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The CIRCLE!! its basic layout is composed of a circle inscribed with a hexagon (which represents balance, perfection and unity) which inturn is inscribed with the triangle representing FIRE. There are nine other alchemic symbols. I would have put the actuall symbol on the picture... but it would have been rather difficult to explain exactly which element goes with whitch symbol!

The # on the Circle above corresponds with the # below:
1 bismuth
2 mercury
3 white arsenic
4 magnesium
5 gold
6 (not sure will find)
7 sal armonic
8 copper
9 platinum

[I'll be putting up a short descripiton of each element (alchemy-wise) soon]

Now on to the writing and its explanations

BLUE WRITING- this is the outer circle. the inner and middle circles are exactly the same, only they break off - it'll be marked where in the passage:

Pale white and black with false citrine  imperfect white and red. The peacock  s feather in bright colours, the rainbow in (End Inner Circle) the sky above.  The spotted panther, the green ) lion the crow s beak blue as lead. These shall appear (Middle Circle End) before  you in perfect white. (Outer Circle End)

EXPLANATION: the alchemists often used animals as symbols of certain steps and processes. To obtain the philosophers stone there were a set of stages that would occur in a certain order these were:

Blackening - Black Crow, Raven, Toad
Whitening - White Swan, White Eagle.
Greening - Green Lion.
Rapid cycling through iridescent colours - Peacock's Tail.
White Stone - Unicorn.
Reddening - Pelican feeding young with its own blood, cockerel.  <forms a "Red Stone"

and then a few final processes
for more indepth babble about it if you like 3-page long readings:…

now go read the outer circle again! does it actually make sense now? heh heh, just wait theres more!


GREEN writing:
Pale white and black with false citrine (end)

EXPLANATION- its a repeat of the outer circle but it cuts off

PURPLE writing:

After the perfect white follows the grey (end)

Explanation- tack it onto the whole version of the outer circle! but the question.. is there more that was cut off?  well apparently in ep. 8 when ed gets his full name theres babble on that page which part of it reads: "These shall appear before you in perfect white, with many others. After the perfect white follows the grey and false citrine also. And after these shall appear the [covered/illegible] substance invariable, Then you shall "


And after these shall appear the substance (end)

Explanation: its just another part of the paragraph above! ^.^

So the entire paragraph would read:

"Pale white and black with false citrine imperfect white and red. The peacock 's  feather in bright colours, the rainbow in the sky above.  The spotted panther, the green lion the crow s beak blue as lead. These shall  appear before  you in perfect white, with many others. After the perfect white follows the grey and false citrine also. And after these shall appear the substance invariable, Then you shall...."

TURNS OUT... this paragraph is taken from Ripley's Recapitulation of the Twelve Gates, the eighth paragraph.. the text has been altered somewhat for sound n such.. but its still the same. I have a link to it in the authors comment thing if you want to see the original

And now lia shall be dragged off to the mental ward muttering about green lions and peacocks tails! I hope these hourse of work helped or at least made someother Fangeek happy ^.^ if you have ANY QUESTIONS or anything i'd be happy to babble on for hours and hours and hours and hours to you about FMA!! ^___________^

yup! the much awaited explanation of where the human transmutation circle came from, what its symbology is blah blah blah!

now.. i want you to understand that while i was as exact as possible, there are about 50 different symbols for each element and each alchemist tended to use his own. NOT ONLY THAT but they can look extreamly similar i mean, a ROTATION could change what it is.


if you have any corrections or suggestions....just leave a comment or send me a note and i'll fix it!

ALSO this will be updating fairly often untill i've finished everything so check back every week or so! ^.^

(and yes, i did almost all of this my self. i even made the damn circle in paint shop pro)

Ripley's 12 Gates [ [link] ] the rest of the sight was wonderful for all sorts of real-life alchemical refrences...

as was
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YourBFFAnimeGuy's avatar
OMG thank you for making this I have been wondering what the human transmutation circle said and Google was being a bitch so thanks
Is this just for full metal alchemist or is this used in real alchemy. Also i would love to learn REAL alchemy so if anyone can, can you message me at
I tried to make it. I ran out of space to write in T~T
And here I go again... Although.. It was my first time trying to make a human transmutation circle. Next time I'll do better. Good thing I didn't try to use it incomplete.. Haha... 
eminery's avatar
Hey - I just came across this now. Nice work by the way, good call on Ripley's Recapitulation of the Twelve Gates. It appears a lot in the series, like Edward's certificate when he receives his pocket watch.

Regarding the symbols themselves, I actually had quite a different result to you though? I'll show you what I got:

1. sulphur
2. mercury
3. salt

These three elements in the centre represent the Tria Prima, or the three principles of alchemy. Mercury (mind) is said to act as a conduit between salt (materia; created world) and sulphur (spirit).

4. tin (Jupiter)
5. gold (Sun)
6. lead (Saturn)
7. sal ammoniac??
8. iron (Mars)
9. copper (Venus)

Obviously these ones represent the planetary symbols in alchemy, which is why I'm a little confused as to why sal ammoniac would be on the list. I would have thought silver (representing the moon) would be more appropriate, but sal ammoniac is the closest match to what's on the circle. Arrghhh I think I'm missing something.

Anyway. Alchemy's fun.
This really helped me, thx :D
Found this from another source: #6 is lead.
chubypanda's avatar
also if you didn't know magnesium is the former element of fire...the definiton explains that magnesium is infinite fire and ascension
I'm a beginner alchemist and the symbol of the element fire is a triangle upwards and the elemental symbol of water is a triangle downwards....just saying...
i'm a begginer alchemist and the symbol of the element fire is a triangle upwards and the element water is a triangle downwards...just saying...
xNirvashx's avatar
Drew this on my ceiling. :3. I put a picture of it on here.
LetztezBatallion's avatar
Thanks for the hint, i could finish the drawing i was planing to do :)


The 6 Symbol is for Steel :)
maple49686's avatar
Can you tell me what the 6th symbol is? I am doing a report on alchemy and Iwant to add some fma into it
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DestiniesEntwined's avatar
sweet! thanks for sharing! I sport my Flamel everyday. ^_^
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what does it do
lohkk's avatar
Brings back dead people
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It certainly looks awsome. :D
Hate to burst you bubble but the triangle is water, the entire transmutaion circle represents the human body. i.e. the human transmutaion circle. The triangle holds the structural matrix together, just as water holds ou bodies together.

regular triangle = Fire upside down triangle = Water

ADVICE consult more than a blog site next time. And if you want more sources for triangular symbols i have lots.

Other than that good job on those symbols. Another thing you might want to look into th symbols of the elements all have to do with the process of transmutation they each have lines connecting them showing that they ave some reaction with one another.


White powder gold its what you get when you mix gold, sal armonic, and platinum.
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