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Mass Effect Skin

By darkstaruav

I've hopefully fixed the weather now, but not positive. Also, the download and install size has been reduced by about 30%.

I don't think I'll be supporting this anymore, seeing as I haven't worked on it in a long time and the amount of work required for a nice major update would be too time consuming.

Remember, you can edit the skin and redistribute it, so long as you give credit where credit is due. The skins from both UrulokiBurning and RickF7666 are both based on this, and they both look great. MOD YOUR SKINS AND SHARE :)

You will need a program called CoreTemp for the temperature display to work properly.

Other things you may need
You will need Rainmeter to run this skin. You can download Rainmeter from

To properly display the temperature gauge in the older skin, you will need Speedfan

Make sure to change the weather code to your location. If you need help…


Possible bugs and errors
A word of caution, this was developed in Vista 32 bit, but has been tested and shown working in 32 bit and 64 bit Vista/7 systems (I'm not sure about XP). However, I have had a lot of complaints about bugs. I've never taken any programming in my life, I only know what I have self taught. I know for a fact the RSS reader included is screwed up.

Making the Launcher work
You need to specify your own program paths for the app Launcher. The Launcher skin has been reworked and now includes an EDIT button. Clicking the button opens a text file that can now be used to change the name that appears for the App and the Application path.

Disclaimer Regarding the Mass Effect Trademark
Mass Effect, it's characters, creations, and any other ideas are all protected under copyright by BioWare and Electronic Arts. The use of the Mass Effect Trademark is legal here only under the following stipulations:

- I do not claim to be BioWare/EA Staff/Team.
- I do not claim rights to Mass Effect content.
- I do not profit from the project.
- All credit for the Mass Effect trademark, Mass Effect content, and any other content related to Mass Effect, is credited to BioWare/EA.

Here is a link to a Polish translation of the skin, courtesy of Melllin…

Featured in Nerd's Magazine as one of the best skins for Rainmeter
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This is perfect! This was the skin that was really the sweet icing of the cake for my theme. So freaking awesome! Thank you!

I'm sure you've had a ton of people asking this same question, but I absolutely cannot figure out how to change the weather location?  Any chance you could help with the config file, or I could tell yu what location I need?  Really sorry; I've managed to edit other files but the layout was different.  But I love this skin, it's totally awesome!
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Thank you! Fantastic stuff, and super easy to edit colors and stuff. You're the best!
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Awesome! Thank you!!!
I like your work and I have been using it. I recently installed a piece a software that didn't stay on my PC, But it screwed up the weather program (Mass Effect 2). Nothing I do can get it to work again. I can't tell if anything else is messed with but that. if you can help fix it I would appreciate it.
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Ehh mate, do you have a suggestion for a music player that would jive well with the Cerberus theme? I think it'd be great to play the galaxy map theme. 
EDIT: Recoloured the tron one, nevermind.
This is insanely epic! I wish I was tech savvy enough to actually use this but will have to settle for staring/drooling in awe at what could have been! Awesome job!
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ahh.... how to download it?
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The download link is on the right hand side of the page. You also need to download Rainmeter from
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ok i know it, upper right
how do i download this idk how to download anything of this site 
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I wish this would work on Mac OS. =(
I love this, it's so cool!

I've been struggling with the launcher and temperature for a few hours now and can't seem to fix it.

With launcher: Changing name for links is going fine, I'm putting in the destinations correctly (at least pretty sure it's correctly) and rather than launching the program it's either taking me to the program file location (without the .exe on the end) or doind nothing (with .exe on the end)

Temperature: Using the newer skin, installed coretemp, have it running. Refreshed skin, restarted rainmeter, still not working. 

I'm wondering if these have anything to do with windows 8 because I spent a long time looking through the comments here and can't find anyone having the same issues?
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I made this many years ago in Windows Vista so my guess is that it's an operating system issue.  I don't have Windows 8 so I can't verify anything, sorry!
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Hey I just wanted to say thank you so much for this, I too am a big fan of mass effect as well and I always have a ME Background on my PC, but never like this before. Tell you the truth this is exactly what I wanted when making a ME background. The Illusive man rainmeter theme is superb and I cant thank you enough for this dude!

BTW, I know its been awhile since you probably worked on this, but any chance have a solution to the Cerberus Daily News Feed? Doesn't work at all. I tried fiddling around with the code but no luck. If you get a chance let me know.

Also do you have any other ME rainmeter themes made other than this one and ME3 versions?

Again thank you so much!
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The cerberus daily news feed was only update for 1 year after the release of Mass Effect 2, so it expired back in January 2011.  I don't have any other rainmeter themes, I really don't have the free time to do that kind of stuff anymore :/
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omgwtfbbq this rulez!!
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I accidently changed something in the settings for the app launcher.... I don't know what was written there. it was the part where it says LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute, I changed it to see if something would work, but I have no idea what I'm doing.
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After the 'execute' command rainmeter will do whatever you tell it to, which in this case is typically to launch a program or open a folder. You can check for more information.
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So, how do I use this for my rainmeter? New and confused
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