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Sup,after so long,I guess It has been kind of been a rought few months,few commissions at all,becoming boarderline diabetic,some my house falling apart,now grandmother gone,making  a bit of a hairy predicament, because Im not able to hold my own or have things setup..moving ,living life..etc..
Idk how I will keep at what Im doing and learning without so much shit to keep landing at me..
Due to her being my conservator now likely dealing with some uncertianty.

If have any  questions comment below
Wish to support?
 Donate to   since Im gonna likely be in a bind from these cases...
Also patreon…

Rip Grandmother :( hope I can least make you proud.

Standard Commissions

These are threshold prices of Depending complexity and misc.
Sketches : 10$-17$ 
Linework : 15$-22$ 
Flat Colored :20$-24$
Full colored:30$ -40$

If you pay little by little for a commission depending it will be like this also depending details,complexity,etc.
From sketch to Linework : +5$
From Linework to flats : +5$
To full colored : +5

      Bulk Deal specials

Are made to be for unique cases like those with multiple image work 

                                                      I like to wing it and do these with some freedom ,also due to other stuff please be patient with me.


a compilation of random sketches that cost total 18$-20$
Depending how much wanting in and size

file Sizes I tend to do work with:2000x2000 px to 8000x8000 px canvases


1.) slot taken
2.) slot taken
3.) slot taken
4.) process of being taken

Sofar been months since I last made a journal entry.
Sorry I been neglectful,but overall been on learning some things,and kinda trying to get myelf also some personal things done.
Overall sofar have now gotten a few things coming to monthly posting,and once I gotten adjusted ill be going full throttle.
I currently have also been doing 3d stuff slowly while also getting the tools little by little via private comms n such.

I now will try to have something up each month ,applies to any other account you can find me in

sofar now got a patreon exlusive illustration Ill be uploading it here in the 5th of September along with other exlusives at the time so that way it be fair for all.. go check out if you are curious.

Currently on 3d content I been slow,but have other models In wip,however Im still adjusting learning stuff like 
blender for overall everything
.Nvil for pure modeling and misc due to having it as my substitute for Silo (Update this app for gods sake nevercenter,lazy.)
.Source Filmmaker making clips in video compilations that wont be in my main youtube if completely fan content oriented.
.3dCoat I need to upgrade to pro to expand the tool options and also be able to paint in textures in higher res
(2800px is all I can do.)

Am gonna be holding off projects on the start of 2018 as I feel I still need to learn more and do more while I plann out.
As I tbh am abit overwhelmed,still got overdue commissions,got unfinshed work,still missing some hardware and apps,learning alot alone.
However I do not mind,sofar if can sustain financhally with a good enough audience ,Im good.
Im sorry I tend to not deliver as fast or in schedule...ADHD and procrastination can hit a guy even on what he likes to do for a living,but I do tend to deliver no matter how long I take.
Ok,time for an update.
Sofar heres some bit of life,art,and other stuff I wanna update to everyone

First off,I am still trying to find place to move to,and such.
Im still trying to salvage up for a cintiq companion,and other equipment as well.
Im flat broke though.Also,Ive been having sleep problems,and tend to sleep days away,and even not focus on my shit enough.

Now,sofar I have been not doing my art as much recently,but its due to needing a new tablet,but I am still doing it,dont worry.Or least a need a tablet pc (Surface pro 2,512gb model be a Very nice set)
To my commissioners,I am still taking time with them,cuz sofar seems everyone isnt all coming out of their way to commission me ,so while im doing your commission,ive been practicing,and improving my skills on many areas,including for artwork,so i can give you even better drawn work in future while doing it

now 3d models
To those anticipating any models,like my first amy rose model,im debating on the model if should have a head custom made,or have a modified or normal head,off generations,or the sonic boom model
(anyone got the wiiu rise of lyric model of amy?Plz send it so maybe i can tweak the typology to match up the polygons of my body model)
I have a custom made sticks badger model in works too,along with some stuff that will be in the workshops on Steam sometime.

Im still learning also map making for Tf2.So it will be some time.Same with other software and methods.
Zbrush,Ultimate unwrap 3d,Substance painter or quixel would be nice additions to have for my toolset.

Comics,are still under work,and haitus on develoupment,due to focusing on learning abit more my skills,due to fearing my current stuff is all shit.

2d,Animations are still under haitus till i gotten a cintiq or tablet pc to do intial animations to refine on laptop.
Source filmmaker animations will be initally gifs,due to need to learn more of sfm,and misc.

Overall Taking time on it all little at a time,hence why theres been lacking posts for months,please give me time,give me the support whenever ya can,and be patient.Im doing so much.
If youve been wanting something for me to do all this time, speak up please.

Im develouping also some Stuff for steam.

here is a offical Group on steam for those who wish to follow me on Steam as well…
I decided to get myself to shape in a more "structured" way,and monthly payment at
Digital Tutors
Once I learned enough ,my 3D and other content will Expand in quality,quantity,and id know more of my apps.
Still I need people to commission me,to support my patreons,and even keep me going at it.I promise to post more often if can once so,Ill be trying to be up in the morning and learn a lesson of a app,and then later draw my art,and have it up.Once done,Wash rinse and repeat.

I bought a month of the Plus,since I want to follow the lessons with files,and offline benifits to make it better for me to follow.So Ill know what im doing,and do more.

