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Keith x Reader - Violet (Soulmate!AU)
*Soulmate!AU where you can't see the color of your soulmate's eyes until your eyes meet*
        "What the hell does purple look like?!"  Everyone looked up at you.  You were at your cousin's wedding reception, and everyone was talking about what a pretty purple the bridesmaid's dresses were.  You had thought that, for some reason, they were all in gray, which was really weird for a wedding, but your cousin always had been excentric.
        "Oh,you were gone from school when they explained it, weren't you?"  You mom realized that she had taken you to some funeral when they talked to the students about soulmates.
        "Explained what?"  You were a bit agitated, as you had heard of the color purple before, when you were younger and were learning colors in the first place, but you never understood why you needed a name for another shade
:iconmelynie:Melynie 198 20
Big Daddy by zillabean Big Daddy :iconzillabean:zillabean 552 129
Yandere!Nui Harime X Female!Reader
Two Threads From The Same Cloth

'How long has it been' You wonder as you sat in a cute (F/c) room or as you like to call it prison thanks to Her.
She locked you in here when she got her chance, now that your in her grasp she'll never let you go. Freedom is what you craved, desired, and wanted. But if you tried to fight back she'll just laugh in your face and deny it.
You silently pray that your friends had come to save you from this everlasting hell.
The door to your room opened to reveal a petite young blonde who was known as Nui Harime. "Hi (Y/n)-chan!" She says with utmost joy but you were as silent as a mere mouse. "*Gasp*You didn't play with the gifts I got you!" She was true about the gifts. Nui had bought you toys, candies, make-up anything she or you desired. To put it straight she was spoiling you rotten.
Not peep had came out of your mouth only staring with pure hatred for the girl. "Sti
:iconmuffinbody12:MuffinBody12 10 1
You're Still You - Galra!Keith x Reader
The pang in your chest wouldn’t go away, in fact with each passing day it felt worse. It constantly gnawed your heart, filling your head with false guilt thinking that you were the reason for the red paladin’s sudden isolation. You knew Keith well to know that it was normal for him to seek solitude; however it wasn’t normal to avoid you too, especially not this long. You may have not known him for long, since at the academy you were closer friends, with the other paladins, but of the bunch you were the one that understood him the best.  
You let him be when you would notice that he was agitated; you would distract Lance, letting Keith escape before he would say things he didn’t mean out of frustration. You made sure that he was taking care of himself, reminding him to eat or sleep, because he has the tendency to forget time when he started training. But you always made sure that the whole team was fine, since you felt that there wasn’t much you could
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 362 21
Voltron: Keith Kogane x Reader ~I See White~
You groaned as Lance once again toppled over Voltron trying to do some strange kick. It took most of your willpower and strength not to fly out of your chair and hit your head off something. You pulled the lever responsible for the balance of the middle of Voltron, allowing the huge battle robot to get its bearings once more. You got a "thank you" from Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk, but Keith and Lance were arguing on their own. You rolled your (e/c) eyes, watching Shiro's expression over the video chat displayed on your main screen. Chuckling at his attempts to pacify the two, you looked at Pidge, who was trying in her own way to stop them. Hunk meanwhile, was trying to keep down his breakfast. It was your job as the white paladin to balance out the humongous robot, as you were in charge of its center, your white lion forming the chest. Leaning back in your chair, you felt yourself turning sideways once more, as Lance must be doing something with his part of Voltron. Normally the pacifist of
:iconanime-loving-artist:anime-loving-artist 121 7
It's About Time. Keith x Reader
       What was supposed to be a short trip to the stockroom with Keith had quickly turned into quite the ordeal. Some sort of malfunction with the door lock had left the two of you trapped inside with no way out. It hadn't been all that long, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, but Keith's sighs and groans made it clear that he was already fed up with the situation. Honestly, he was probably more fed up with the awkwardness of the situation than he was being locked in a room with no way out. Peeking around his shoulder at the small mechanical panel, you tried to send what the problem might be. Unfortunately, you couldn't see anything, as his hands were in the way. "Any luck yet?"
"If I was having any luck, we wouldn't still be stuck in here, now would we?" An agitated, yet adorably focused look on his face, Keith's eyes narrowed on the many wires within the panel.
"There's no need to get snippy. I'm just asking." Even though you couldn't see what was going on, you had a
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 103 6
Supervision. Keith x Reader
       “You're still working on that? You've been in here for like an hour now.” Having only just entered the hangar, Keith wasted no time marching right up to you. Judging by how loud his footsteps were, he wasn't in the best of moods. His tone, as always, was more than a little snippy, making you feel slightly on edge to have him around. His next question didn't help that feeling any either. “Are you sure you know what you're doing down there?”
Nodding, even though you knew he couldn't see you, you tried to assure Keith that you had everything under control. After all, this wasn't the first time you'd fixed something like an escape pod. You'd don't so plenty of times, more times than you could count actually. Not only that, but you had repaired, and built things much more advanced than this. This was a walk in the park as far as you were concerned. “Mhm, I'm sure.”
“That doesn't look right to me.” Standing so close y
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 129 6
the black paladin | keith kogane x gn!child!reader
topic: keith is having a conversation with shiro’s child about voltron.
warnings: mentioned character death
reader pronouns: neutral
p.o.v: second person
note: there aren't any actual spoilers in here ( well maybe? i bring up something about keith which is mentioned in the last few episodes of season 2 ). i also feel like keith is a tad bit out of character but that might just be anxiety talking.
You were merely a child, and you didn’t have the capacity to process the fact that your father had died. Of course, Keith understood that, and he never held it against you when you asked about your father. Where he had gone, when he’d be back, small questions, hard to answer questions. Keith couldn’t tell you about Shiro’s end, he was also quite reluctant to tell you about Shiro himself.
“ Hey, Uncle Keith, what is Voltron? Like what is it really? ”  Keith turned to you feeling an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety digging itself a hole in his
:iconfictoromantic:fictoromantic 45 2
of strange meetings. ( college!au ) | keith
“dude, two o’clock.”
lance is really bad at whispering; keith has learned that in their few years of friendship. nearby classmates send death glares their way-- something that seems to happen more often than it should, now that he thinks about it. but lance just ignores them all, nudging his friend persistently until he loses focus of what the professor is saying.
he stops typing his notes, then glances at the clock.
“it’s not even close to two. it’s eleven. maybe you should go back to elementary school and learn how to read time.”
stupid keith and his deadpan responses.
he elbows him harder.
“do you ever take a hint? two o’ clock.”
normally, keith disregards everything lance says or does, especially during class. but lance has freakishly sharp elbows.
“stop it.” he retorts, slapping the other’s arm away. “and what’s supposed to happen at two? did you finally manage to get that girl to go o
:iconciiren:ciiren 222 29
Can't Watch you Slippin' Away (Part 13)
Story: Reader x Noctis Lucis Caelum.
Based on the song “Slippin’ Away” from Aziatix  :)
Part 13: “My Light… My Angel”
   Few days past, and you feel that your body is getting slightly stronger after three days of deep slumber. All that happened to you seemed more like a dream, a painful one. The wound in your chest hasn’t recovered yet, in fact it is getting more painful… it’s like the bullet that tore your flesh has left a burning fire in your heart. But this aching wound had somehow changed something about you… it made your spirit stronger than ever… or was it Love that made you brave enough to defend the man of your dreams? You don’t know whether you should cry because of your pain or smile after knowing that Noctis is safe. Now, you are looking at their happy faces that are trying to wash your angry pain away. Your parents are by your side, so you feel like everything is alright. They are now sitting beside
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 181 180
Can't Watch you Slippin' Away (Part 5)
Story: Reader x Noctis Lucis Caelum.
Based on the song "Slippin' Away" by Aziatix :)
Part V : "Friends?"

