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August 31, 2011
Suggester's words: Commission Guide by =DarlingMionette is a great guide for any artist here on dA who is wanting to start offering commissions or who just wants to reexamine their current commission method. This guide covers everything from work ethics, payments to advertising. A true gem of a guide every artist should have stored away in their arsenal.
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Commission Guide

You guys asked for it XD so here it is. I hope it helps someone XD I tried to be as thorough as possible :3

See above for a USD to Point conversion calculator for your convenience :3 Provided by *charfade be sure to drop them a thank you!
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How do they pay me? (Do they put the points in the donation pool?)

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I don't have an issue with pricing, though I've been told by family and friends that I underprice what I offer. My problem is actually GETTING commissions. I don't have a large following on deviantart or any other platform, I never have. In two years since opening up for commissions, despite advertising and improvements in my own skill, I have had 2 commissions, both of which were completed within one week of hire. I don't ever expect some sort of "magic method" to gaining clients or a larger following, but I'm sort of at a loss as to how to really turn this (art) into a living. What else could be done? What am I currently doing that could be done better? (Some things I've learned now after reading this guide will be implemented, too). 

The minimum wage argument is a great one, too, but my locations min-wage has gone up significantly due to recent law changes and I don't feel it fair to charge $12 for my sketches when I don't, personally, feel confident enough in them to be worth that. So, I dunno. I want this pursuit to be successful. I know I've improved significantly over the years, I know I can make a living on this...but how do you even get your foot in the door to GET those clients that others don't seem to have any problem getting?
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Don't go by the minimum wage, the minimum wage is absolutely unjust. You are worth more than disgustingly low wages, and so is your art. 
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Question: In section 3 'set your prices' you say that you should never drop your pay below hourly minimum wage ($6/7 per hour), but then you say that you would charge $6 for 2 hours of work. Why?

Oh, and what does it mean to have an image flatted?
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Thank you very much))) <3
Thank you! <3 
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Thank you for all the wonderful advice! 
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yeah uh,,,, how exactly do you deliver the commission?? like confirm it and then get your points hhh
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this is so helpful
thank you so much
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I honestly couldn’t read it...
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I just found this - thanks so much for the info!
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thank you so much for this, i've been looking for a helpful guide for a while 
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awesome - thank you a lot for putting this together :happybounce:
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No one will commission me because my anatomy sucks. But I don't have time to practice, I need points...
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What are you talking about your art is wonderful.Hug 
My anatomy also sucks but I still will put commissions tho.:happybounce: 
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that's a very old cringey comment from over a year ago  xD
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Thanks, this is very helpful!
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Thanks for such a good guide !
I still have some questions left and hope you can answer them (:
1. When requesting money via paypal, do I have to enter the e-mail adress of customers (like for example: or is there some specific e-mail that paypal creates for every user?
2. The currency I use is EUR, so do I have to name my prices in USD? If yes, does paypal convert the money I recieved in USD to EUR ?
3. How do I know how much the paypal fee is and is it the responsibility of the customer or of me to pay this fee?

I hope you can understand what I mean, and sorry for bombarding you with so many questions (':
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i don't know about number 3, but for number 1. for as long as I know paypal will notify every transaction thats happening to YOUR email (your email that you use to make the paypal account). and for no.2 yes you can convert the USD to EUR in paypal. Hope this helps :)
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I have a question since I don't have a Paypal account can I let people know that I will only except points?
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you can specify the commission by calling it "Point Commission" :)
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Ok thank you! Oh one more question if you don't mind: What advice you would recommend for someone using points and determining prices for the first time I know I don't want it too cheap or too expensive but I'm not sure what price to offer.
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