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's questions:

1. Do you like my art style or do you have any constructive criticism to give me?
I definitely like it - you've got the whole Traditional Art thing going on, which gives a different feel to Digital. One thing I will say about your art, though: needs more Isis.

2. What's your favourite ice cream topping? Mine is raspberry syrup :]
Gotta be either chocolate or strawberry sauce - or both!

3. Give me an awesome long word that has awesome meaning!
Steatopygia - it's a high degree of fat accumulation in and around the buttocks. For a more visual definition, check out Sherry :-p

4. What do you think of likewhores on facebook?
They make me wonder what all of these "likes" actually do. It's like gamerpoints on Xbox - you can't spend them, or anything!

5. Do you know what time it always is in my head?
It's either Adventure Time, Hammer Time, or Go Time.

6. Have you ever tried to learn the Gangnam style dance routine? (No fibs!)
But of course!

7. Your favourite guilty pleasure song?
Chichi wo Moge - though in order for it to be a guilty pleasure, don't I have to feel guilty?

8. If you could be a Harry Potter OC, what name would you have, house would you be in and your personality be like? Spend some time on this one
Maximillian Richard Damon the Tenth, Slytherin House, and I'd be the kind of stoic wizard who lets his spells do the talking. I'd casually walk into the battlefield, barely even looking at my opponents as I subdue them. This aura of badassery will often go to my head, though, leading me to underestimate stronger wizards and actually cause me to be a liability if I don't get my act together. I'd be skilled at Wizard's Chess (though not a Grand Master, or anything), and much less skilled at Quidditch than the average player. I won't have many friends, preferring solitude and getting things done in my own way.

9. I have a phobia of clowns stemming from a childhood trauma involving Mr Blobby. What is your weird phobia?
Not sure about it being a phobia, but the way mushrooms have all those little hairs underneath their caps kinda creeps me out...

10. I forgot to ask! How are you today?
Not so bad - a bit miffed at being told what to do and given advice for things I haven't actually asked for advice for, but still OK.

My questions:

Question the First: What annoys you the most about the general public (not particular groups (emos, students, drivers, etc.) - people as a whole)?

Question the Second: What got you started in the type of art you produce?

Question the Third: Would you prefer it if my gallery had folders for each of my OCs that I plan to make repeated use of? (D-Chan, Amy, etc.)

Question the Fourth: Have you listened to any of Psy's songs other than Gangnam Style? (I recommend "Right Now")

Question the Fifth: If you could change any one thing about any of my OCs (not the ones based on real people, although D-Chan doesn't count in that respect), what would it be and why?

Question the Sixth: What is your favourite TV show at the moment?

Question the Seventh: Do you feel like games and other media are aiming for realism too much these days?

Question the Eighth: Do you use a desktop or a laptop computer?

Question the Ninth: If you could be one of D-Chan's friends (male or female), what would your name be, how would you look, and what kind of personality would you have? (this is one of those that may require a lot of thinking - sorry!)

Question the Tenth: I've actually gone into as much detail for D-Chan as writing a character profile, drawing pictures of how she looks in various stages of her life, and even planning out a family tree, just to try to make her as fleshed-out and believable as I can. Which of your characters have you given the most attention to detail to, and how far have you gone?

And now - the tagging...
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