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Rules in Photography:

We vote by the following criteria:

The photography must be sharp and clear, this means also in full view.
It must be an original concept
High quality

Reasons why your deviation can be declined:

Unsharp picture
The photo isn't made by yourself
It was to heavy edited
To over or underexposed

Rules to Photomanipulations

Please submit your works to respective folders always or to be decline.

Don't submit unfinished works.
Don't submit works that do not abide to DeviantART's rules.
Don't spam our page.
If your work is rejected then we'll leave a comment as to why it was rejected.
The stock must be credited, preferrably with a clickable link to the stock provider or the stock image.
Google images are not stock.

Gallery Folders

Roses by Ellysiumn-GvE
Pure by Ellysiumn-GvE
White rose by Ellysiumn-GvE
Yellow Rose by Ellysiumn-GvE
Founder works
The catacombs by mohamedsaberartist
Symphony by mohamedsaberartist
STOCK - The Black Moon by NikyArgento
The Promise by mohamedsaberartist
Dark ART
The Real Gnosis (2020) by Kiriya
Voices From The Other Side by KarinClaessonArt
Spider Queen by Corvinerium

Mature Content

Death (reversed) by Mocarro
Conceptual ART
Dark Future (2021) by Kiriya

Mature Content

Pistis Sophia (2020) by Kiriya
Introducing Fire Chief Angeles by Arthur-Ramsey
Temptation by Fiendcute
Vampire ART
Maharet by SamBriggs
Blood Moon by Corvinerium
Amelia - Underworld by SamBriggs
Lucy Westenra by SamBriggs
Surreal ART
Outer World by Mocarro
The Magician Upright by Mocarro
The Lovers (Upright) by Mocarro
I'll find you/? by VeoWind
Gothic ART
cozy wednesday by Shadowofjustice123
Fairies Woods by KarinClaessonArt
Angel Of Death by silviya
Green witch by Fiendcute
Digital ART
Self-portrait by EliottSontot
Forest Temple by EliottSontot
Symphony III by mohamedsaberartist
Puzzle Time by EliottSontot
Dark Angels
Through Our Veins by LOLAandLAIMA

