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Name: Grey (Last name unknown.)
Age: 16 (Pre-FoB), 17 (Post FoB)
Gender: Male

Race: Human (Atlesian formally), (Menagerian)
Handiness: Right
Complexion: Pale Caucasian
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Silver

Professional Status
Team: Team GLAC (Leader)
Partner: Ash (Formally), Lynrask Sigrdrifa
Occupation: Huntsman-in-Training (Formally) Black Fang Member

Grey is of average height for a man his age with a skinny build.

His preferred attire is more modern based sporting a black hoodie with a red shirt sticking out at the bottom, black pants, gray shoes and a long black coat. His Black Fang attire is that of a White Fang mask similar to Adam Taurus only colored black and a different red lining.

After the Fall of Beacon, Ash's betrayal and Carolina departing back to Atlas, Grey was transported back to the Faunus populated island of Menagerie to heal and having the new modifications Carolina Bleu installed into his Dust powered coat, Placeholder rebuilt, Grey was very determined to get the rest of his teammates back together no matter the cost.

Much like Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, Grey is always positive and has a smile on his face. Having mostly been raised around Faunus folk most of his life, Grey has a major soft spot for Faunus girls, one such as Ash, Blake and Velvet. Grey cannot stand bullies like Cardin Winchester and will not hesitate pick fights if it means to defend the weak and innocent.

Like most boys going through hormones, Grey will often try to sneak peeks at the girls dormitory and changing rooms, hence, yes he is a bit of a pervert when a comedic situation calls for it, though he'll mostly end up getting caught and beaten up.

In his early infancy, Grey's past involving his real parents is shrouded in mystery as he was found to be the only living survivor of a destroyed Atlseian ship. Having washed up on Menagerie and discovered by a widow fox Faunus named Shannon, she immediately took in the helpless Grey and raised him as her own. Grey lived among the Faunus for years, some accepted him like he was something unique while others ridiculed him for being human from early childhood to the time he departed to the Kingdom of Vale to attend the Huntsmen Academy, Beacon. Grey studied every art of martial arts combat and usually managed to come out on top when trouble arose be it White Fang members, thugs or even often the creatures of Grimm.

During Grey's time at Beacon he was already excited to make his name in Huntsmen history. During the Emerald Forest exam, he met a mysterious wildcat Faunus named Ash and immediately fell in love, thinking she was the most beautiful creature in all of Remnant. Soon after he would meet Lyn and Carolina and formed Team GLAC with Grey at the helm as leader.

Over the course of time from Volume 1-3 of the original RWBY series, Grey began to see his teammates as a second family and would do anything for them even if it meant giving his life. During the Fall of Beacon, Grey was completely shocked when he found out Ash was a spy for the White Fang the entire time. Heartbroken, seriously injured and on the verge of death, he was lucky to have been found by an injured Lyn and the two went to Menagerie to heal. Now that Grey is back to 100%, he won't stop until Carolina and Ash are found and his family is back together again.

During the course of their travels, Grey and Lyn would discover what seemed to be White Fang members, however, this was not the case since this new faction not only featured black masks but also humans fighting alongside Faunus. Intrigued, Grey was inspired to help make a better world for humans and Faunus alike to live together in peace and harmony and thus, he enlisted himself as part of the Black Fang.

-Shannon: Grey's adoptive fox Faunus mother. Grey never really knew his real parents, and it is highly unlikely he ever will or have any interest. Shannon is a kind and loving soul with artistic talents. She loves her human son very much and fears for Grey dearly after leaving to find his teammates after the events that befell the Fall of Beacon.

-Ash: A wildcat Faunus who Grey immediately fell in love with. While it's stated that his romantic advantages often failed to win her over, Ash often viewed Grey as an annoying brother of sorts, but over time she came to respect Grey for standing up for Faunus and began to return his romantic feelings. When she revealed she was a spy for the White Fang at the Fall of Beacon, Grey was awestruck and heartbroken. But in time he got over it and was determined to find her and bring her back.

