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Rythmic test

A small interactive animation for train me for possibly Rhythmic game ;)

Un petit truque en flash pour tester si je sais faire prendre en compte le rythme, pour un possible future jeu de rythme ;)

PS : It's a music from rayman 3 and not from rayman 2, sorry for mistake ^^'

**********UPDATE 12/06/2012 **************** =>reward if you win, cool no ?
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a la deuxieme parti ça bug a 30
ça me fait recommencer apres
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you can press multiple keys at once...
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Yes i can block that "cheat" but it's more fun to try to cheat and fail whereas no cheat and just push once button in rythm.
I saw i lost the rythm in the second part damn ! =o
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I find this idea really nice!
There are only two things which I think are wrong:
- in the second part of the game, I think you should change the color of the text and the light (indicators telling the player how many times he or she has to press a key correctly and when to press it), since it's often a real pain to see them (because of the gradient, which is being used in the background - the red part blends with those indicators);
- the track used in the background is from Rayman 3, not Rayman 2;
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AAHH shame on me ! right ! it's rayman 3 !
For the second part, yep, i admit it's a mess ^^'
The rythm is not the same, the animation hide the text and the text restart at 50 when i don't click in rythm.

So they are sooo many thing to change~ later, now i want creat another new thing !
Thanks for your comms wiiola ;)
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I'm glad I could be of any help! :)
I thought that the second part's rhythm and the restarting counter was something intentional (because it would make the player more focused on the light, which appears once in a while).
Also, I don't know about the second part, but in the first part after some minutes the background music fades away.

Just found something out - the counter can be reset if the player fails in the first part too.

(and a little note - I think "push any button once you see a red light" would sound slightly better)
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finally i modify some things you said ! thanxx Wiiola
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You're welcome!

I'm kind of curious - now the player needs to go as high with the counter as possible, right? I mean, now the counter in the second part is increasin, instead of going down.
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Yeah, that was i wanted for the second part.
Going to put a personnal high score juste for fun. And maybe a bonus if you beat the master 8D
m3t4l-sh11n's avatar
qu'est-ce qui se passe, quand j'arrive à zéro il est défoncé on dirait O: j'ai gagné ou j'ai perdu ? Oo'
darkutb's avatar
euh, on va dire que t'a gagné alors X)
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j'aime cette musique
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