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'Orochi Wonka' has CANDY



PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS IMAGE W/OUT MY PERMISSION, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF CONSTANTLY BEING ACCUSED OF STEALING MY OWN ART no matter how crappy it is, it still irks me that people snag it without asking *grumble* And YESH the link art gallery on Gaia by the user 'Ryal' is really me.

Orochi-poo tempts the chillins with CANDY! Sasuke's too eager to please, but Naruto's skeptical. *snicker* And as for the LoompaSounds...I don't know what Kabuto's doing, Kimimaro's just confused by the clashing colors they're wearing. @_@

Their "candy" factory's a cardboard box! XD

Yet again I explore the depths of digital coloring techniques! I am quite pleased with how this turned out, considering I only worked on it for a couple of hours. Wooooooo!

EDIT: I added music and screams emmiting from the cardboard box 'o doom :heart:
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XD omg Kimimaro looks so aggrivated
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