-Carolina Bleu: (Owned by :icontipsyra1d3n:) Grey always welcomed Carolina's randomness during classes and on missions. He viewed her as the "brains" of the team due to her modifying Grey's Dust powered weapon coat, Placeholder from holding four elements on his dial to seven. Grey is very fond of Carolina and will help Lyn in any way he can to get her back on the team and snap Carolina out of her extremely dangerous "Little Lady Bleu" persona.

-Lynrask Sigrdrifa: (Owned by :iconthehook1:) In the beginning, Grey viewed Lyn as a stuck up, snobby girl from Atlas like Weiss Schnee due to her arrogant and cold personality. His attempts of breaking the ice around her in training always resulted in her beating him, though he'll only say he let her win since she's a girl. After the Fall of Beacon Grey's opinion of Lyn soured even more when she badmouths Ash due to her shocking and heartbreaking betrayal. As much as it pained him greatly to team up with the only remaining member of his team, Grey vowed to help Lyn get Carolina back.

Grey may be mistaken for a typical teenager, but what the enemy doesn't know, is that he's a master martial artist and Huntsman in training. What he may lack in strength, he makes up for in speed and skill. Though the only two people he's ever lost to are Ash and Lyn, Grey will never give up the fight.

Grey's Semblance is known as "Ethereal". He can turn his body completely intangible and somewhat translucent for a short period of time, making him invulnerable to physical attacks and able to phase through anything from walls, living things, ect. He becomes very fast and light, however, energy-based and Dust powered weapons can still harm him when in this state. This state could be a hindrance to running water and strong winds.

Grey's long trench coat is more then just a fashion statement, it is a force to be reckoned with as it is infused with Dust to grant him special weapons and abilities on the fly.
Feature involve:
Dust Disc: A metallic disc on the back of the coat that stores Dust for infusion. Can store up to seven elements.
Dust Dial: The dial on his left wrist controlling the Dust Disc allows Grey to choose what Dust element he wants to use. Originally having only four slots containing Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind. However, after meeting Carolina Bleu and finding out her extraordinary crafting and building techniques, she was able to allow up to three extra slots on the Dust Disc adding Water, Earth and Gravity to the mix!
Mode Dial: The dial on Grey's right wrist allows him to choose which ATTACK and DEFENSE feature he has on. He can have any combination of ATTACK and DEFENSE while fighting. (Added by Carolina Bleu)

Fire = Fire Chakrams: Two dual-wielded ring-blades wreathed in flames that can send out waves of fire.
Ice = Ice Sword and Shield: A classic sword and shield made of pure ice, whose shapes can change at Grey's will.
Lightning = Lightning Trident: A trident that can shoot lightning and cause electric shocks when parried.
Wind = Wind Javelin: A long spear that can be thrown at high speeds and blows enemies back when parried.
Water = Water Whip: A whip of pure water with a long reach that can be used to grapple or attack enemies and items. (Added by Carolina Bleu)
Earth = Stone Fists: A pair of gauntlets and stone fists that allow Grey to use powerful punches or effective blocks. (Added by Carolina Bleu)
Gravity = Gravity Hammer: A big hammer that sends a powerful pulse that propels enemies and attacks away. (Added by Carolina Bleu)

Fire = Explosion: This allows Grey to be wreathed in flames that cause a small explosion that damages enemies every time someone or something hits him.
Ice = Frost Armor: This sheathes Grey in light ice armor that provides decent defense without sacrificing mobility.
Lightning = Electrocution: In this Defense Mode, Grey is crackling with electricity that causes an electric shock to attackers who hit him.
Wind = Blowback: In this Defense Mode, Grey is surrounded by whirling winds that cause any attack landed to him to be violently blown away.
Water = Gel Armor: In this Defense Mode, Grey is covered in a watery gel that softens the impact of any attack directed at him.
Earth = Stone Armor: In this Defense Mode, Grey is covered in a stony that is exceedingly difficult to penetrate, albeit slows his mobility.
Gravity = Mobility Aura: In this Defense Mode, Grey is wreathed in a aura of gravity that provides him with much greater mobility, albeit sacrifices his defense.

There you have it. My very first of two RWBY based characters' profile is finally up and running! I hope you like it! Placeholder ideas credit to :icontipsyra1d3n: and template for character profile making credit to :iconthehook1:


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