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Creative Title!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 27, 2016, 7:17 PM

I got tagged by :iconphantomzart: 

1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9. You have to answer the question 
10. Be creative with the title. No, " I got tagged" stuff

1. Cat person or dog person?
2. Did you mistake a male character of mine as a female once?
3. Dragons with fluff, or with wings as frontlegs, are they dragons to you?
4. What's your favorite object that is near you now? (no, computers, laptops and things attached to it are no valid answer)
5. What movie that you like do you consider a 'guilty pleasure'? 
6. Would you rather be a pokemon that can evolve or a pokemon that can't evolve/is the final evolution already?
7. Which character of mine would you like to have a talk with? (look in art project photobook gallery for more info. talk as in asking questions or a serious conversation)
8. Ever though of hiding in a closet, then jumping out screaming 'WELCOME TO NARNIA!' ? 
9. Your favorite video game character? 
10. Ah, this question... what do you like most about me? (personality wise)
11. What's your favorite song? (feel free to post a link)
12. You have a favorite pokemon, right? why's it your favorite pokemon? 
13. would you rather be this <da:thumb id="564827918"/> or this  Avero by PhantomzArt (what species you'd rather want to be out of these two)? 


1. I think you know the answer to this, but for those who do not know; I am a cat person c: I do love dogs as well, but I prefer cats ^^

2. No, I don't think so c: At least not as I can remember 

3. Well yeah! There are all kinds of dragons :D 

4. Aww, so I can't say that my tablet is? TT.TT In that case... I think my teddybear is c: I got it from a friend of mine from Czech, and I call it Kočka (which means cat) ^^

5. Hmm.. Now that's a difficult question D: I think... Hmm... I think I'll go with the movie Pokèmon 4Ever

6. I'd be a pokèmon that can evolve c: That way I could aim to be stronger!! :D

7. I'd go with Frederic on this one c: 

8. Yes! That'd be awesome!!!!!!! :'D

9. Link!! No wait... Sora!!! No, Link!! Ahh!! I can't choose x.x

10. What I like most about you is that you are fun to talk with ^^ We might not have spoken a lot, but I've enjoyed the conversations we've had :D

11. Omg... Really? x.x Like, my ultimate favorite artist is Lindsey Stirling, and I like most of her music. Here are 2 of her music videos: 

But lately I've listened mostely to Steven Universe soundtracks:

They are just so nice to sing along to! :'D 

12. I like Arcanine and Luxray! I love their designs ^^ That's just it! A big cuddly ment-to-be legendary dog and a big kitty :'D

13. I'd go for Illumi c: They look so awesome!! ^^

Now over to my questions c:

1. What's your favourite Disney movie?
2. What song do you enjoy to sing along to?
3. Tell me what your favorite candy is? :)
4. How did you find me?
5. Do you have a oc? If yes, can you put a link to it? :)
6. What's your favorite kind of animal?
7. What's your favorite animated series? (for example; Pokèmon, Steven Universe, Scooby Doo, Dragon Ball)
8. What's your favorite real life show? (for example; House, How I Met Your Mother, Orange is the new Black)
9. Your favorite color? o3o
10. Do you post stuff on other social media? (If yes, do you want to share it with a link? :) )
11. Square or circle?
12. What's your favorite fruit?
13. What's typical for my art style?

And for the people I tag... 

:iconmyrfivel: , :iconpessimiist::iconwildwolvess: 

And everybody who might want to do this as well :) 
I hope you enjoy it!! ^^

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Improvement much?

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2016, 1:01 PM

Ok, so I wanted to show people how much I've learned since I started drawing :)

Here's some old drawings:

The Peakitten Nikki by DarkSunshine92      GreyKitty and DarkSunshine by DarkSunshine92      I am DarkSunshine by DarkSunshine92

And here's some of the ones from this year:

Week 17: Marzipan by DarkSunshine92    [Art Trade] Tasia by DarkSunshine92     [Request] Charizard by DarkSunshine92

I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm getting better! And now I'm going to digital art and animation school! I am so excited :D

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Requests (Closed)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2016, 2:19 PM

Sorry guys, the requests are now closed :)

Will be finishing the last of them soon though! ^^ 


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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2016, 1:35 AM

Hello again everybody :)

I'm sorry for being so little active right now, but a lot has happened! 

So, I've been on a vacation, visiting a friend of mine, and on the day before traveling home, I got to know that I got into the school I applied to! So now I'll finally learn how to draw digitally :D
I have high hopes for this school, and I'm really looking forward to oving soon^^ It'll be a big change to move from the northern part to the southern part of Norway, but it will be fun ^^

So right now I'm looking at buying a new tablet and laptop so that I'll be ready for school in a month :D I hope to be able to post some of my school work here as well so you can all follow yhe progress. ^^ 

Thanks for following me ~<3

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Checking inn!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2016, 3:28 PM

So guys! I know I've not been very active lately, and it is probably due to the fact that I still have 2 exams left (one this friday and one on monday).

BUT! Don't you worry! :D I will draw more when I have time to do so! ^^ And if you have any requests as to what to draw, feel free to post them in a comment below!!

Just remember, the request can not be to complicated, and I no OCs either c: AND, only one character, unless it's a redraw of something ^^

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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2016, 2:33 PM

I have now reached 100 watchers, and I am so greatfull to all of you! :'D 

You are all part of my inspiration to get better!

I'm a lot down irl right now because of things that's happening, so this little thing, it helps brighten my dark days <3 

So thank you! <3

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Just... Don't do it... Ok?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 7, 2016, 12:08 PM

I have been a lot down lately.. Feeling like, my drawing, all the stuff I do to get better, it isn't helping at all. None of it is. 

I did feel like my art was getting better, and finally decided to ask someone if they were interested in an art trade. Like, we could draw each others furry OC's. I really didn't expect the answer I got. Really.... 

I did expect something like. "I can't right now" or "I am not open for trades" or maybe just a simple "no". But that's not what I got..

Instead, the artist stated that they would only do art trades with people that were as good as them.

This has made me think and take a look at my drawings again. Drawing that I've spent countless hours on. Sure, they are not the best, but are they really that bad...? 

This, it really made me sad... 

So for you who is reading this, if someone asks you for an art trade, please, do not tell them something that will make them feel less about their art.. For me, it makes me want to stop drawing. Just, give up on this one thing I really like doing... So, just, tell them you can't do art trades right now! That you have to much to do or something... 

I am still really.. Down, from all of this.. This feeling, of my art not being good enough... I really do not like it at all...

That's all for now, thank you for taking your time to read this.

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