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Writer's Tip: Mary Sue's
Mary Sue. It’s the phrase that makes nearly every writer cringe. To have a character labeled a Mary Sue is probably one of the worst feelings in the world, but why is that? What exactly is a Mary Sue?
The term Mary Sue originated as, yah you guessed it, a character named Mary Sue in the 1973 Paula Smith story entitled “A Trekkie’s Tale”. The story was a parody fan fiction centered around a 15 year old girl who epitomized the Mary Sue term we know and dread today. She was the youngest, smartest, prettiest, most well-trained teen ever to grace the Star Trek universe. Not surprisingly, the character was so ridiculously over-done that readers could only sit back, shake their heads, and laugh over how nauseating the character was.
Now, the original Mary Sue was a parody, but what she stood for was a very real problem. Throughout fan fiction and amateur writing at the time there was a prevalent trend of young female characters often characterized by an overblown assor
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Writer's Tip: Writing Effective Sentences
Sentences—if the plot is the backbone of a story, then sentences are the muscles and tendons keeping it glued together. Unfortunately, writing solid sentences isn’t easy for everyone. As Human beings, we don’t speak the same way we write. Unless you do a lot of writing, you may have trouble putting together even the simplest of sentences. The last time you took a good look at a sentence and broke it down into its individual parts was probably around 3rd grade. Don’t worry—I’m here to help.
There’s More Than One Type of Sentence
There are (roughly) four different types of sentences, and we’re going to get into each of the different types (with examples!).
Simple Sentences – This is a sentence in its truest form. A simple sentence is the statement of a single idea in a direct, clear way. Most simple sentences contain less than 20 words, but it is best if you keep your word count aver
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Writer's Tip: All About POV
Point of View. It can change everything. In the most literal sense, POV is the decision of who is narrating your novel, and what they see. POV also refers to the individual viewpoint of your characters, and ultimately, your readers. So where do you start? Well, that’s why I’ve written this article. We will explore the three standard POV options available to every writer, their advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose which one is best for you.  Let’s get started.
First Person POV
I stepped into the room on hesitant feet. Leander, the great Lion King of the river valley lay half-in-shadow at the back corner of the room, his tawny paws illuminated by a shaft of light filtering in through the high windows. His sable tail thumped once, twice, in the haze of dust motes, and my breath caught in my chest. I shouldn’t be here.
First person POV is denoted by the use of “I”, “My”, “Me”, “Mine
:icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 138 15
A Writer's Guide: Naming Characters
When it comes to writing novels, names often get overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Most of us are happy if we can tell who is talking and we can remember the character’s names for the entirety of the book, but bad names can ruin a book. I don’t know about you, but when I get a hold of a book where the main character’s name is a comical 20-character tangle I can’t pronounce, it ruins the book for me. It’s hard to take a book, or a character, seriously when you want to roll your eyes every time you read the narrative.
In this article I’ve compiled a list of things to consider when naming a character for a novel, and though it’s pretty simple, I hope it serves to help someone in their future endeavors to name a character. Most of this is common sense, but it’s often easy to forget these little tidbits of wisdom when you’re busy trying to figure out if your character makes a better Ashley or a Paige.
Getting a  S
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Writer's Tip: Show, don't tell.
Show, don’t tell (SDT). It’s one of the few consistent pieces of advice that all writers have heard at one time or another. Even the most amateur of writers parrot it back, but knowing the phrase doesn’t necessarily mean that we understand it, or how to implement it.
So what does “Show, don’t tell.” really mean? SDT is the idea that instead of telling your readers what’s happening in a story, you show them. This seems like an abstract concept to most of us, but what it boils down to is this: using words to give your readers an idea without having to directly state it. There are many ways good writers do this. It can be as simple as adding a scene for when your character walks down the street to the corner market rather than saying “she went to the store.” but it can also be as complicated as weaving subtext into dialogue and editing entire character personalities to prove a point down the line. I want to look at two example
:icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 423 72
Mature content
A Writer's Guide: Dialogue in Narrative Fiction :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 137 41
COM - Frances Finished CG by DarlingMionette COM - Frances Finished CG :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 223 82 COM - frances Day 4 Recording - Finished Sketch by DarlingMionette COM - frances Day 4 Recording - Finished Sketch :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 69 36 Com - The Quad by DarlingMionette Com - The Quad :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 58 26
Mature content
Khet - Chapter 10 :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 13 32
A Writer's Guide: Believable Characters
I know a lot of you out there are aspiring-writers (I’m one myself!) and sometimes we get so caught up in this “must publish!” attitude that we get lost in our stories along the way. Sometimes there comes a point when we stare at our half-finished novel and say “I’m stuck. “ Usually these moments happen when we don’t know where we’re going next with our story, and usually that’s because somewhere along the line we’ve strayed off the path and we aren’t quite sure how to get back.
One of the things that you may find helpful if you’ve never done it before is to take a really in-depth look at your characters and the world they live in. Characters are really the backbone of our stories. You can carry an entire story on the shoulders of a character without much plot (memoirs anyone?), but you can’t carry a plot without some great characters. So, to help you guys out, I wanted to write an article on things you shoul
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The Madigan Witch - Ch 1
My name is Molly Madigan. I am 24, and I don’t believe in ghosts. I repeated the words like a mantra in my head. A warm August breeze swept through the two-inch gap in my car window, lifting a russet strand of hair, and sent it sliding across the bridge of my nose. Almost absently I tucked it back behind my ear, but stubborn, it immediately slipped out and fell across my cheek again.
I could do this. I’d done it dozens of times. I glanced out the passenger side of my car towards the small suburban home that lay across a neatly-mowed lawn. It was a small one-story house. Two six-paned windows stared out across the lawn in my direction, trimmed in white and set against a deep gray background. Three short concrete steps lead the way to the brand-new screen door.
Sitting on those steps was a small boy. I grimaced. I hated working with children. With a resigned sigh, I turned away from the picture of the cozy gray house and slipped out the driver’s side door.
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COM - Maeve by DarlingMionette COM - Maeve :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 79 23 COM - Violet by DarlingMionette COM - Violet :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 167 46 COM - Lhynda and Liz by DarlingMionette COM - Lhynda and Liz :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 79 27 Santa's Workshop 2012 - S-hui by DarlingMionette Santa's Workshop 2012 - S-hui :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 225 25