Either way,Thought I notify anyone who watches,and is anxiously waiting me to upload.
Please even donate paypal or patreon.
Ok,since I feel noone wants to see life wise my problems,since there becoming not too serious.
I will cut to the chase of things on the side of content

1.)New Laptop
I have now a new laptop which is a refurbished dell latitude E6420 (16 GB Ram,I7 2.7 GHZ,500gb hdd,3 usb 2.0,sep webcam,etc.)
Since i gotten it in june 28th.
Sofar some minor stuff,but overall a great laptop compared to the once Ive had in the past,or pcs overall...I can do things i could not.(draw in higher resolution canvases than before,use sfm with less major slowdown,do 3d with less lag,slowdowns,etc.)

2.) Artwork coming,Commissions,projects
Ok,when it comes to artwork Im still having some work done,but am slow.The tablet i have is still making my work not enjoyable,and while I still seek a cintiq,a intuos 4 will benifit me well till im given time to get a cintiq,however,I need support,mainly least commissions,read my commission post for info on prices and stuff.
The tablet i have is a "10 monoprice,its not bad,but its got these problems currenly

.Drivers im using are old,and newer ones i used above the one i saved is very buggy

.wont draw,pap4 is off calibration,i lose pressure sensetivity everytime for no reason a second....making me make bad strokes.

.,its surface is exposed due to plastic surface down

.generic tablet pen replacements bottom shells broken and slides down abit making drawing impossible to even make a still works but its still doing that...

the driver im usig dissapeared ,somehow

So yeah,I need to change up.a Cintiq will
.if a 13hd ,it Make portable work enjoyable
.allow me to invest focusing more details in higher canvases
.Sketch with little less bugs,and workflow downs
.a companion model of 256-612 allow me to ease up my laptops work
.shortcut key buttons
.focusing on full view art on pc,to zoomed work in pogress in editing
.sculpt in cg work 
.allow me animating more interestingly,and better than i do on usual
.companion allows me to give pc breathing,and portability has major benifits
.can be up to date with tools overall

I have a patreon set,for those who will support,I dont kinda like having to be "a beggar" or "shameless plugging" however,like many online,Im trying to make sure I  can keep at my if the case comes,i dont starve to death >: \ 
(Sad how many will want to shame for someone asking for alittle financial support these days,its pitiful.)

I decided to not do Your character auctions,or stuff like Adpptables.
As it do nothing,but give me fustration.It is a waste of my time,and it sofar has been not changinf any pace for me.
so overall,even if i do em,there so not needed to be much of a im not up for it.
(one time saw a unessecarly detailed pic used as a adoptable somewhere,for 150$....SERIOUSLY!?Thats just insane,Im somad)

Also...despite my inconsistancy of posts,my lack of seeming activiuy,ive been active more than ya know,It dont mean ya have to ignore me cuz im seem so busy,it dotn stop anyone from checking on the others..

And lastly...Do you like if I make a patreon goal up for support on 200-400$
Id appreciate it.

Anyway,got questions,note me,or comment down below.
Well,It has been a Long Time since I Made journals Like this so anyway lets begin.

Life Wise I've been having some extent of starts to upsides .
However there not 100% solved,or been changed for me to accept,or even be living with.

Project Wise Im still hindered by lacking finance enough to get the equipment,software,and such to make my project 100% In current status.
Sofar have managed to muster up enough to get a laptop refubished with specs ok enough for now.
However Im still need of a specific drawing tablet,midi keyboard,etc. 

Anyway,Im trying to currently save up for a cintiq in paticular
A 13Hd I found here…
off ebay or sort 

Any support for it be appreciated.(Donations are fine,though only if your not someone who thinks its nothing but begging.Cuz,you dont really have to,im not forcing anyone.)
Those who want to,but want something out of supporting,can take my Commissions To help,and let me work my way to earn It.
Im open as is till slots are filled.
Note me for one if you want.

 That is it for now.
Apologies for no posting anything since some time ago.
Anyway Commissions are available .Read my Commissions widget for info.

I dont do
.Guro Scat
.Cosplay art

Paypal only.Note me what you want.Give info,Reference,and If accepted I will send link to send cash and will begin.
Hello.This is ol Darkzero779.
Well,since 2014-now things have been and somewhat still been spiraling out of control.
life,my personal issues,financhal & Technical wise too.

Idk if I will be able to get back up and continue.
MY lack of the money for the Hardware Im going for to make more higher res art.Games via Unreal engine 4.Comics,and small animations has been dark.
So yeah :\ It has been that bad.

With my last pc,printer,and tablet gone down,and relying on a mediocre worn down tablet and jot pro to do little art for now,Im in a rut.
Sigh.....God if I had em id be producing my content full on again,this time with more performance to make multitasking,and higher res work more possible.
Since Ive been tiring of high limitations Ive been in.

Anyway,I have NOT given up doing what I was doing or been quitting posting.
Ive been really struggling to get by is all.And with alot of deviantarts hostile people bashing anyone asking for help at all of something,I do not bother asking around for it.
most people who bash you calling you a beggar and shame you for wanting someone to help with advice or financial compensation,etc.etc. Is kind of disappointing were going that far.

Well.Anyway,if you known me a while,and like to talk to me,note me or comment below.
Be appreciated to hear from even ol Da buddies I knew again ^_^
im a bit new to this website.ive seen many artwork in this website,im not sure mine wiil be any good
but i'll keep trying,i want to meet and chat with people like alvin earthworm, or others.his
super mario bros z was great ,i got macromedia flash 8 ,i can make little sprite clips,but im having trouble making an actual flash game and sprite movie.i do alot more diffrent with pivot3.
i hope people like my stuff do this also i want to have a social life even in online.i
hope that my work i show here wiil amuse and impress anyone is christmas eve.