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Sylveon - Pokemon - Gijinka Cosplay Kimono Dress

This design can be ordered any time I open for orders

It was a Pokemon kimono dress kinda day! Here is one of the pre-orders in the flesh! Introducing the Sylveon inspired kimono dress The pastels are sooooo adorable! The triple layer skirt gives the appearance of extra fluff and the obi sparkles with iridescent beading and sequins on the pink lace. The bow pin is made from sewn, layered felt =3 I think I might make myself a similar skirt for my everyday wear

Kimono dresses are taking longer to construct than expected XD A full day's work and I finished two and a half! Break time!

Visit the listing in the Kimono Dress section for different angles and information:…

Gotta catch 'em all!
Umbreon Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy Sailor Scout Eeveelutions Pokemon Cosplay Dress by DarlingArmy Pikachu Cosplay Wa Lolita Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy  Diglett Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Pinafore by DarlingArmy Umbreon Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Capelet by DarlingArmy  Eevee Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Pinafore by DarlingArmy  
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I know it may be in the stores but how much is it?? It's super cute!!
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I'm not the sure off the top of my head  XD  It's only in my online store since I handmake each one individually. Pricing is on the site, though  =3
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Pastel-Life-Cosplay's avatar
That dress is adorable!!
DarlingArmy's avatar
xXKawaiiKittyDesuXx's avatar
Pretty Dress...I love the pastel-like colors put into it.
DarlingArmy's avatar
Thanks so much! The colors are my favorite part, too, for this design
LoZGamer316's avatar
Wasn't a huge fan of Sylveon when I first was it.
But this is still really
nice to look at
DarlingArmy's avatar
Thank you  =D  I think Sylveon does have a super specific look that makes it hard for everyone to like  XD  So pastel and cute!
Princess-Lily-TTR's avatar
Okay, I am not familiar with Pokemon, but aside from the cosplay aspect, this is a gorgeous dress!
DarlingArmy's avatar
pokemon gif sylveon I think everyone can appreciate cute pastel colors <333 Sylveon Attract Plz 
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Wildaction's avatar
What a nice dress
DarlingArmy's avatar
Thank you very much! It's one of my favorites to look at, but least favorites to make  XD
Wildaction's avatar
It's ok and your welcome
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BlushingEevee's avatar
Will there be multiples of these or is this the only one??
DarlingArmy's avatar
I make them all individually based on customer measurements, so it's available every time I open for orders
BlushingEevee's avatar
Ookay thank you :>
I fell in love when i saw it so I got scared I wouldn't be able to get one owo
rosepetal179's avatar
I love sylveon! I want that dress too.
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