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Shiny Meloetta is underrated.
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  • Hello there~

i'm DyBenji (DarkyBenji for Modding), but people call me Darky. A simple french guy that is lazy and draw anything he want.


I just let the magic happen, sometime i change art style from realistic to anime or mix shit up. Sometime i do modelling and do some 3D Stuff mostly for Modding rather than Arts. Who know what can i draw? It can be Cute, Cool, or Naughty! It just depend my mood.


for anyone who ask:

i use Cintiq 13HD - | Wacom

with the Programs i use the most: PaintToolSAI 2 and CSP


If you know me since Mario Kart wii, then i salute you! This is what i become now, take it or leave it, it's up to you if i'm based or degenerated.

If you know me since Sonic Adventure 2, Bonjour! Leave this place and don't ask me about Chao World Extended. Or else i block you, this is not the place to talk about mods issue. There's Twitter, Gamebanana and even Discord for that.

  • What do i draw ?

Nintendo fanarts:

i'm a Nintendo fan, what else is new?


Meloetta (and possibly other pokemon):

Let me draw my waifu in peace~

Gardevoir? Yeah sure i can draw her too, and your other pokemon if i want.


Sonic fanarts:

Not my high priority, but i did draw chao and another waifu.

It's kinda count as Sonic Fanarts, don't you think?


Others :

Don't know what it could be, but it could be anything else...

Afterall, Deviantart is a cursed place~

  • Quick Q&A

What about the Download?

I'm not famous yet, and i don't plan to be for now.

I'll just enable Download for some art when i feel like it.

Who care? You can always right click and save as, but i still have highest Quality/Resolution! Ha.

For real, if i see an Art get enough attention, i MIGHT enabled Download for this one.

If not, oh well..


Do i take Request?

if it's about Meloetta, Rosalina or Blaze the cat, you may have my attention.

Otherwise, SCRAM! Don't waste my time!


How long do i take to do an Art?

Mostly a week, shading take times and sometime my brain can fart.


That's all folks~ 🎶

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Can't pick one
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Video Game OST (what do you mean this is not a band?)
Favourite Books
I can't read
Favourite Games
You can Guess that for yourself
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo + PC > All
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I dont like u >:c i retexure grumble volcano and rename to polus form among us

Joyeux Anniversaire DyBenji !

meloetta best perso, j'adore tes oeuvres. Ne t'arretes jamais de proposer ce niveau de qualité

Joyeux Anniversaire DyBenji pour t'es 26 ans