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Flutter Chaos



Holy Celestia I was featured on EQD! Soo cool! thankyou for whoever submitted it to the site :3
(So belated)


Ok so I fixed the spelling errors with "patience and You're"

I swear I thought a did a spell check but sometimes photoshop just fails at being a dictionary. I'm sorry ;_; I won't trust PS anymore lol.....


This took a lot of time really.
Honestly the idea just came to me 1 1/2 weeks ago when I heard about the episode that's coming out soon. So Spoiler alert? Probably not, But instead just enjoy something silly.

And now I'm off to Cry my brains out because my next project has to do with two ponies that have been around for ages, a distant relationship and there world that brought them to have to fight one and another, yup those too...

Doing something else.

another hint, ( i have to listen to the song, OVER AND OVER SOB CRYBALL TEARS)


Also Celestia is starting to become my favorite Pony since I can relate to her more and more it seems, >_>; I love you Trixie but yup.

damn it.

Now if I want a Celestia Plushie I might as well quit while Im ahead....sigh

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Trixie in the last panel. :O