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Sonic Character Face Reference

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Over the years since I've joined deviantART I've been receiving hundreds of positive e-mails and comments on my artwork from time to time and for that I thank you with much appreciation and respect. Positive compliments are something I never take for granted and in return I will do what I can to give back what's been deserving over the past 5 years of being a freelance artist. :)

It all started with Sonic the Hedgehog and eventually my art evolved into what is now The Grand ASHWORTH Fortune series. Even though at times you have obligations to continue to work hard on your cartooning technique to make ends meet there are times where you also have to chill out and give something back to the community for their support and friendship.

I've read countless PMs, e-mails and messages on requests for a revival of some sort of 'How To Draw Sonic' tutorial drawn in my fashion ('Darkspeeds' way if you would like to call it XD...) Well I took that into consideration and had managed to come up with this. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did narrating and presenting it!

Just a little history reminder from my end... You know how I once had a dream that I wanted to be able to draw character art, storyboards and miscellaneous concept artwork of my own after browsing through the amazing archives of Sonic Team's creation from 'Sonic Museum' of the Sonic Jam game for the SEGA SATURN?

Well let me tell you that all of the time spent practicing on my drawing based on their foundations was well worth it. I had no regrets on it kids. My advice to you is to start practicing now and feel the results in the years to come! *thumbs up*

For a journey back in time to 'How To Draw Sonic' tutorials from yours truly please visit the links below: ;)

Sonic Character Eyes Reference: [link]

How to Draw Series - 'Sonic': (Gee whiz! This is so old school! It desperately needs an update! XD) [link]
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FreiaThannerNew Deviant
Yes! This is great I’m gonna study the life out of this!
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Damn, thanks for sharing this! This'll really help me out in the future-!

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KhalidtawfikStudent Digital Artist
Awesome References it was fun to do but when i was drawing blaze there was some fun doing it then..there was a few annoying things but i got through it and overall im happy with the result i made (also i credited this reference in the desc so other people will know about it (:  Blaze The Cat Drawing by Khalidtawfik  
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Awesome! Now I can learn how to draw Sonic and co head without screw ups. 
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ArtyLoopHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, now I can try to attempt the rest of them...
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ricktimusprime0825Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really cool.
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Hey! brilliant work right here!
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YoDeadpoolStudent Digital Artist
Cool! I don't like Blaze very much but the others are almost perfect!
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WhiteknightofchaosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for sharing.
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darkspeedsHobbyist General Artist
No problem!
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KurodjinnHobbyist General Artist
This is really remarkable. Great reference!
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Amazing Work! Pretty Awesome! 
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ManwiththeStreakStudent Artist
Sonic: "Lets go save the world, dude!"
Me: *Cocks back shotgun* "Hell yeah lets do this!CURSE YOU! :D (Big Grin)"
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darkspeedsHobbyist General Artist
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picassos-descendantHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the tut Ill have to use it later :) It looks real helpful
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darkspeedsHobbyist General Artist
Your welcome! Glad that this will help ya out mate! 
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ShadowTheHedgehog692Student General Artist
oh i love it!
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CuteanddangerousHobbyist Artist
This is awesome!!
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
this is really helpful!
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SeanicDrummerHogHobbyist Digital Artist
This'll be really helpful. Thanks! ^^
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darkspeedsHobbyist General Artist
Glad to help! Your welcome!
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Speedy375Hobbyist Traditional ArtistFeatured
Hey did you know this was put on a video on PBS.
Heres the link to the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PkrZ0…
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