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A group dedicated to all Macabre and general Dark writers to share and read other Dark Poems and Literature. Dark Literature is under-appreciated and Literature itself is rarely appreciated on DeviantArt. This group trying to change that, we are also affiliating with other Literature groups to help spread Literature all over DeviantArt.

Submission Guidelines:

--> One deviation a day
--> Please do not submit to featured
--> Submit to the folder that most suits your deviation.

And Welcome to DarkWrite!
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I killed my blood! :iconstealthpassion:stealthpassion 2 0
The Heart Of A Tree
Elicia ran through the forest covered by the veil of the night and fog. Without been able to see the way she was running to arrive her destination. The dark, rustling path full of trees and branches was long as Elicia couldn’t tell and without knowing the directions she was blindly following he hoped to get as soon as she could to the place she wanted, only if she didn’t get lost.
Stepping on mud puddles that stained her dress with brown dirt she kept running across the forest, guided only by her instinct and her hope.
Hope, that was the key.
A cool breeze of the fresh air grazed her chest, almost making her fall but with the strength of the perseverance for reaching the place she wanted, she continued, until the weather turned chilling and the fog was less thick. She had arrived to that special place, a pretty special place…
In front of her, a big and giant, coarse tree stood with majesty, shinning little round lights in its naked, strong branches.
Those weren
:iconscaretted:Scaretted 2 4
Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.
Rotting coffins
Hold the still remains
Of once strong men
Some who died in vain.
Buried deep
Below piles of earth
The corpses rest
Where no one can hurt.
Below the surface,
Lie dead men's bones.
Bones belonging to the young and old.
Bones of both the rich and poor.
Bones bearing bullet holes.
Bones broken revealing the core.
The corpses lie
Their eyes shut tight;
Their bodies rigid
Like a block of ice.
Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.
The bones of kings are buried here!
... their skeletons wear their jewels now.
The bones of brave warriors doth rest below!
...rusting armour is all that's left to show.
The bones of man. woman and child!
... all descend below our feet when they die.
Bones ... bones ... bones!
Those bloody bones!
Below the surface
Lie dead men's bones.
The land is drunk
with the blood of men.
Those corpses and our corpses
A meal without end.
The "famous"
The "influential"
The "great" men of this world!
They all, end up, a pi
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 15 2
Fredrick moaned. His damn head won't shut up long enough to let him sleep.
        Ring cracking his eye lids a hair, the phone was buzzing. Well that's a relief for his sanity, he thought. Who calls someone at; he rolled over to watch the digital clock read something after "E". wait that's not right. Was that a three?
        Ring He didn't have time to reconsider, let's get this over with Fredrick sluggishly got up to answer the phone.
      "Hey Dad," replied the phone.
      "Damn Peter, its three A.M what the hell is this about?" Fredrick scowled.
      "I just called to say hey." Hey really? I'd rather have some good old fashion shut eye.
      "Twelve years and you
:iconkarma-eh:Karma-eh 0 6
Life's crossroads
The skies glowed of yellow and bronze as the sun sank behind the horizon.
A lone figure slowly made his way up the road.
A ragged path worn thin the soles of his shoes.
Both arms tucked into the recesses of a dark overcoat.
The sunset's faint glow cast upon a face which had seen better days.
A gentle breeze blew past, ruffling his coat.
The figure paused, feeling the chill sink through his clothes.  
Only a little further then he could rest for a bit.
He would go on.
The figure stopped to catch his breath,
As darkness slowly claimed its own for a while.
He wearily raised his head.
The crossroads would have number of paths,
To whomever it encountered.
Though only two were open just then.
Some were blocked by cold impending steel gates,
Seeming impossible to scale.
Others by beasts baring their fangs, ready to rip into those who dare.
A hooded thing stood next to a path agape, with a sickly hand, palm open.
The other, slender fingers curled around the snath of a rusted scythe.
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 9 1
Mature content
Crip :icontwistedtranquility:TwistedTranquility 2 6
Mature content
Nanashi X-Anime Gangster-Queen Story :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 0 0
Tomb In A Womb
Conceived in a moment of heated passion,
Soon this moment of joy will come crashing.
So small, tiny and frail,
Barely the size of a fingernail.
The next few months they'll see you grow,
Unaware they'll soon be making your tombstone.
A couple closer than ever at what they've created,
A room for you they've just decorated.
A brand new cot with a teddy inside,
The couple embrace with overwhelming pride.
The weeks pass fast with so much to do,
Nerves and excitement getting stronger and its all for you.
Almost the size of a persons hand,
Something isn't quite right, they dont understand.
The machine must be broken, the scan is wrong.
Where is your heartbeat? Its gone.
Sadness and grief control the situation,
How can joy turn so quickly to devastion.
How can you comfort when the news gets worse?
There is nothing we can do, you still have to give birth.
A couples world torn apart,
Elation over from the start.
Every night she has cried,
Knowing her baby is dead inside.
He feels powerless, ther
:iconbrownacid:BrownAcid 9 15
Questioning 'The End'
   this is the end.
Or is it...
       A new beginning?
   The beginning,
                        of yet another end.
No beginning starts...without an ending.
    The ending of what?
                       A Notebook?
                       A Dream?
                       A Life?
   Or was any of that there to begin with?
:icondarkening-moon:Darkening-moon 3 0
Mature content
Dr. Hyde :icondisposable-h3ro:disposable-h3ro 1 2
Mature content
Killer :iconbaconrainbow:BaconRainbow 19 51
Mature content
35mm's of Monochrome :iconbottomofastairwell:bottomofastairwell 7 0
So now was the time. So now was the end. Was it really supposed to go this way?
Was it really that easy? I had said goodbye to everyone and closed my eyes. I was waiting now, just waiting. And the time I was waiting I used to think. About the dreams I hadn't realized, about the future I wanted so badly. About things I'd miss, the things I'd never know.
Still, it seemed so easy to let this go, there was nothing that held me back. Not a voice in my head telling me to fight. Only the pain of knowing that this was the end.  Just the end.
Patience will be rewarded, as they said. I saw the shadow. It came closer. It was weird; this was a person, an animal, a god, an angel, a devil in one person. He was like a dream. One of those dreams where your thoughts, your hidden instincts, tell you who this person is, even if you've never seen him. And as in a dream, he changed appearances before you could tell what appearance it was.  He had the silhouette of a man, but then when I looked I saw long h
:icondreamsarefairytales:dreamsarefairytales 4 75
Mature content
Desperation :iconarialasinectorruin:arialasinectorruin 10 18
Mature content
Draper's Cabin :iconfox-winter:Fox-Winter 2 3
My Nightmare
I am in pain
I'm feeling blue
Yet still at night
I dream of you
Your haunting words
Form in my head
My heart crushes
From the words you said
As the sky of ebony
Calls to my needs
I weaken as my soul does bleed
My nightmare
Leaves me wanting you
I can't help it
I'm torn in two
Trapped in a dream
Running fast
Yet slowing down
As i reach the past
It whispers to me
Speaks my name
It says I am the one to blame
I start to drown
I yell for you
You don't see me
You look to the moon
It shines it's light
Down on me
I scream my heart out
For you to see
My nightmare
Makes me feel alive
But it pulls me away from
The love i strive
The daylight rescues me
From my dream
Yet, who knows what nightmares
Tomorrow will bring?
:iconphotohunny:PhotoHunny 6 9

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