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COM - Violet

I adore pink haired girls for some reason. Dunno why. Anyways, this is Violet, an OC belonging to *CelestialMoon . Yes the sketch lines are supposed to be there, this was a painted sketch commission :3 Done in Paint Tool SAI in about 5 Hours.

Character is (c) Copyright: *CelestialMoon
Pose Reference is (c) Copyright: *ImperialStarletStock
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so lovely! i really like the sketchiness of it. and the colouring is just amazing.
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She's so beautiful! Amazing work on the hair!
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Lovely! Love her hair and the background. :heart:
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You're welcome! :aww:
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Pink hair is always wonderful! I adore it too ;) Lovely work!
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She's lovely! Beautiful work! :love:
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The hair . . . I just can't even . . . :wow:
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Mio, you never cease to amaze me. This is so... I just can't stop looking at the hair.
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XD thank you - i can nitpick like a thousand things on it -_- but it's just one of those pictures that didn't want to go quite the way I wanted it to XD so it's great to hear so many positive comments :3
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[link] this is the 1st pictiure i seen by you and you have come a long way congratzzkeep up the great work:D
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XD thank you, LOL there's only 4 months between the two pictures XD
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very well done!!!!
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