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thats right! i have quit my old job and now work somewhere else!
my mom had a seizure this morning after we had called the paramedics to help her, for what i thought was going to be a stroke based on what my mother sounding like. she hadn't been eating or drinking anything the past few days (i managed to get her to eat a few grains of rice, and some water) she hadn't been sleeping well, and couldn't regulate her body temperature at all. she is currently getting an MRI and will be admitted to the hospital.
my house flooded cause a supply tube for a toilet broke, and now my carpet has to be ripped out of ALL the house, and sadly i have a ton of stuff to move off the carpet... This happened JUST after i had gotten over food poisoning
my mother maybe going to jail, cause she is distraught over my parrot having been stolen, and made a phone call to the WRONG PLACE and said some WRONG things, so she is getting a psych evaluation. I have no idea how long she will be gone. this is VERY much gonna interfere with me moving out of her house in a year.
*sighs* Today was too much for my emotions to handle. First i let my anger get the better of me and when i came home to see that one of my dogs had pissed on a number of my things i grew more and more angered. I put my coat on a coat rack we have here the entire rack nearly fell on to my head (which I'm sure might have been able to kill me or severely hurt me if it hit with the hooks on it) and I lost it. I accidentally broke a picture frame in my rage and it cut my wrist, not very deep and i have the bleeding under control. I just broke down and cried after that happened which was something i needed to do in over a year
yeah, I had a moment of contact dermitis on my left hand, and my  right hand has had a red mark on it  the past 24 hours that was really itchy and pain
stress is trying to get the upper hand on me... 32 hours a week of homework plus work is going to destroy my social life, not that i had much of one anyway.
it was about my  ex. again it was weird
I haven't been happy in over a year
I don't care what ANYONE says about it. I'm not ready for a new system... it has NOT been long enough. Seriously!!! the PS2 was out for like ten whole years before the PS3 was released, and now the PS4 is being released after only 5 years of the PS3....
Saw something that's making me think of my ex and its just depressing me -.- I wish i could just plain forget about her entirely
I got bored and looked at it. its a 6 question questionnaire and I think it works better to find an artist whose art you might like instead of a friend *shrugs*
I have now achieved the class of!!!!!!!! College student!!! thats right im going to college to get my certificate to be a medical assistant, but i think my dogs are against it.  while I went to get food at mc donalds my dogs got a whole of the folder that had my college paper work and bit the folder, the paper work is fine
i haven't put up a new photo in a long while and NOR have I written a new short story for even longer. work is exhausting me slightly, but i have 4 days off next week so maybe I can do something then *shrugs*
i had my panic moment. the rear tire on my mom's car got shredded and had to put the spare on while heading home from work an hour ago
me and my mom had a serious talk about putting nova down
I recommend it, it was a good movie
it's my birthday. I'm 19 this year
I was with out internet for 12 hours (currently with out cable TV) thanks to all the wind and rain. My trash cans managed to not fly off into the wind this time. In an unrelated matter I feel like i've been friend zoned
my dad has finally died, 4 months after he was diagnosed with brain cancer and was told he had a week to live he finally died last night around 3 AM