Mature Content

GARGOYLE by KarinClaessonArt
Shadow of the Past by Amliel
FALLEN by KarinClaessonArt
Traditional ART
Kat new outfit by CelesteLunaR53L
Sancta Vampyria II by StefaniaRusso
Caccia Selvaggia by StefaniaRusso
Commission :: Vampyra by StefaniaRusso
Apocalyptic ART
The Last Goddess (2017) by Kiriya
Flower Crown by LOLAandLAIMA
Mixed media
Alluring Winter Poem by LOLAandLAIMA
Dark Literature
Timeless Love Ch. 5It was a full moon night, Drusilla was draining the little boy’s life until he was dead. She sighed in pleasure and licked the crimson blood off her lips.She left his lifeless body on the ground and trekked to the creek with the sound of crickets chirping and the owl hooting. It was still night out there. When she walked calmly, she suddenly had a vision, something was wrong. She could feel the sense of danger. The vengeance. She didn’t like it. The wind was blowing ominously, the stars were twinkling in the night they were telling her to run. Now she ran, she ran as fast as she could.There was an old woman further away from the forest. She set up the ritual to the ground, there were animal bones around her four candles, runic stones, burning incense, and Orb of Thesulah.The woman began to chanting in Forgien language.Drusilla ran to the path of the forest, branches, tall grass, and puddles. Something was going to get her, she had to escape before it was too late.As the old sorceress continued to chant, the orb began to glow golden light. With her final spell, the soul began to burst out of the orb. The soul hunt for Drusilla, painfully went into her body. She yelled in pain as her eyes glowed. She stumbled to the ground and moaned in pain. The glow began to fade, she exhaled. She looked around, not knowing where she was and what had happened.The Gypsy man, “It hurts, yes? Good. It will hurt more.”“Wh-where am I? What happened?” Drusilla asked, in bewilderment.The man walked toward the vampiress who had a stern on his face.The man said, “You don't remember... everything you've done for a hundred years. In a moment, you will. The face of everyone you killed... our daughter's face... they will haunt you, and you will know what true suffering is.”Drusilla did not understand what he meant. “K-Killed? I don’t…” she was confused, her memories slowly returned, she remembered Angelus brutally murdered her family right of her, after she was sired by Angelus, she killed people and his daughter.She was trembling and her eyes well up in tears. What had she done? She began to sob.“No… No… No, no, no!” She buried her face with her hands, sobbing.The Next NightSpike knocked on the door concerned about why Drusilla locked the door.“Drusilla?” Spike called, “You alright in there?”Drusilla cried silently lying down on the bed, facing the wall. She felt the pang of guilt for what she had done.“What have I done? All the people I killed!” she cried in thought.She kept hugging herself, wishing evil thoughts would go away and everything would be okay.MeanwhileA  brunette woman was running for her life, the dark haired man was coming after her. She ran to the street and turned to an alley. And there was a dead end. She gasped as she was doomed.“This is no way to run, lass.” Angelus grinned evilly as the woman turned around, frightening.Angelus walked closer and the woman stumbled backward.“P-please! Please don’t kill me!” the woman pleaded, sparing for her dear life.“ Oh, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, my dear.” Angelus grinned, caressing her sweet cheeks. He turned into his vampiric form. “I just want to have to taste you.”Angelus sank his fang to a woman’s neck and drained her blood until her body went limp.“Mmmm, I like the taste of cherry.” said Angelus.He dropped the body to the ground and walked the way home.Romania HomeSpike was sitting in the chair, not knowing what happened to Drusilla. All he did was sit there and do nothing. He had to know what was going on with her. Was she ill? Or maybe…Spike heard the door unlocked and closed the door. He sat up and saw Angelus hung his coat on the clothes rack.“Angelus, you’re here.” said Spike.Angelus shook his head yes, “Where's Drusilla?” he asked. “She locked herself in the bedroom. I don’t know what happened. She was… frightened.” said Spike.“Frightened? What do you mean by that?” he asked.“Well…” Spike said, with a weak tone Angelus then went to the door and knocked.Drusilla didn’t answer the door so Angelus broke the door down. “What’s wrong, sweet cakes?” he asked. Drusilla didn't answer as he walked up to her.He noticed a gleam in her eyes and he was shocked.“I can’t believe it.” said Angelus, in disbelief, backing away from her. Spike was confused.“It cannot be happening. You have soul! How the hell did you have a soul?!” outraged Angelus.“Soul? I don’t understand. How—?” Angelus cut Spike’s sentences and he said, “It was a gypsy I kidnapped her and now someone put the curse on her to have a soul.”“What?” shocked Spike.Angelus broke a chair over his knee, using one of the legs as a stake.“I’m going to put you out of a misery.” he walked towards her as she scrambled to her feet on the bed. Angelus caught her throat and was about to stake her. Spike his hand not to kill her. Drusilla then broke Angelus’ grasp and hit him square in the face.“You!” yelled Drusilla, angrily, “It was you! You killed the priest! And you killed my family!”Drusilla continually punched and kicked him with all her rage. Spike bear-hugged behind her, struggling to release his grasp. Then she backward head butt him, thrusted her elbow to his gut, and kicked him in the face and went out cold.“Drusilla!” Angelus roared, charging at her. Dru ran to the living room and lifted up the couch with her super strength and threw at him, knocking him out. She ran out of the house, she had to escape from The Fanged Four.Later, Darla returned home, shocked that two men had awoken from a brutal fight. Angelus told her she had a soul. He had to bring her back and reversed the curse.They arrived at the Kalderash Clan, killing their family, Angelus caught him by the throat, telling him to remove that pesky soul or else they would kill him. But Gypsy man refused. Angrily, he snapped his neck dead.MeanwhileDrusilla returned to her homeland of London. She found the graveyard her beloved family had buried. She placed the flowers on each grave and prayed.“Mother, Uncle, Anna, Hannah. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you, I stood there doing nothing even if I would do something. But right now, I will avenge your death and defeat that demon, Angelus. Just wait.” said Drusilla, leaving the graveyard.
Emotional ART
Rainy Day by EliottSontot

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