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In truth, this Haiku depicts one of the most common questions in the human nature. It represents the constant fighting between the good...

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Pain and Coldness - Master Centric One-shot!
Pain and coldness.
Those are the first things the Master feels as he wakes up. A stream of memories rushes in his mind and he instantly remembers where he is and why his body hurts.
He's in the Time Lock. He's in Gallifrey. He's in his cell.
Of course, he's a prisoner after all the things he did, and he wonders if the day will come when he's set free. By his Doctor.
The Master scolds himself, how could he think of hoping the Doctor, his enemy, would come and save him?
No, he wouldn't come. Getting in the Time Lock meant two things: You release everything in it, or you get stuck inside it.
The Master was completely sure that his Doctor would never release the Time Lock, nor would he ever give up his apes and all his trips through time and space just to come and save him.
Him. The one who had caused him so much pain.
No, his Doctor would never do that. He wasn't as much of an idiot as he usually made himself.
And yet, the Master's not able to let go of that little hope,
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 0 0
France x Baby!Reader
“Ma lune (1), won’t you show Papa your beauty?”
The first thing you saw when you were born were your father’s blue eyes. Everything had been so blurry and colorful at first… It hurt to open them, but still, you felt at peace once those warm, blue eyes were staring slightly shocked into yours. Who was that man? You felt safe when in his arms, but, still, who was he?
“Mon petite ange (2), your eyes…”
You didn’t understand a thing he said, but you recognized his voice! Oh, his voice! It was the only thing you wanted to hear, even when his voice wasn’t the one you heard the most, it was indeed the one you loved the most.
“They are the most beautiful color that was ever created.”
Please keep talking! It was the only thing you wanted to tell him, but only gurgling sounds came out of your mouth as you tried reaching out for him.
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 34 15
A Finished Alien (At least, I call it that... ~) by DarkSupernaturalGirl A Finished Alien (At least, I call it that... ~) :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0 An Unfinished Humming Bird by DarkSupernaturalGirl An Unfinished Humming Bird :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0 An Acceptable Teddy Bear by DarkSupernaturalGirl An Acceptable Teddy Bear :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0 Portrait (More like bullying my friend! ~ :D ) by DarkSupernaturalGirl Portrait (More like bullying my friend! ~ :D ) :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0 Human Girl Body by DarkSupernaturalGirl Human Girl Body :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
El Ciclo de una Vida
“El Ciclo de una Vida”
Ojalá pudiera borrarte de mis sueños,
Para no pensar en ti,
Y que no esté escrito en los cielos,
De que no eras para mí,
Si tan solo hubiese sabido,
Lo que guardabas para mí,
No estaría sufriendo,
Como ahora lo hago por ti,
Ojalá mi vida por fin supiera vivir,
Y dejar de vagar hacia la muerte,
Sin nada que sentir,
Una vez estuve vivo,
Pero este amor acabó conmigo,
Tal vez por ignorar los incentivos,
O por masoquista, y seguir contigo,
Tal vez, no lo sé,
Pero ya no me preocupa,
Caminar hacia el destino,
Pues ahora mi corazón ocupa,
Algo que yo estimo,
No me importan tus plegarias,
No me importan los sonidos,
Seguiré las órdenes,
De los que no están idos,
Mi corazón ya no latirá,
Pero mi mente recordará los momentos vividos,
Y ya nada me preocupará,
La vida es algo sobrevalorado,
¿Quién sabe lo que la muerte traerá?
Hasta que lo vivas, creerás que la
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
Dulce Madre Dame una Sonrisa
"Dulce madre dame una sonrisa"
Oh madre en pena,
¿Qué has hecho esta vez?
Ahora tus hijos sueñan,
Con los momentos de tu pasado, tal vez...
Tal vez si tu ira no te ciega,
Verías el mar de dolor en el que nadan
Todos tus hijos e hijas que niegan,
Todos los problemas que causaste.
Sí, tu, oh madre en pena,
Tu causaste el dolor de tus hijos,
Pero ellos aún te protegen,
Sin importar el pasado que causes.
Ellos te son fieles a ti,
Solo a ti, oh madre en pena,
Pues tu eres su razón de existir.
Tus hijos e hijas ahora esperan
Por el día en que vuelvas,
Esperan a que recuperes
Toda tu cordura.
Pues tu, oh madre en pena,
Lloras por dentro y gritas por fuera,
Y sin importar tu deseo,
Ellos se sacrifican por ti.
Ellos, que observan tus lágrimas.
Ellos, que soportan tus gritos.
Ellos, a quienes suplicas que vuelvan.
Ellos, que son tu luz en la oscuridad.
