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The Future of Sonic by DarkxxLight95 The Future of Sonic :icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 1 2 Sonic OC Design #2 by DarkxxLight95 Sonic OC Design #2 :icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 1 0
Sonic Overdrive - Sonic Theme Ideas
So... I'm getting ideas and concepts for Sonic Overdrive, and I was wondering, "What should Sonic's theme be?" I'm thinking and thinking, and for some reason, I remember Kimosabe by BT from Need for Speed: Underground; for context, Sonic in Overdrive is a guy who does a lot of things with style, doing most of his stunts and going on these adventures for fun, and he puts that aside when things get dangerous, and I feel that this song captures that really well.
Here's the link:
Pls tell me what you guys think in the comments below.
P.S., tell me if you played Underground and remember it :)
:icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 0 0
So I'm Going Home, and I See THIS... by DarkxxLight95 So I'm Going Home, and I See THIS... :icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 0 0 Here, have an updated Spectre for Valentine's Day by DarkxxLight95 Here, have an updated Spectre for Valentine's Day :icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 2 0
Sonic Overdrive Ideas
Hello, whoever's reading this! This is DarkxxLight95, one of your typical Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Looking at the title, you may be wondering, "What is Sonic Overdrive?" Sonic Overdrive is this Sonic fanfic I've had in my head for a while. What it is, essentially, is my take on Sonic 06. Before I go any further, I just want to state that Sonic Overdrive won't follow official Sonic canon accurately; it will be in my version of the Sonic Universe. That being said, let's get into clearing up some things:
Why Sonic 06?
Well, Sonic 06 is my first Sonic game. Don't take pity on me now; some people hated it, but I enjoyed it. I got it in 2006, when I was 5. This was one of my first video games I've played, and it's good to know that this hasn't been forgotten. If you don't know what Sonic 06 is, it was a game with so much potential; SEGA and Sonic Team made this game to put the blue blur into the video game hall of fame. But due to a myriad of problems (team cut
:icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 1 3
My Sonic OC: Spectre The Cat by DarkxxLight95 My Sonic OC: Spectre The Cat :icondarkxxlight95:DarkxxLight95 1 0


SF: Buddy the Badass Wolf by HoshiNoUsagi SF: Buddy the Badass Wolf :iconhoshinousagi:HoshiNoUsagi 171 16 .::Maria The Hedgehog::. by Pz-crew .::Maria The Hedgehog::. :iconpz-crew:Pz-crew 22 7 Maria The Hedgehog by Pz-crew Maria The Hedgehog :iconpz-crew:Pz-crew 29 6 ::Tarah The Lion:: by Pz-crew ::Tarah The Lion:: :iconpz-crew:Pz-crew 23 8 Black Doom SA by Midowko Black Doom SA :iconmidowko:Midowko 383 69 What?! by WFOS3 What?! :iconwfos3:WFOS3 10 0 A rest.. Soft rest:. by x7SilvrCaos7x A rest.. Soft rest:. :iconx7silvrcaos7x:x7SilvrCaos7x 9 0 Storming and Lightning by Nexi-Friar Storming and Lightning :iconnexi-friar:Nexi-Friar 57 0 Auchinawa 5- Fearing No One by Swirlything Auchinawa 5- Fearing No One :iconswirlything:Swirlything 451 87 Just Sonic by Swirlything Just Sonic :iconswirlything:Swirlything 552 73 Sonic style test- colour by Swirlything Sonic style test- colour :iconswirlything:Swirlything 375 55 Uhu is this? by Swirlything Uhu is this? :iconswirlything:Swirlything 743 117 .Songoose. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx .Songoose. :iconxx-kitty-star-xx:xX-Kitty-Star-Xx 154 32 Mina Mongoose by Silverthehedgie0330 Mina Mongoose :iconsilverthehedgie0330:Silverthehedgie0330 114 41 Mina Mongoose - Collab - Iza by cowgirlem Mina Mongoose - Collab - Iza :iconcowgirlem:cowgirlem 110 24 through his eyes by funkitty through his eyes :iconfunkitty:funkitty 91 20


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Just call me Mark.
United States
Hello guys, I am DarkxxLight95, but you are free to call me Mark. I'm not very good at art in general, so don't expect a lot from me. For the first few deviations, I am likely to use bases or bad art. I am not like my sister. If any of you guys can give me tips on digital art and how to make some of my own deviations, I would appreciate it. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to check this account out.


