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Sweets, Ren, Dead-OH, Hotaru
This is the cosplay-group Dark Sprinkled Cupcake's dA:3 welcome:heart:

The group currently got four members;

Current Residence: Sweden
August 13-15th Teraterana and Dead0Bunny will be going to Meuwcon:03 in Stockholm.

So in less than two weeks it's time for Närcon again! Me (QueenSWEETS), Ren and Hotaru will be going, but Dead-OH is unable to, she is in Japan at the moment after all. I will update with the cosplays and days later, maybe this evening, or tomorrow.

I fail yet again
I (Tezzino), as mentioned before, fail pretty badly at uploading here. Since I last wrote I finally got the Sieg-cosp+lay up, but still has loads of stuff to upload... Working.. on it.. Like Uppcon! It was so awesome, and it drives me crazy that the next convention I'll be going to isn't until August!

Photoshoot - KAMEN RIDER
Me (QueenSWEETS) and Hotaru spent the afternoon on Happy Jesus Zombie Day (April 1st) on cosplay. Philip and Sieg was fun to do. Philip was especially cold though. But having my hair like that was fun (even though I had to cut my bangs. Though I've cut them even more now). Photos will be uploaded soon, as well as... all others from earlier times that... I've failed to upload.

Photoshoot -VOCALOID
So, me (QueenSWEETS) and Ren did a christmas-ish cosplay-shoot of Kaito and Akaito today. Hotaru was supposed to take the pictures, but he was sick, so Blub (libran-lovlov) was really awesome and helped out. Thanks for being the boss, Blub, Hotaru's really bad at that! XD
There was some girls standing looking at us for a good while, and somehow, Blub dragged them into it.^^'' But it was entertaining. :D
Sucks to be so far apart from Bunny, would have been nice if the whole group'd been present. (and ofc, I miss her<3)
So, I'll get the photos on monday, start editing, and some will be up around tuesday? Hope so, at least:D

Welcoming new member
Yesterday evening we got a new member in our group. Welcome to the group :icondead0bunny::heart:

I get bits of it. Buuuut, how do i fix this "HEADLINE GOES HERE!" and the links at the top?

BLYG is over (okay, a week ago, i'm lazy, i knooow) and we had a great time there. The stay at Bunny's place was really nice too<3

Pictures will come~~^^

On friday we leave for Stockholm to go to BLYG (Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai).
We will do a collaboration with :iconnijinekos: :icondead0bunny: again.
It's a two-day-long convention, but we'll stay in the capital for some days extra~~^^

Cosplays looks the same (kinda) both days, same characters but different variations.

QueenSWEETS as Belphegor
Teraterana as Byakuran

So it's REBORN!-tiemzzz :D


Sooo, i've finally finished uploaded all the pictures from närcon09^^

it's easier, doing like this.^^
Närcon, ka.. it was fun, most of it. but... the weather, and the organazing sucked. and i felt sorry for DracoAries and xXScarletButterflyXx. :hug:
The first day Ren (Teraterana) was Len and I was Rin from Vocaloid. We did a collaboration with NijiNekos who cosplayed as Miku (DracoAries) and KAITO (xXScarletButterflyXx). We got some awesome pictures, even though it was rainy. And Ren was as usual very scary-looking when she pulled Allen's poker-face (especially since she wasn't cosplaying him then).
2nd day we did a collab with Dead0Bunny (who wasn't a member of NijiNekos at that time). It was Soul Eater:heart: Ren was Soul, I was Blair, and Bunny was Chrona. :love: DracoAries, who was Bookman at first, switched into Soul too later on, cuz her wig got ruined. Poor wig. But then I got another Soul-kun to play with! XD One was gay Soul (Ren) and one was a straight Soul (Draco).
On day 3 much happened. Like the cosplay-contest, with the fire-alarm going off in the middle of it >__> Noooot fun. I cosplayed as Byakuya from Bleach first, Ren did a collab with Bunny and Draco. Ren was Allen, Draco was possessed!Lavi and Bunny was Deak from D. Gray-Man. Later on Ren changed into Byakuran from Kateikyoshi Hitman REBORN! and I to Blair. ^^
On the 4th day We did a collaboration with NijiNekos and SAC with Soul Eater-cosplays. Both Ren and Draco was Soul (different versions, though), I was Blair, elict was Death the Kid, Komu-kun was Liz, Bunny was Crona, Cami-cami was Patty. <3

(and to think this is how "short" i can get>__>)


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- D.A.
thanks^^ feels a little strange to "take" members from another group, buut. thanks. :hug:
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You didn't take her from us.
She switched groups 'cause it was most likely better for her.
It must be more fun for her to be with you instead.
Aaaand we all cosplay together anyways, right!?

- D.A.
heh, true that^^
of course we will~~:D
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