Ahora caminas hacia adelante,
La sombra de una persona querida a tu lado,
La luz del día gris t
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
The First Cat I Ever Drew by DarkSupernaturalGirl The First Cat I Ever Drew :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
Forever in my heart,
Will they reside,
But in the need to get away from all of this,
I am running to the ocean beside.
In the need of peace,
My mind is on the run from this world.
Please, let me go!
I have nothing else to do.
Lies, you will never know how I feel,
How can someone feel what another feels?
Don’t tell me to stop hiding behind a curtain,
Stop telling me to be myself.
I can’t be myself,
Because I don’t know who am I…
Piano black…
That is the color of my life…
No one cares for me,
Not even my own blood,
My parents, my aunt and uncle,
Neither will my siblings do…
My lifelong friends don’t even know about this.
No! Let me be by the ocean!
Don’t take me back to that jail!
Don’t! Stop! No! Let me go!
I want to go back to my ocean, please!
This is why I always am aside,
To let my mind wander,
And somehow be free.
Here in the dark,
There is nothing else to feel,
But misery, sadness, loneliness, and hop
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
A Swan I Liked by DarkSupernaturalGirl A Swan I Liked :icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
My First Try at Haiku (Failed)
Continuously, it keeps
working, my brain never stops and
it makes me unique.
It keeps working, not
Stopping even while I sleep.
It keeps me alive
My thoughts flutter through it,
I thank it for my dreams, it's what
makes me who I am.
I just know I’m well
And alive; it keeps me awake
When I want to sleep.
My own, personal world to
Lose myself in when I’m bored.
That’s what my brain is.
My thoughts flutter through it,
I thank it for my dreams; they're what
make me who I am now.
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
Doubts of A Growing Teenager
“Doubts of A Growing Teenager”
I’m growing.
Yes, I am growing up.
Soon enough, I’ll be an adult.
I’ll have to take care of myself,
It’ll be me against the whole world.
Indeed, I am afraid.
I’m so, so very scared.
I’m afraid because I’ll trudge into the unknown.
An unknown world full of possibilities,
It’s a world where good and bad clash in front of my nose.
I’ll be criticized, pushed, tested, and forced to do things I don’t want to.
But I am not Peter Pan,
I can’t go flying up to Neverland.
I can’t stop growing suddenly,
Although, I do wish I could stay a child forever.
Yet it’s too late for that,
Time won’t wait for me to be ready.
I’ll have to go on into the unknown,
And grow up as the woman I am,
Or the woman I am about to become.
Today, I’m fifteen years old.
Tomorrow, I’ll be twenty-five.
And the day after tomorrow, I’ll be fifty years old.
Every time I add more
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
The Old Man And The Lad
Come, come near,
Tell me, what's wrong?
Sit by my side,
And tell this silly, old man what's going through your mind.
Hm? What did you say?
You ask me, why would you tell me?
Well, because I can't ignore what they've told me.
What have they told me?
They've told me they've seen you cry.
Who told me such thing?
Well, boy, who else if not your own eyes?
Ah, you want to know how they told me that?
Well, don't forget that I'm old,
I've seen and heard lots of things.
I have done great deeds, just as I've done wrongs to others.
It's not something I've never done before,
Reading someone's eyes.
It's easier if I try it on someone as young as you, lad.
Now, will you tell this silly, old man what's wrong?
...Not yet, I see...
Maybe you're asking yourself, why is this creep so interested in my private life?
Well, I'll answer it for you.
No, I don't care nor do I give a damn about your life.
I'm just a silly, old man who never learned a thing,
And whose lost everything and everyone.
I don't know yo
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 1 0
Dream or Reality?
I feel like a princess,
Looking for her prince,
I seem to have found him,
Long time ago,
My problem is,
That he doesn’t know,
Or acts as if he doesn’t notice,
I can’t really tell,
I think I’m going crazy,
I don’t know what to do,
Neither have I known,
What have I done?
The past few days,
Are all just a blur,
Can’t tell if I’m still alive,
Or am I just living as the dead?
My eyes are pitch black,
Just like the hole I am currently in,
Don’t care if I’m alone,
Don’t know if I am owned,
Shall we lose our faith?
Or keep dancing with desperation?
Zooming in, zooming out,
 My head’s gonna’ explode,
My deaf ears can’t hear the music’s loud,
Can you, please, help me heal my soul?
You, my prince, are my unique opportunity,
Are you going to save me?
Or shall I save myself?
Are we going to run and hide?
Or are we going to fight and die?
I am feeling like a monster,
One who cannot control its power,
Oh my, oh m
:icondarksupernaturalgirl:DarkSupernaturalGirl 2 3

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