The Future of Sonic
MY FIRST MEME! And I hope it's an effective one, too. (WARNING: HUGE RANT AHEAD)

I was first exposed to the Sonic Mythos when I was 5, in 2006; I was fairly new to video games at that point, with my favorite genre at the time being racing. As a Christmas gift, my dad got my siblings and I two games, one of which was a nice little racing games for kids (Disney/Pixar's video game adaptation of Cars, if you were wondering) and the other, which my dad got in a nice little moment of "why not," was Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the latest installment at the time. I know it's definitely not one of the best games, but I had a lot of fun playing it, and I still own a copy to this day. It's how I got into the Sonic fanbase.

Over the last twelve years, however, I grew out of my naive 5-year-old mindset and into a more thoughtful one. During that time, I realized that fanbases have their flaws, and the one for Sonic is no exception. Plus, I was on and off when it came to Sonic starting at 2010. However, I hoped that everything about Sonic and the fanbase would improve, at least somewhat. Yet here we are in 2018, where you can't say anything about your opinion of Sonic without being targeted, and the latest Sonic installment is, in my opinion, a major disappointment, which is in itself a bad thing. I haven't played Forces as of yet, but don't hold that against, because sometimes, all you have to do to gauge the quality of a game is to watch quite a bit of gameplay, to see if this is what you want. It should be noted that I don't dislike all Sonic Games post-2010, but most of them just don't appeal to me; Forces is the only Sonic game I know of that I actively dislike, with the only saving grace about it is the custom character (I love Gadget, btw). And when people try to voice their opinions, it turns into a full-blown flame war, with this being a good example:…

I could go on about how Forces was disappointing, but I need to get to the point; if inconsistency and an shattered fanbase is the norm for Sonic, then we have a major problem here that we can't afford to ignore. We may need to fix Sonic, but first, we have to fix the fanbase; I know it's not gonna take care of itself overnight, but COME ON! Accusing, attacking, and insulting people who have different opinions of you? I could say my own thing about this, but I think Sonic himself put it best in Archie Sonic #196, "You're a bully, and that's it. You take the easy, nasty way out and get the quick reward. Big whoop." To those of you that are a little new, I want to say that the Sonic fanbase isn't as bad as the internet puts it, but I'm afraid they're right. The reason why Sonic games as of late, with the exception of Mania, being half-decent at best? Us; SEGA keeps trying to please everyone and make sure we don't kill ourselves, but they just can't keep up because the base is that broken. Sure, some of their tactics are... questionable, to say the least, but the reason that Forces is lackluster is because they've practically given up, they can't do everything. They've lost their passion, that's why Forces is a disappointment. The reason that Mania did so well is because the team that was working on it had passion and wanted to create something new, something for someone.

Let's put it this way - 
Mania: something for someone; enough for those who want it; reignited passion
Forces: something for everyone; not enough for those who want it; lost passion

And besides, to shit all over someone is bad. I mean, I've done my homework and the fanbase is capable of creating some amazing things; for example, fan characters. Now I know many people think that most, if not all Sonic fan characters are terrible, and yes, some make me wanna hurl, but the ratio of bad-to-good fan characters isn't as bad as you think; there are some really good ones that could be right at home in the Sonic canon, and even if not, they can still be well-written and well-designed, too. I implore you to be thoughtful and consider the possibilities, some might be a parody, which leads to Poe's law (in the new age, satire is taken as fact), but others could be the result of someone pouring their heart into their work. Same rules apply to remixes, fan games, fan fiction, fan comics, and fan animations.

So my verdict of Sonic and the series' fanbase? It could definitely use some work, but it's a world half full; they could change for the better, but it should do that soon, because I can't remember when everyone respected each other's opinions.

Here's a list of what you could do to help:
-Respect people's opinions
-Stop and think before you act and/or react
-If you don't have anything nice and/or supportive to say, don't say anything at all (learned that one from my mom)
-Offer constructive criticism if you have to criticize
-Remember that it's not all about you
-Offer ideas on how to help and improve on them if they're not as good as you want them to be
-Let the creators do their own thing
-And finally, be thoughtful
Sonic OC Design #2
First of all, sorry for the hiatus. I haven't drawn in a LONG time. Secondly, I've drawn this a long time ago. In case you are wondering; yes, this is Blake... or another version. I'm still deciding on what my Sonic OC should look like, but I love this design, so my OC will be a girl. I'm gonna have to change the name, too; I'm thinking Midnight.

Let me know what you guys think!
So, I'm trying to find a theme song for my OC, but I don't know what to use; can you guys help me? Please answer in the comments.

Here are my character's qualities:
  • a little shy
  • somewhat snarky
  • Goth
  • likes rock
  • lacking in self-confidence
  • lacking in self-esteem
  • has a limited circle of friends
  • NOT wangsty


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