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Wow. It's been a crazy year, and unfortunately, I spent little of it on DA. As most of you know, awhile back my Wacom died, and I had to set art aside. It was okay, because honestly, I was a little burned out at the time... but that didn't make it any less painful. I'd been making leaps and bounds in my art for the past year, and I was a little bewildered at having to put everything on hold. So, I spent my year working on my Book Review Blog, practicing my copy editing skills, and working on my writing. It was a bit of a journey, and although I didn't do any art... it was still a productive, and fun year. 

I revamped the outline for Khet (once I learned that writing by the seat of my pants wasn't a great idea). I'm about 20 chapters into revamping the initial outline into a more thorough detailed plot.. and then it'll be on to the 1st official draft. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of 2015 so I can look into getting it published.

I also worked on my copy editing skills by taking in chapters from people here on DA. I still have a few to finish up. I'll be honest, getting the first dozen out and sent back to people was an awesome feeling... although half of them didn't reply back (Naughty you.) I didn't set a deadline on getting them done (this was practice after all) but I am planning on getting through the rest (soon I hope) and getting them sent out as well.. and then -hopefully- this year opening up my copy editing business.

As for my blog, I managed to read through and review 112 books this year... which for someone who had stopped reading all together for a decade (who has time to read when you're doing art?) is nothing short of amazing. I'm pretty proud of myself. I got to meet a lot of authors, publishers, and editors along the way, and I even got interviewed in a podcast just a few weeks ago. It was awesome.

It wasn't all fine and dandy though. At the end of the previous year, and the start of this last year, I was majorly sick, and I ended up going deaf in both ears for a few weeks. I'm now partially deaf permanently, but I'm learning to adjust. It does get super annoying at times (especially when I'm out at restaurants) because if I'm not used to someone's voice, or there's a lot of background noise, I have trouble distinguishing what people are saying. My TV/headphones are permanently 10-20 marks higher than they used to be in order to hear like I used to. I tend to talk a little louder now - which annoys the crap out of my family... but we're all adjusting :)  On the upside, because of my hearing debacle, we learned that I was allergic to about 140 really common things, and deathly allergic to six... so my allergies have been better under control after a year of allergy therapy shots and a daily regimen of medication. I'm rarely ill anymore (in fact, right now i'm sick for the first time in a year. How amazing is that? I used to be sick every week).

I also started to teach home school over this last year, and that's certainly been an endeavor... who knew I'd make a decent teacher? But it's been fun, even if it leaves me with a lot less free time.

So what's next for 2015?

I'm not entirely sure. The good news is, I fixed my Wacom. I -CAN- draw again... but I don't know what I'm going to do with that yet. I'd like to continue on with my blog, my writing, my copy editing, etc. I'd love to get back into art again... but honestly, I don't know if I can find the time between everything else I'm doing. We'll see. I may start slow here and there... or I may upload nothing at all in the next year. I don't know. I have been trying to stick around and respond to messages though, and I'd like to continue that. I'd love to get some more tutorials out this year, with writing or art... either one. We'll see how it goes.

I hope everyone's had a great year, and that the upcoming year treats you equally well. As always, if you want to get a hold of me, you can send me a message here on DA at any time, on Facebook (Cary Morton), my blog: Author Unpublished (…), or e-mail ( or skype (darlingmionette). I'll try to be better this year about getting back to everyone. Feel free to bug me (even if you've never talked to me before... it really doesn't bother me, and I won't think you're a scary stalker or something) and I'll see you guys all soon!
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  • Watching: Too much YouTube
  • Eating: Pizza Leftovers
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