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Team Chaotix
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Published: December 1, 2004
© 2004 - 2019 darkspeeds
This is a sketch and inked version of Team Chaotix (without Knuckles X3;; ^^).

It was requested by a guy named Magnus. He takes great interest in Sonic the Hedgehog and loves the Chaotix. His favourite character is Mighty. ^_~

For now I've been told to draw this. It is half of what I've been told to do because I've still got the Floating/Angel Island to do for a background. What do you guys think of the slightly modified designs? ^^

Also feel free to use the inked version as practice for colouring. ^_~ If you wish for a larger version for easier colouring don't hesitate to note me and I'll send you a larger file. ;)

P.S. Magnus' website can be found here: [link]

Go check it out, it's rather cool. ;)
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Comments (59)
tenks62's avatar
YAY! i love team chaotix & your artwrok! as long as you don't leave all will be good :D
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RugalB98's avatar
Dude that is one kick ass pic. Course you know I'm gonna fave this.
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taeshilh's avatar
taeshilh|Professional General Artist
*Tries to make her hand in that position of Espios* Not.. so.. hard.. at all.. owie.. *Hit*

Anyway xD This is great so far! I really like how smooth you are over inking "O___O" Especially when you choose to be bold in some areas while keeping relatively thin in others.. really brings out the areas where shading would be great and where the light would be aimed at.. I adore how you made Charmy ";_____;" He looks very cute, yes! His hands are great xD YOU ARE TOO GOOD AT HANDS. :|

Espio's head looks a little strange, though.. the peach-part of him that's under the horn.. I just think it should stick out a little more.. because it looks like his face was squished in, but that's the only probably I really see.. and it's not so noticeable anyway ^.^; It's still really good and I like the pose he has xD Especially when doing that interesting hand movement..

Charmy's so cute xD He seems to be the one not really going anything! Charmy's hopping in cheer, Espio's making a fighting-pose, Vector is holding his boom-box, but Mighty just stands and winks xD Nice and to the point for him.. I always liked Mighty myself ;.; Even though people constantly whine about him merely being a Sonic rip-off. :| Atleast you altered his shoes! They look very similar to Sonic in the original design.. basically Sonic's shoes!

But yeah xD Great work so far! I can't wait to see the background and everything ";____;" We need brilliant Chaotix fanart. :|

.. Knuckleeeeees ";___;" *Hit*
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Zi-Raven's avatar
Liking the design with Mighty. V. authentic looking.
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Juliefoo's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! It looks fantastic already, And you said you wern't even done? :wow:
Great job! :heart:
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Sonic-the-Artist's avatar

Im sorry to say, but the idea of Vector,Charmy and Espio being a Team was new for Heroes.

Meaning Mighty wont come back.

they were all individuals who met by chance and then parted their own ways.

But Sonic Team kinda made them new Characters or so I heard.

So Mighty isnt part of Team Chaotix nor he will come back.

unless Fans drive SonicTeam Crazy, like they did with Shadow I bet.

just letting you know. I got carried away.

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PilotstroupF15E's avatar
OH, but this is so good. When can we expect to see the colored version? I'm very curious. ^^
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Aura-Moon's avatar
Aura-Moon|Student Digital Artist
Awesome O_O :wow: Your inking job is brilliant, man I wish I could ink like that!
You draw them so well, and interesting notes on the sketch :lmao: Suberb job, as always Darkspeeds!
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SempaiMiles's avatar
One word dude: SHWEET. \m/ rock on!

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DocMelonhead's avatar
DocMelonhead|Student Digital Artist
The Chaotix artwork is excellent (especially the fact that made Espio, Vector, and Mighty shoes look more complex than the original). I also like the fact that you give back the belt Vector once had in the original Chaotix Game.
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Noshi--001's avatar
Wowzers Darkspeeds you did a really good job on this picture! In fact it is so good i'll have to fav it now ^_^ :+fav:
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Maxus-the-fox's avatar
please, colour it!! XD
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Kasumisty's avatar
:w00t!: Team Chaotix! Go Espio, go my chameleon :P
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auchimura's avatar
That was very cool Vector style.

Feel the smooth, Feel the groove, it all I need.
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Fiidchell's avatar
Fiidchell|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that's awesome. :wow: Are you part of the Sonic Team? ;)
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tenks62's avatar
i luv it! so awesome that i can't describe it's awesomeness LOL :)
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Project-Shadow's avatar
wow that's simply amazing darkspeeds, the sketches are great, and your inking is so smooth. It's incredible. The poses are great too, they kinda show off some of their personalities the way they're standing (or flying ;P) lol keep it up darkspeeds :) :thumbsup:
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DaggerCat's avatar
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MilesTailsPrower-007's avatar
MilesTailsPrower-007|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O____O W O W

This looks so super cool! ^___^ You made the whole team look great. But how come Knuckles isn't there? Ah well. I guess he found some grapes and got distracted (they're his favorite fruit, after all), or else that sneaky thief Rouge was after his Emerald. *chuckle*

I like seeing both the sketch and the finalized ink version at the same time like this. It shows how much you've straightened and refined the lineart with the black lines. =] Nice details, and I really like the changes you've made to everyone's attire. For what I can see of Charmy's sneakers, it looks like you've replaced the sort of zipper thingy with some strap things. (Charmy is so cool! ^___^)

This definatly looks great, and I love how you've characterised them by making their poses all so unique. I love how Vector's got his boombox. Still hafta do the background, huh? ^__^;; I'll be more than willing to help you color, if you'd like me to. Just say something, sweetie. =]

I only have one suggestion for your ink job. The side of Mighty's face (not just his eye! I noticed the little marking thingy, too, lol!) has a thicker line than the rest, sort of putting more shading focus there and not to really anywhere else on his body (as opposed to maybe Vector, who has the darker lines on his legs, arm, bit of his back, etc.).

However, I could be mistaken. You ink differently than I do, so my suggestion might be kind of pointless. XD

Very nice of you to do this though, and it looks great =]


Talk to you soon, sweetheart~ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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KnuxZ's avatar
wow, awsome. Vector has headphones and a boom box at the same time? XD. I love how you often have knuckeles "quack" whenever you sketch his lil' head. it's silly. These are like the best characters in all of Sonic. Though I don't like their new designs as much as the old ones. I liked it when Vector had a belt *bricked*
The way that you draw hands is so perfect. Not too big and not too wee. ^^ the poses are really cool too. If this were colored then it would make a really good desktop wallpaper o.O
love how you put in a lot of details. I especially like Vector *hugs Vector* XD

Knuckles: "QUACK!" *murdered*
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sonicolas's avatar
sonicolas|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it so far ^^ As always, I can't wait for the finished product =P
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AsterixVII's avatar
Dude! That's a great design on Mighty and Espio's shoes!
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EbonyDarkster's avatar
This picture is so awsomely detailed! The inking is very clean. You did Vector so well. (I find him VERY difficult to do because of his face structure.) I LOVE team Chaotix! *has theme stuck in her head* Instant fav or such an amazing picture!
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