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Syngeneia Kathairein part 34 by DarkWarchief, literature

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May or may not be a scout for artistic talent volunteering for a group of programmers.

I got put on leave due COVID, stop asking me for a job we don't have right now! I dislike the situation too! I'm also just here for fun like everyone else.


I'm not the friend for you if you are a zealot; wether it be a liberal(sjw), conservative or religious one. I don't want people with so little empathy they feel the need to shut others down by violence, wether psychological or physical. I once was like that and I'm still ashamed of it today. I'm a friendly edgelord without a filter who loves to create things. Edgy/Mean jokes are totally fine in my book as long you aren't malicious to someone, mix it up! Make fun of yourself from time to time too. If you got a trigger (Like bad stuff happened to you) I will try to accomodate as I know trauma all too well myself(ask about my stories if you want to!) I Can't art to save my life but I am kickass with any creative tools games such as minecraft give me! I write and worldbuild for an undisclosed indie game project, using my 12 or so years of experience in writing and roleplaying. My Genre is Dark Fantasy and my fave subject are dragons! Grimdark can be fun too. Just add me if you want, every begin is awkward and I assure you that you're not alone feeling that. Be aware if you do befriend me, you invite yourself to my little world and that place is equally wonderful and terrifying. I NEED a firm hand in friendships, COMMUNICATE problems you have with me! Don't flip-flop or hide issues from me, be nice to yourself and to me by being direct. I need that, no ''dropping hints''. 27, Male bi, INFJ, Centrist Technocrat, Chaotic Good, AB+ blood, allergic to grass pollen and copper, fish-hater (food) meat and sweets lover, high school label ''the weird kid''. Savant Autist. I hope that's enough personal info :^) (That was a joke. no way you're getting the more sensitive stuff. yet.)



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Just one? Nope, not going to pick.
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Hachiko, Shindler's List, Disney hercules, Wall-E, the FIRST Despicable Me.
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Amazing World of Gumball, Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart, Craig of the Creek, Adventure Time, The Loud House.
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Same answer as picking one artist.
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to be fair, you need an Iq above 150 to understand it's subtle criticism on consumerism.
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Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank, Borderlands, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Tropico, Age of Wonders 3, Minecraft.
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PC, it's the only one that isn't obsolete at release.
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aaand hiatus, I am rewriting the early, bad AI parts as I want to take this story to bigger places.

up to normal! :3

Mental health break, family member tried to end her life, the ''my dad has cancer'' thing (successfully removed) and love woes wear on me. Sorry.

situation nominal. enjoy updates :3

you could help me out meanwhile. Take less than a min please?


Bad news guys - weekly story is on hold until I get a new phone, as I work on it when I ain't home or ain't on PC to preserve my muscles. I live in the Netherlands and my regio (google netherlands floods should do it) got it real bad. an Incident killed my phone. I hope I ccan scramble enoguh cash for a replacement in a month or so if this one can't be fixed. I am safe, but so sorry </3

Syngeneia Kathairein is going to be the new name - I will retroactive edit the stuff soon.

It's ancient greek for ''cleansing your kin'' which fits the central theme of the story perfectly. Syngeneia, the planet, just means Kinship.