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Archangel Raphael

Arch angel Raphael
He is the Angel of healing powers.
necklace design

i know this isnt actually the symbol for healing but i used it cos it was recognisable to do with doctors and medical
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Very beautiful!!
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I missed a bit...
The blue stone and wings represent the planet Nibiru and its so called wings of iron oxide, the planet is said to orbit a sun that throws out huge bursts of iron particles that look like wings. This is the so called 10th planet, mistakenly called the 12th planet, Nibiru orbits are Sun every 36000.00 years and when entering are solar system looks like a dragon in the heavens. the Mayan civilisation called this dragon Quetzalcoatl.

Have you ever wondered why we have dragons in the myths of are cultures... because ancient people saw this planet as future people will when it next orbits the Sun. who knows when that will be? but the Mayans long count (there calender) ends on 21-12-12 and a new age will begin... its all fascinating and the the symbol you have made is as linked to all this was the name you have given it.. Angles were the Annunaki and there leader Enki is are God... are creator. that's what I truly believe, god be with you!
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Hi, this symbol goes way back in to antiquity, further back than the Greek civilisation and even Babylonian culture. This symbol is said not to be of this world. I know that may shock you but It is a Annunaki symbol for genetics. The first human culture was the Sumerian civilisation and that was over 6000.00 years age and they defiantly knew this symbol. They said that it was an Annunaki design . Annunaki means "Those who from heaven to earth came". The snakes represent the double helix of the DNA strand, the wings represent the power of celestial flight, cumming to earth. check out the Sumerians and you will open your mind to the truth about are history on earth.

we still use these symbols today... you would be surprised to realise just how many of these first symbols are totally woven in to are cultural identity.
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Dig it, snakes could use more shine though, they seem a little dull compared to the rest. Great and powerful image regardless.
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Very well done! I really like it!
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I love this necklace.....I want it please email me....
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its only a design sorry
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hi my name is raphael...xD and I'm in a med school LMAO!!! well... this is actually the greek symbol for medicine... :D anyway this is so great^^... I'm so obsessed with my name ATM... and if you'll check my page I faved Raphael deviations LoL!!!
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it is a very cool name :)i'm glad i got it right thank you for letting me know and i hope you like it :)
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I really like the silver angel wings behind the staff. Archangel Raphael, maybe?
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mercuri staff? aww dont care its cool
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it's used a lot in medical
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