^^
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This was very good. I feel like I just took a week long class on color theory in.. hmmm... 20 minutes! I know so much more now. The internet is an amazing place indeed.
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ah very detailed <3 saving this for reads. but basically, it has what i'm looking for XD thank you~!
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Some helpful tips, danke.
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Thank you, this tutorial was very helpful.
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Really good stuff here, next time someone asks me about color I'm just going to link them to this tutorial. xD Thanks for sharing!
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This is very useful,thank you)
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This is what I've been looking for! I am thrilled to see it was a DD! 

Thank you. I understand the parts of color theory. But the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know... I have been totally derailed in creating anything unique, bc I am clueless when to prefer cool vs warm colors and why. Especially when drawing in perspective. Your color tutorial doesn't just give the "what to do", it explains "why" so that I can make my own informed decisions. 
I love this site because of artists like you, who dont just show their creations, but also try to help others realize their potential! 
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Please.. someone can help me?  I'm very confused.. everyone and even in Japanese magazines they  talk about a scheme color and how to pick up colors that match each others... but still i don't understand how to picking colors, based to that color weel...
I read this tutorial, but I have just confusion of colors and nothing else.

I'm doing a drawing and now finished lineart, I need to choose colors. I'm starting from the brown of hair.. but I still don't understand what colors match with brown better... there's tertiary colors, double color, 4 colors in the color weel... but how to actually use ? I dont even seen the brown I want in the color scheme, how can I know how to count to get the colors that match?

I 've read this (it says 'be careful to select   colors that match your brown"--- yes.. but how?


They explain about tertiary color, etc but still when I come to color my own drawing... I can't understand what color take . All that I know is that Ive decided the color of hair (light brown). All the rest, I dont have idea how to picking up the correct colors that give the drawing a nice coloring (because the perfect colors calculation before choose a color. I dont want to use casual colors)... I'm so confused...
See how they choose perfect colors?



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Hey there! The most important part of choosing colours  is using your eyes - studying theory can make it quicker to find the right colours, but it ultimately comes down to what looks pleasing to you.

Now, what pronouncedyou meant in their tutorial about matching colours to your browns is based on the tint of the brown.

Brown is really just a way of describing a dark, desaturated colour that could be found on this end of the spectrum

if you darken and desaturate the wheel, you'll see that they all become various shades of brown

Choosing colours to match your brown just means choosing a colour scheme type and choosing colours around that. You can see the different types and play around with the colour schemes using this site!
So, if we have ourselves a brown, we want to choose our scheme type. So for example, lets try a triadic scheme.  When we choose colours, we want to move the colour picker over to the areas that would make the triangle points and just pick different colours until they look kinda nice together.
We could do the same thing with an analogous scheme!

The thing you do want to avoid doing is keeping the colours at the same value and saturation, as that makes them more likely to clash. So if you move the picker around the wheel and the colours clash, move the picker around in the selector until they look nice together.

Play around with the colour scheme designer site so you can learn the different types of colour schemes, and then try them out in your own art! All they do is give you a rough idea as to where abouts on the wheel you want to choose your colours from.
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That's amazing... I have to study and save what you said, because is very helpful! Thank you so so so much!! :D
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I didn't understand nothing.... T______________T
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you're very welcome :)
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Wow that's a lot take in.
But its very informings  
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That is a must-read.... very useful!!!
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