        The music ceased playing, and your harmonious movements paused with it. Your body hang only few inches away from the ground, while the hands of the prince were gently holding your frame. You remained at that position for few moments, his body leaning closely over you, and his nose almost touching yours. He pulled you up slowly and straightened up again, pressing your head closer to his chest. You thought you were dreaming; nevertheless, you didn't want to wake up from that dream, for the feeling of it was so soulful…
        But the noise of clapping in the background soon awakened you two from what you thought was a dream. You both looked around and found all the attendees gazing at you while smiles were drawn over their faces, as if they've just seen a pleasant show. You tried to escape their looks, b
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 100 16
[Irritation] [Noctis x Reader]
TW: cursing and a bit of gore
You have never felt so irritated in your whole life.
You wanted to claw someone's eyes out, give them to a witch, and steal them back, only to put it in a jar with poison and lava.
You were usually a calm person most of the time, when no one was bugging you or disturbing you from your video games. But this... this was definitely different. And you wanted to get rid of it. Permanently.
But the feeling kept growing. Especially with the scene in front of you.
His hand held hers. He was smiling. He was happy with her.
You heard yet another chuckle from him. You felt as if someone ripped your heart and stabbed them over and over and over again with sharp scissors, blood spewing and splattering everywhere. And they're laughing manically, happilly insane with your pain. [1]

Wow, too much information there, [Name]...
But that's exactly how you felt. You were clutching on your shirt, where your heart should be, gla
:iconrainbowwriter02:RainbowWriter02 193 12
For Noctis Lovers
  You aimlessly stride across the dark marbled floors, clicking over top of it in your silver strapped heels. You were wearing an elegant white, one shoulder mini cocktail dress. There was a ruffle decorated around the body of the dress. The empire waistline was a light silver color with a sapphire stoned pin embellished on the left side of the empire waistline. Accessorized with your dress you wore white gold, diamond dangling earrings and a sterling silver bracelet. As the soft classical music plays in the background your mind wonders through old memories. It wasn't so long ago that you had met him at a ball similar to this. How that night drastically changed everything you thought to be right.
    ~You were sent to the ball by your employers; a local mob that was the shadiest, most violent group known to the city. Get involved with them and your reputation would be shot; literally or theoretically. However you weren't on your knees begging for their assistan
:iconbblondiegrl07:bblondiegrl07 183 97


Sorry about being gone for more than a year. Last summer I had to babysit my 3 year old sister so I could buy a mac air. I got It at the end of summer yay for me, but I lost paint tool sai. It tried to get it again, but could not so my drawings will be like the way they are now until I can get a new drawing program for the mac. So yes they will be shitty until then. I will try to fix that if I can, but if not I am sorry. That is all I have to say, and I hope you have a good day!  :)
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